129 Conflicting Position

    Xander's mobile phone kept ringing while he drove down the road. He briskly switched the ringer off without even looking at who was calling.

    To be honest, he was still shocked with what he just found out. Last night was a very difficult night for him. He only stared into his computer monitor for a long time. He had been up, reading all the reports about his mother's tragic death. He wanted to cry but strangely no tears fell out from his eyes then.

    His mother was found dead near a cliff with that kid in her tight embrace; both were covered with blood.  The autopsy said all the blood was there because his mother struggled hard fighting the assailant. It was analyzed that his mother held a little girl, Yera, tight as to not fall from the cliff while she fought hard. His mother received multiple stab wounds in every part of her body. In the end, this caused his mother to lose her life.

    It took him years to recover. He remembered as a child, that he was full of hatred for losing his mother in such a tragic way. Although, everyone around him would say that his mother did a brave and heroic thing, for him, it was full of idiocy. Yes, that little girl was saved but he lost his pillar; his loving mother. He cursed that little girl, calling her idiot and stupid by getting lost when no one else did. The rules were simple: stay within the marked areas, and don't cross the ropes that marked where the boundary covered. There was even security outside the ropes... Xander knew by now that something had happened before Yera got lost. Yera did not accidentally get lost and he would look to the bottom of everything but this time... he would need some time alone...

    He abruptly turned the steering wheel, moving towards the side of the road as tears clouded his eyes once more. He needed time alone to fix his emotions. Recalling everything was too hard for him. He was afraid Yera would notice his emotional distress. He was even afraid for Yera to find that truth, afraid that Yera would feel guilty for everything. Something that might lead her to distance herself from him, that was a real possibility.

    He was crying hard. The perpetrators of his mother's killing were sentenced to a lifetime inside jail and were all killed behind bars. Xander scoffed as he gritted his teeth. Everything came into light now. Back then he didn't bother to check everything because he did not want to remember such a tragedy. But then, the consequences seemed not to agree with him. He would call his dad soon to discuss the matter.

    After some more time, Xander exhaled loudly. He started the engine, and returned to the road. He was  on the way to his private villa. There, he would often hide, finding solitude in himself and enough time to think things straight whenever he was going through something hard.

    He would message his wife soon. He knew she would be full of worry, and he didn't want that. However, at this rate he was unable to talk to her cheerfully like before. His tears fell again as he recalled Yera's words before his mother's tree, 'Please let me be his water during this drought, and his shield whenever he needs protection'.

    "I hope she kept her promise mom," Xander mumbled with a sigh.

    He did not know if he would tell Yera everything. He was in a conflicting position. Being alone for some time would help him think hard on how he should proceed further. And now, he was not ready to tell Yera everything, because he was afraid of how the matter could impact Yera. Not now, because Yera had her own battles ahead. He did not want to add anymore burdens on her by having her find out the truth about that tragic incident. Something that was already in the past.


    Yera stayed on the couch for quite some time before she called for assistant Ron. She instructed, "Give me the places where Xander would often love to go and stay."

    Assistant Ron nodded, and scratched his head as he went back to his seat. The Boss did not instruct him not about what Madame had asked. Maybe it's safe to fulfil this request of Madame. 'As long as I won't disclose the exact place of the Boss, I'm safe,' he mused as he prepared all the information his Madame needed. He bit his lip, looking over the printed document twice. Obviously, at the top he put his Boss' villa. It was his Boss' favorite hang-out.

    Assistant Ron sighed as he stood up to give the information to his Madame.

    Yera looked at it and furrowed her forehead. First on the list was Xander's villa where she had an accident along the way. Back when she was still Deyna. She dismissed assistant Ron and checked the wall clock. If Xander would not come home today, and still remained out of touch and uncontactable, she would check all the places he loved to hang-out at. She decided to check the villa last. It was a subconscious choice, as she was avoiding the trauma of losing her late fiance, Bernard.

    Her mobile phone beeped. She was needed in the Operating Room. She called Chief Doctor Gong to ask him to task another doctor instead to do the surgery. A patient's life was very important, and she would never go inside the operating room if she was not prepared physically, emotionally and mentally. Yera was a meticulous woman, and there should be no room for mistakes inside her operating room. She would rather not do the surgery if she was not focused enough.

    Right now, she was not prepared and unfocused. She was disoriented because she was worrying about her husband. She just wanted to be with her husband.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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