130 The Deb

    Yera was having a very unsettled feeling because Xander's number was still off. She thought a little and dialed her father-in-law instead and informed him what happened from the time they went to her mother-in-law's grave.

    "Alright daughter. Don't fret... I'm sure Xander is fine. For now, let him be alone. He probably wants time to be alone and he doesn't want you to see his vulnerable side so he had gone away for a while . I'm sure he will soon contact you. Are you still in the hospital?" Senior Yang asked from the other side.

    Yera sighed and answered, "No father. I'm out right now. I wanted to look for him since I'm worried about him really."

    Senior Yang's forehead wrinkled as he instructed firmly, "Oh dear go home directly instead. I will take care of the matter. Come home..."

    Senior Yang ended the call and dialed Assistant Ron immediately. "Tell me what happened." he ordered in his serious voice. Assistant Ron on the other line reported to the Old Master that Xander found out the truth about the incident of his mother's death.

    Senior Yang's shoulders dropped when he came to know everything and he helplessly uttered, "Alright. I understand." He ended the call and massaged his temples. Nothing could remain hidden, that was definitely for real. The truth had to come out some day, one way or another, and it was bound to disturb Xander like this. He was sure Xander would have gone  to his private villa to come to terms with everything.

    He was inside his room resting. He stood up and grabbed the picture frame of his wife kept on his bedside table and sat on his couch. "Love, I'm sure our son is very hurt right now and scared at the same time," he murmured while staring at his late wife's photo in which Kanya was smiling brightly, the same bright and beautiful smile his son Xander had inherited from her. He knew his son well. Xander must be scared and afraid his wife would find out about it.

    "Love, should I try to help our son out?" he whispered as he lovingly touched the photo frame as if caressing Kanya's cheeks, then suddenly the thought of talking to her daughter-in-law came to him. He would tell everything to Yera once she was back because he knew it would be hard for Xander to do so. He was also sure that Xander would be in a dilemma at that moment about, whether to disclose the matter to Yera or not.


    As suggested by her father-in-law, Yera went directly to their home, at Yang Ancestral Mansion. She was surprised to see her father-in-law sitting in the living room as if he was eagerly waiting for her arrival.

    "You're here." Senior Yang noted with a smile as he stood up from his seat. He signaled Yera to follow him and so she did. They walked inside the study room of Senior Yang where the latter urged her to sit on the couch while Senior Yang got some documents from his table drawer.

    Yera's heart was thumping hard because of the serious atmosphere inside the study room. Senior Yang noticed it so he smiled and said, "Hmm, to be honest, I was hesitating earlier to tell about this matter to Xander and you but then Xander found out everything by himself so I strongly believed that you should also know about it. I believe in you my daughter-in-law and I know you are a rational person and have a big heart."

    By that time, Senior Yang handed her the files. "What is this father?" Yera asked as she took the files from him. "Hmm, these are the details and all the reports about the death of Xander's mother." Senior Yang responded. His face softened and Yera saw the sudden pain in his eyes as he looked at the files in her hand.

    Yera suddenly became nervous as she opened the file. She looked at it intently and started reading the files page by page.

    Her eyes widened in shock when she saw a photo of a girl. She picked it up and stared at it intently and held the photo with trembling hand and muttered, "This is me..." She closed her eyes and tried hard to remember every detail of that incident with her years ago. When she opened her eyes, she looked at her father-in-law and whispered, "she's Xander's mother?"

    Senior Yang nodded and responded, "Yes daughter, she's your mother-in-law. The woman who saved you in the woods."

    "I kept asking grandfather about her but he always remained silent." she murmured as her shoulders slumped. Her knees weakened and it was a good thing that she was sitting on the couch or else she would have fallen down on the floor.

    "Yes, it's because I talked to your grandfather, asking him to keep this matter between us only. Xander was completely devastated by his mother's sudden death and I thought at that point of time that it would be best that none of you should find out about it. Throughout the years, it never crossed my mind that the two of you will end up being together like this. You were rivals, competing head to head with each other in the same field, you even hated each other's names. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought that you two are fated to be together, to become husband and wife. But then now I understand..." explained Senior Yang.

    "I am so sorry," Yera said the words stuttering, She could not even dare to look at her father-in-law. Because of her, her father-in-law lost his wife and because of her, Xander had lost his mother at an early age.

    "Don't be sorry daughter. What matters is our present and the future. Let the past remain in the past. Please look at me..." asked Senior Yang in his sweet tone. Yera obeyed and looked at him with her now swollen eyes as tears started to fall down her cheeks.

    "Let me ask you this. Do you feel that you're indebted to us?" he said directly, looking intently at Yera.

    'Of course I am indebted,' Yera wanted to voice out but she only nodded her head as an answer.

    "Do you love my son?" asked Senior Yang again.

    This time Yera opened her mouth and answered him firmly, "yes, I love him... I love him with all my heart."

    "Alright then, please lift the burden from your heart and repay us the debt that you think you owe us." Senior Yang said, his voice full of conviction.

    Yera stared at him, confusion filled in her eyes. The word 'debt' deeply pricked through her heart because it was true, she owed the Yangs too much, they lived with a vacuum in their lives because of her, she felt so much guilt that she wanted the ground to just eat her alive at that moment. How would she be able to repay the debt she owed towards them, when it was a precious life she took from them...

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