134 A Purpose

    The next day, Yera woke up first. She carefully moved and quietly got out from Xander's embrace. Then she slowly rose up from the bed.

    She was naked and she felt too sticky so she decided to take a quick shower. "Crap," she mumbled as she put on a robe after her bath. She completely forgot to bring any clothes with her, because she was in a hurry to go to Xander. She only had her pair of pajamas that she wore last night.

    She came out of the bathroom and went inside Xander's walk-in closet. She chuckled on seeing a lot of Xander's shirts available for her. She picked and wore one of his loose shirts. It rested just above her knees but still suited her body figure and looked like it was one of her sleepwear shirts.

    Her lips pursed because she even had no underwear for herself. She went out of the walk-in closet and looked for her panties to wash.

    Xander was still sleeping soundly when Yera finished tidying the bedroom, gave him a gentle kiss and left the bedroom to prepare something for her husband once he woke up.

    The sun was rising as she walked through the hallway and Yera  gasped at the breathtaking view she saw through the glass. The nature had generously bestowed the area with overwhelming beauty.

    Yera was still standing on the second floor and she saw the swimming pool outside, it looked like a quiet small pond of blue water surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. No wonder Xander wanted every wall in glass, he wanted to see the  panoramic view from each room and every floor.

    She went out to get a clearer glimpse of the long pool that was reflecting the sky and the wealth of the surrounding landscape and the beautiful and large terraced garden enriched with abundant herbs and fruit trees. Overall the place reflected an ideal notion of comfort and an informal living style. She could see the beautiful sea just at a little distance. "Magnificent," she commented before turning around and walking back inside.

    Yera went down the stairs and walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator to prepare the things she needed. Her father-in-law told her that Xander preferred staying alone so his housekeeper would only go to the villa if called, whenever Xander was there.

    The housekeeper lived in a separate house at the backside of the mansion. She had Nanny Lyn's contact details but Yera did not need her since she wanted to do all things for Xander, like cooking, by herself. She decided to make something for Xander's hangover so she started doing the soup.

    "This is so nice," she mumbled seeing the beautiful scenery through the glass walls, while chopping and peeling vegetables and cooking the soup.

    She was humming a song in her sweet voice and danced while cooking because of her good mood. Besides, no one was around to see all these actions of hers.


    Xander woke up with a splitting headache and feeling the hangover from last night's heavy drinking. He quickly got down from the bed and ran to the bathroom for a warm shower to wake himself up completely. He often did that whenever he got drunk and last night he did get wasted all the way.

    He was halfway with his bathing when he suddenly realized he was already naked. "Yera..." he mumbled as he recalled all that happened last night. He really thought he was only having a good dream but then looking at his naked self, it was sure real.

    He quickly covered his lower body with the towel and ran out of the bathroom. "Where is she?" he whispered as he looked around every corner. Not seeing her on the second floor, Xander immediately went down the stairs. He looked in the living room and other areas of the mansion but did not find her anywhere. And as he neared the kitchen, Xander paused in his tracks hearing Yera's humming and smelling the cooking food.

    He smiled, feeling the beauty of that moment and let out a long sigh before he continued to walk inside the kitchen. It was really his wife,  hearing that familiar humming voice. He grinned quietly seeing Yera dancing while she stirred something on his stove that smelled really nice. Her back was facing him so she could not see him standing there.

    'My shirt!,' Xander mused as he admired how sexy his wife looked in his shirt. Without a second thought he immediately crossed the gap and hugged Yera from behind.

    "Hmm you're awake," Yera whispered as she hugged Xander's arms back. She turned off the stove and said, "Breakfast is ready, so go to the dining room and wait there. I'll follow with the food soon."

    Instead of going, Xander pulled her into the kitchen counter, caging her, with his both arms on her sides. "I remember everything you did." he said that made Yera reddened of embarrassment though Xander looked serious.

    "But then tell me first how did you arrive here?" asked Xander in a serious voice.

    "With father-in-law's help. He helped me out to be with you. I worried too much so I asked him about your whereabouts and that what was bothering you ." Yera responded.

    THen she looked closely at Xander and added, "Father told me everything last night."

    Yera paused and slightly bowed her head and murmured, stuttering, "About mother-in-law's death. That kid she saved was me. I'm really sorry..."

    Xander's forehead creased as he held her chin and tilted it up enough so he could see her beautiful face with her hazy eyes, filled with tears right now. Xander gently wiped her tears  and said, "It's not your fault darling. Please don't cry. I really don't like to see you cry."

    Then he gave her a sweet smile before mentioning, "Mom saved you for a purpose, so that you could be my wife. So please stay with me forever as you had promised before my mother's tree."

    Yera nodded and whispered, "Yes... I love you and I intend to keep you with me forever."

    Xander then pulled her in for a tight hug. They stayed like that for a few minutes, embracing one another as tightly as they could. Xander also cried tears of joy that finally he could breathe properly because Yera took it positively and would not leave him alone and go away, out of guilt.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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