128 Comfort In The Bed

    At Yang Hospital

    Yera was too distracted by Xander's strange behavior this morning. She let out a long sigh for her husband. She felt sympathy in her chest for him, as that was the first time she had seen Xander be emotional. 'He really loves his mother. So much more than I thought,' she mused. She felt the longing and grief within her husband's cries. Her heart was aching for him, but all she could do was to comfort him. She hugged him tightly and patted his back, "Your mom would be proud of you. You grew up to be a good man. She may have not been by you physically, but I'm sure she was always beside you, watching over you," were the words she whispered.

    Yera shook her head and released another sigh. She felt like she should do more for her husband.

    "Doc, where do you want to eat for lunch?" asked Rizie, interrupting her deep thought.

    "Everything alright Doc?" Rizie asked seeing Yera that got startled. Rizie noticed she seemed out of herself since she had arrived this morning.

    Yera invited Rizie to sit in the chair opposite her, "Hmm, this morning Xander brought me to his mother's grave..." Then she told Rizie what happened.

    "Oh, that's heartbreaking, I can't even imagine Dr. CEO crying to be honest. He's always so cheerful. So his mother's death must have given him a deep painful scar. To be honest, I wouldn't want any of my family to die tragically like that; I mean, I wouldn't even know what to do if someone dear to me died of old age." The two women were silent, thinking about their loved ones.

    "By the way," Rizie began, "I asked my brother to help me about that matter we talked about. He said the file was confidential, but he could actually look into it. It's just that he's been quite busy these past few days. There's been an increase in terrorist attacks lately." explained Rizie.

    Yera nodded. She actually didn't dare to ask Xander about more details. She only listened, happy with whatever he was willing to disclose. She was still very interested to know the details, but she would try finding those things out by other means. She wanted to avoid asking Xander and her father-in-law directly, because she was sure that recalling such incident for them would be not good at all.

    She appreciated Rizie for being with her like this. Rizie had this ability to see through to her heart without even asking like how she was doing things on her own like asking her brother, who was in the military, to get information Yera would want to have.

    "Thanks Rizie," Yera sincerely said.

    Rizie smiled at her. "No worries Doc. I told you this kind of things piques my interest. Solving cases - I seem to have a knack for it. By the way Doc, I have an appointment to Dr. Rui later. I'll be sure to mention this to him, about my passion for unsolved cases, I mean. I'll also try asking about Dr. CEO's mother, maybe he knows something." explained Rizie with a wink.

    Yera chuckled and said, "I might surprise Xander at lunch and bring him food. I won't be able to accompany you for a few  days Rizie." She would stay by Xander's side as often as she could. She would soon leave Yang Hospital and have limited time to spend with Xander.

    Rizie stood up to leave. As she reached the door, she back turned around to face Yera. A wicked grin was slashed on her face as she openly suggested, "You know Doc... I heard the best way to comfort a man, especially a husband is through bed. Comfort in the bed..."

    Yera's eyes rounded. She could not believe a single person would dare to candidly utter something like that with that sly. She responded with a burst, "What the heck Rizie!"

    Rizie giggled and winked before quickly bouncing out of her sight. Yera touched her blushing cheeks as her forehead furrowed, suddenly thinking if she should listen to Rizie's clever advice or not. She bit her lip, dialing assistant Ron's number. She wanted to check if Xander was in his office.

    "Yes, madam." Ron had answered immediately, "He cancelled all his appointments today. But, I think he will soon leave on his own. He asked me for one of his car keys."

    " I understand. I'll call him directly." Yera said, ending her call. Yera stayed on her chair for quite sometime, thinking deeply before she  punched in Xander's number.

    But his number only kept on ringing. Yera stood up and ran towards her door to go directly to  Xander's office while she continued to listen to his number ring.

    She was panting when she reached Xander's office.

    "Oh Madam... Boss just left..." Assistant Ron said as soon as he saw her.

    "Did he tell where he is going? He's not answering his phone." Yera muttered, still catching her breath.

    Assistant Ron shook his head. Yera shifted her gaze to secretary Ness, who was sitting in her own desk, across from Ron.

    Secretary Ness also shook her head and said, "He didn't say anything about where to go Madam, but he did order us that say that he will be on vacationary leave for a while. In case someone asking for him. He did not disclose where."

    "Try calling him." Yera instructed assistant Ron.

    "Sorry Madam but he told us not to contact him and he will contact us instead," Ron shot back.

    Yera's face furrowed, fretting. "How about me? Did he mention something?" she asked, almost a whisper. Assistant Ron and Secretary Ness exchanged meaningful glances before both shook their heads.

    Yera released heavy air from her lungs. She marched inside Xander's office, finally taking a seat on the couch with slumped shoulders. She typed a message to Xander, and tried calling him again, but this time his phone was turned off.

    Outside the office, secretary Ness elbowed assistant Ron and asked, "What's going on? Did they have a fight or something?"

    Assistant Ron pursed his lips, "Don't ask me. My lips are sealed. Forever."

    Secretary Ness' face crumpled as she mumbled irritably, "Whatever!"

    Assistant Ron heaved a conflicted sigh. He knew where the Boss was but he was clearly instructed not to mention where he was. He recalled asking, "What about the Madame, Boss?"

    "I said I want to be alone for a while...No one, I repeat... NO ONE should know where I am," his Boss firmly ordered.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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