131 The Message

    Yera went to the bedroom soon after she finished eating dinner with her father-in-law. As soon as she entered the room and closed the door, she slumped on the floor and let out the tears that she suppressed with all her might, while eating dinner with her father-in-law.

    She recalled her warm conversation with her father-in-law. He firmly said, "Pay your debt but loving my son and by staying by his side no matter what happens. He is in his villa right now. Probably running away from you, but he ran away not because he hates you but, because he is afraid and scared you'll notice his downside emotion and in the process you'll end up finding the truth. Xander would often hide whenever he's scared and he will always go back on his feet like nothing happens in due time. Back to his normal and cheerful self."

    Yera cried hard recalling how warmly her father-in-law hugged her while he said, "All things happen for a reason. My wife saved her future daughter-in-law. Things that are meant to be are bound to happen, it's just a matter of time. You are now part of my family and I'm sure my wife is also happy and is smiling at us right now so please... take things in a positive way daughter. I'm happy and a contented father to have you as my daughter-in-law Yera."

    How could she be so lucky like this? To have Xander in her life including her father-in-law as a family. "Thank you," were the only words she could utter a while ago. She was very grateful to her father-in-law and mostly to her deceased mother-in-law.

    "Thank You," Yera mumbled alone as she cried, hoping her mother-in-law heard her sincere gratitude for what she had done for her by sacrificing her own life.

    After a while, Yera wiped her tears and stood up from the floor. She cleaned herself up and went to bed afterwards. She looked at Xander's side of the bed and felt very lonely.She gently touched the empty side of the bed and subconsciously grabbed his pillow to hug it. It was empty, the same emptiness she was feeling in her heart at that moment.

    She wanted to go straight to Xander's villa but her father-in-law suggested that she should patiently wait for Xander's message to give him a little more time. If Xander messaged her, it meant he was ready to see her.

    Yera felt empty without Xander by her side. She closed her eyes and tried hard to sleep.


    The next day, Yera went to work as usual. She still did not accept any surgery but only had her daily rounds and attended her outpatients in her clinic.

    She sighed as she looked at her mobile phone. "No message still?" asked Rizie when she saw Yera looked disappointed while staring at her mobile phone.

    Yera already told her what happened, and she was really in awe with how everything was connected. Before this, she was not a big fan of the word fate and destiny. However, after hearing everything Yera told her, her perspective suddenly started to crumble. Maybe fate and destiny do play a big part in life and life is not merely based on the choices they make. Still Rizie felt those deep things were not for her, because she still believed that she was responsible for her own destiny.

    Yera nodded as a response to Rizie. She was patiently waiting for his message.

    "Hmm, don't worry Doc. I bet Dr. CEO won't last that long. He will definitely message you today," Rizie commented because knowing Dr. CEO who looked head over heels at Yera, would definitely not last long in his solitude.

    To lighten the mood inside the clinic, Rizie jokingly reminded, "Once you meet him Doc, make sure to imply the comfort in the bed strategy..."

    Yera's face unconsciously blushed but before she could utter a word, Rizie ran towards the door to exit. Yera shook her head as she mumbled, "How do I do it when he hadn't even messaged me yet."

    Yera ate dinner in the hospital with Rizie and went back to the house. She went directly to their bedroom to rest early.

    She was already on the bed when her mobile phone beeped. Her heart almost jumped out from her ribcage when she saw it was from Xander.

    [Darling, I will come back to you soon please don't worry. I'll just fix some urgent matters at hand and see you soon okay. I love you.]

    Yera pouted her lips and crooked her body sideways on the bed. She  wanted to run to Xander. She looked at the clock, it was only 7:00 in the evening. If she would travel now, she would reach there at midnight. She quickly rose up and asked her father-in-law for the spare key or the door's password at Xander's villa.

    "I will call his keeper. I will have my driver accompany you to the villa." Senior Yang said as he arranged everything. Xander had already messaged his wife so there was no point in waiting for tomorrow. He would prefer the couple to be together as soon as possible. He also dialed the security team assigned to monitor Yera outside to remind them that Yera would leave soon.

    Senior Yang escorted Yera to the car outside. Yera was about to go in the backseat of the car when he saw her stop and quickly ran back to him. He was startled when Yera suddenly hugged him while she whispered, "Father thank you so much."

    Senior Yang smiled warmly, followed by a chuckle as he gently pushed Yera and complained in a jest, "How many 'Thank Yous' do you have installed to tell me? Now I'm starting to worry if it's the only word you'll keep saying whenever you see me. Oh, go now and pay your debt..."

    Yera nodded and immediately walked back to the car.

    Senior Yang watched the car disappear from his sight.

    "I only want a lot of grandchildren." he mumbled as he went back inside the mansion whistling happily.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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