132 I Won’t Wake Up

    Yera touched her heart unconsciously during the ride to Xander's villa, because it was thumping hard. 'Please be still,' she tried to calm her heart silently. She also had the butterfly effect in her stomach, due to which she could not sleep at all, when she should be, given the long ride they had to his villa.

    She missed Xander so much that she wanted to have wings to fly and reach to him and hug him and be with him immediately. She felt that the ride was taking too long. Yera inhaled and emitted a long deep sigh, then she rubbed her palms together to release the tension that she was feeling.

    She wondered how her husband would react upon seeing her. 'Will he be happy or annoyed?' Yera mused hoping it was the first one.

    The road was already dark, traveling at night actually helped her not to recall the trauma of the accident that happened previously. She could not even recognize a thing on the road because of the dark.

    After what seemed to be a never-ending road  and infinite travelling, she finally reached her destination and as she had presumed it was already midnight when she reached. The housekeeper greeted her at the main door. "Madame Yera, welcome. I am Nanny Lyn. The young Master is in his room right now, he must be asleep. Please follow me." said the housekeeper who was already briefed by Senior Yang beforehand.

    Yera followed and walked behind Nanny Lyn. She was in awe seeing the grandeur and luxuriousness of the villa's interior designs. She had not noticed the exterior design of his villa yet, because  she was too occupied with her thoughts, but she knew that Xander's villa was located on a cliff and she did imagine many times before how breathtaking the views would be in the daylight.

    Xander's villa was built with classic modern interiors, where most of the walls had clear glass for watching the spectacular view of outside scenery.

    Nanny Lyn stopped in front of a door and said, "Madame, this is the young Master's room."

    Yera smiled as she said, "I will manage from here Nanny Lyn. Thank you." Nanny Lyn smiled back and nodded before leaving.

    Yera noticed the door had a lock like the one in his private room in the hospital so obviously it had a pin unless it was kept unlocked by Xander. She touched it and it opened automatically, so it wasn't locked.

    Yera entered the room and she noticed a huge glass window once more. But it was totally dark outside.  The room was dark but the minibar's light was switched on and she could make out the structure of the room with that dim light. The bed was in the centre of the room and a few opened and empty bottles of whisky were strewn on the floor.

    "Did he drink this much?" she whispered as she walked towards the bed where Xander seemed to just have collapsed because he was not properly positioned on the bed.

    Yera leaned forward to kiss him and smelled the strong scent of the alcohol coming from him. "Why did you drink so much?" she mumbled as she touched and caressed Xander's face. She could see him from the shade on the mini bar's light and her heart ached seeing him in such a state.

    "Father has told me everything and I know what you must be going through right now. I only hope that you don't feel hatred towards me because of what happened back then. Xander, I vow to keep my promise to you forever, no matter what, I will always love you like I do." Yera whispered as tears fell from her eyes while she caressed his cheek.

    She was about to straighten up and switch on the light when she felt Xander grab her causing her to fall on the bed beside him. He moved and hugged her as if she was a pillow. Yera looked at him closely and whispered, "Are you awake?" But there was no response from him.

    Yera sighed loudly and stared at his handsome face once more. She raised her one hand to touch his soft face. But it seemed not enough for her so she moved closer in his embrace to gently kiss him on his lips. She felt no inhibitions in doing so, because at that moment all she could think about was how she missed him and wanted to be with him. She could taste the alcohol on his lips but strangely it tasted bitter sweet.

    She gently moved her head backwards to have a better look at his handsome face. She stroked his lips with her long fingers once more and suddenly froze. Xander's expressive eyes were now opened, staring closely at her without blinking. Yera did not dare to move or to talk, while their eyes met. She felt Xander's hand on her cheek and she saw him smile. It was the same smile that always took her breath away. The same smile that had the capacity to sweep her off her feet every time he looked at her with it on his face.

    "I missed you so much darling and it felt icy cold in here without you." Xander whispered as he chuckled. "Funny isn't it? You feel as warm as if I'm touching you for real. Hey... I don't want to wake up so you will simply stay beside me and won't disappear from my sight," he added with his slurred voice.

    Yera opened her mouth to tell him that she was real and not just merely his figment of imagination, but before the words could come out from her mouth, Xander abruptly pulled her in for a passionate and intense kiss. He left her no room for any chance to utter a single word instead only moans escaped her mouth due to the tingling sensations he was sending through her body with the breathtaking kiss they both were sharing.

    Xander's kiss was so intense that she could feel how badly he longed for her. Yera almost forgot to tell him that he was not dreaming as she wrapped her arms on his neck, totally consumed by the same intense longing she had for her husband thus ending up in rolling on top of him instead.

    Then the sudden thought of Rizie's advice came to her mind, 'comfort in the bed'. It seemed that would always be the best way to satisfy and coax her husband whenever he would be sad or angry. It would be her own gain as well, as even she loved making love to her husband whenever she could, expressing her deep love in a physical way. Being able to do that with the person you truly deeply care about more than anything else in life, was the most amazing thing ever!

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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