133 Stay With You Forever**

    Yera was on top of Xander but had been rolled back by Xander underneath him. She felt his aggressive hand touching her bosom through her clothes. His hands seemed to be starving. His fingers moved quickly, to unbutton her blouse and unhook her bra.

    "Oh God, I missed this..." Xander whispered into her ear. He could finally feel the warmth of Yera's soft skin especially her rounded breasts filled his palms. He squeezed gently. The tingling of him kissing her earlobe made Yera moan gently. His soft lips continued, kissing and licking his way down her neck.

    Yera leaned into her husband, givinging  full access to enjoy kissing, licking and sucking her erect nipples.

    A sweet sound escaped her lips. Xander continued, nibbling at her protruding peaks, sending a jolt of pain and pleasure through her body. They had only begun and she was buzzing in his arms.

    He was groping her ass. He squeezed her supple curves, kneading through her pajama pants. Eager to help, Yera removed them, and pulled down her panties while he was busy attending to her breasts.

    She moved her hands, sliding inside his boxer shorts, where she caressed his hard and full length. She was too ready to receive him; she couldn't wait any longer. She rolled, placing herself on top of Xander. Yera quickly pulled down his boxer shorts, just enough for her to gain access and engulf his full length inside of her.

    She pulled Xander's shirt off, moving down to kiss and pinch his nipples just like he did to her. She could hear his growls whenever she would suck, lick, or even pull on his nipples to tease him. She felt Xander's hands on her hips, and Yera took it as a sign. She moved her buttocks a bit upward teasing him. She felt his length brush against her moistened flower, while she moaned, excited with her own boldness.

    "I want you... Please don't disappear." Yera heard Xander mutter.

    "I won't disappear darling, I'll stay with you forever." She then sealed Xander's lips, sending  her tongue inside, tasting him. She fenced with his tongue, who didn't disappoint, giving her full attention. As their lips and tongues entwined, Yera held his hard length with her hand, guiding it into her entrance.

    "Hmmm," both hummed as Xander slid inside her. Yera made her movements on top of him as deeply as possible, while they shared a passionate kiss. They moved back and forth followed by a gentle twirl as the pleasure heightened.

    Both were moaning and making sounds of pleasure during the kiss. Yera sped up her pace, pumping up and down on him, making sure she had it deep as she could.

    Xander groaned, feeling Yera's walls contract. She squeezed, tightening around his hardness. Yera pumped up and down, as they continued to kiss. Xander supported her hips, keeping up in pace with her intense movement. He thrust hard, reaching deep inside of her; dancing to her rhythm.

    "Darling, I'm cumming..." Yera cried.  She felt her body tense again, while she shook with the ecstasy that enveloped her mind whole. A few more moments passed. Xander kept up his intense thrusting, combined with Yera's  passionate pumping. Soon, both reached their highest peak, milking each other. Xander's fluids mixing inside Yera.

    Yera collapsed on top of Xander. Her husband hugged her tightly, kissing her head gently. "Don't disappear please. I love you." She heard Xander mumble. Yera was still tingling from the orgasm, but lifted her head to look at Xander, whose eyes were still closed.

    She pouted her lips, "Open your eyes..." she muttered. "Do you really think I would let you sleep?"

    Xander still didn't open his eyes, so Yera gifted him another deep kiss. She did not pull out from his length, instead letting it stay inside of her after. And as she expected, she could feel him growing once more inside of her while he answered her passionate kiss on his lips and mouth. She could feel his sudden hardness inside of her.

    She cut the kiss short, instead deciding to trail Xander's jawline teasingly. Her soft kisses flowing down his neck, where she nibbled, leaving several marks on him there. Her hands seductively touched him. From his strong arms, to his hips, up,  then down his stomach and chest. She playfully pinched his nipples and twirled her fingers there, as she started to slowly and gently move on top of her husband once more.

    This time, she put her palms on the Xander's sides while she moved. She gasped, biting her lower lip while Xander's hand cupped her breasts. He was licking one of her hard, swollen nipples with his tongue while his hand firmly and gently squeezed her beautiful breasts.

    Yera keened unconsciously when Xander sucked her nipples, playing with both. He alternated between them, driving her crazy. She was still on top of him, pulling and pushing her flower into his hard length. She could feel the liquids on her apex, and hear it flapping as she pumped up and down.

    She was too lost, between Xander's mouth, and his attentiveness to her breasts and nipples. The sensations sending shivers along her spine, making her buck like crazy on top of him, pumping her hips deeper and harder. She could feel her orgasm nearing.

    "Ah!" she cried as her excitement piled up, bringing her to her second climax. Her body convulsed, but she continued to move so her husband could finish. After a few more seconds of Yera's aggressive movements, he came.

    Yera collapsed on Xander's chest the second time, panting hard while she whispered lovingly, "I love you so much, Xander Yang."

    She felt Xander hugged her tightly. He chuckled, as if he was having a good dream.  "My darling becomes a beast on my bed, such a good and wonderful dream ahhh," he murmured sluggishly.

    Yera gulped; the thought of sobering up her husband suddenly disappeared. She suddenly felt shy for taking an advantage to her drunk husband. Yera giggled, wondering how Xander would react the next morning. 'Will he even remember?' she mused before she dozed off, still on top of her husband.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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