135 Beast Mode***

    After that long and overwhelming hug, Yera was still caged in Xander's arms. He stared at her with gently narrowed eyes. He wiped the remaining tears on her cheeks away as he mumbled, "Thank you for reaching out to me first, darling. I'm really grateful that you're here, right now. Do you know how much I missed you? So much so, that for one day that I intentionally got wasted last night, so I can sleep without missing you."

    Yera did not respond. She only pursed her lips as her face reddened, hoping Xander would not mention what happened last night. However, Xander seemed to be reading his thoughts saying, "Hmm, I remember last night... You do take a lot of liberties in my drunken state darling."

    His lips curved into a seductive and playful grin before he leaned forward, into her cheek, whispering, "I remember... you did enjoy yourself a lot last night, but I was drunk.I hate doing it when I'm not myself, so you'll have to do what you did all over again... while I'm sober."

    Yera could feel her husband's warm breath on her ear. She was so embarrassed that she suddenly defended herself, "Rizie advised me that the best comfort I could do to you was that. She said men would prefer comfort in -bed.-"

    Xander, who was kissing her neck, stopped to look at her intently and said, "I should give Rizie a generous reward for giving my wife such knock-out advice."

    He moved closer and she could feel his hardness brushing on hers. She subconsciously looked down and she just noticed Xander's upper body was covered with a towel only. She looked up and saw his hair was not yet dried properly. "You're still wet," she commented seeing water droplets on his chest.

    Xander chuckled and said, "Hmm, let's balance that out and make you wet too," Yera gulped at that tease with a double meaning. But the words pique her excitement. She felt Xander's hand moving; sensually following her bare legs up to her lips. She felt Xander's other hand on the back of her nape as he sealed her lips.

    "The glass," Yera hummed, afraid that someone might see them. Xander chuckled and said, "Did you not notice? It's one-way. We can see them, but they can't see us." explained Xander, his voice hoarse. His hand moved down the center, to Yera's apex, caressing her flower to make a nectar.

    Yera actually hadn't noticed that the glass couldn't be viewed from the inside. Ever since she returned from the pool in a hurry. Her head had been occupied with thoughts on what to cook for Xander.

    "Hmm," a moan escaped from Yera when she felt Xander's finger brushing against her hole. "You're already wet darling," Xander muttered as he watched Yera's aroused facial expression with his touch in her most sensitive parts.

    "How come you didn't wear any panties darling... Were you anticipating this? Giving me such easy access," Xander teased, looking intently into Yera's eyes.

    "Huh?" Yera didn't absorb what Xander mumbled. She was lost! Too lost within the sensation running through her veins. She never thought that she would come into this, melting with too much desire at a man's touch! But Xander was not just a man, he was her husband, the only man she would love like this.

    His finger finally entered her after having enough fun playing with her sleek folds and clit.

    Yera gasped. Both by the sudden thrust of his finger, combined by Xander's sucking of her upper and lower lips alternately.

    "We have to eat first," Yera murmured in between Xander's sucking. Xander stopped, sliding his finger away. Yera's eyes rounded when she witnessed Xander sucked his own finger that he just thrust inside of her a while ago.

    "It's still sweet, eating you early in the morning will be enough. You are my ambrosia." he mumbled teasingly. Yera's face crumpled, with a beautiful cherry red on her cheeks, and Xander chuckled at her embarrassment. He kissed her again, letting her taste herself, as he moved his hand under his own shirt to go back to its home.

    He thrusted two fingers inside of her this time, pushing hard, going as deep as he could, then pulling back. Yera wrapped her arms around Xander's neck. She felt her knees weakening with Xander's continuous assault with just his fingers.

    He wanted Yera to milk his fingers with her climax before he would take her once more with his own manhood, so she would receive his release.

    He pushed and pulled until he felt her muscles contract. He knew then that she would reach her peak soon. After a few more thrusts, Yera's body jerked and trembled in his embrace, releasing her own fluids.

    Xander, quickly removed his towel that was covering his hard length. He immediately grabbed Yera's legs and positioned her to receive him, still standing, while he never left her lips.

    Moans filled in the kitchen as Xander thrust his length, and taking it deep inside his wife's entrance. Pushing harder and deeper followed by abrupt pulling, made Yera scream without her knowing.

    Her husband's length seemed to be growing inside, filling her fully, making her cum the second time with his speed, as he continued to pump in and out of her.

    As soon as Xander reached his own peak, Yera followed with wrecking orgasm. "I love you so much darling," Xander mumbled before giving her a sweet gentle kiss. She felt Xander moving again when her stomach grumbled hard.

    Xander laughed and immediately pulled his length out. He caved, finally saying, "Alright let's recharge first and continue later on. I'm so starving for my wife's beast mode on the bed."

    Yera pouted her lips, hitting Xander's chest as she complained, "Beast mode? That can't even be compared with how beastly you can be in bed."

    Xander only chuckled and pinched her nose...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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