136 Safety

    At Life Globals Group

    Lyndon was becoming impatient and was thinking hard about what he should do to make Dr. Deyna Song accept his offer. She had not given him an answer yet regarding her joining.

    He was in serious thought when the door of his office suddenly opened. He creased his forehead seeing his father enter with a gloomy face. He had a golden cane in his hand that he loved to carry with him.

    "Tell me, how long do you plan to drag this engagement? Jam has constantly been complaining to me!" He exclaimed as soon as he sat on the couch. Lyndon released a long frustrated sigh and said, "I want to cancel the engagement dad and this time you and the others won't be able to stop me!"

    "What?! Are you out of your mind son? Do you know how you got this position anyway? You can't back down like this, dammit we need those freaking maggots!" Senior Chu burst, his face had reddened with emotions.

    "Do you want our family to fall down? Do you even know what I did for you to reach at this point?!" Senior Chu hissed, his face darkened. Lyndon remained calm and answered, "Yes, I'm fully aware, and I've taken care of everything already. Trust me for this dad. I will make sure that no one will dare look down on us."

    Senior Chu looked at his son confused. Lyndon exhaled loudly and pleaded, "Please go home dad and stay with mom. Let me take care of everything and just stay put. If Jam and his dad contact you again, just tell them that I don't listen to you anymore."

    Lyndon called his secretary to escort his father back to his car. His father had joined hands with the Go's to take over the Life Globals group but still majority of the power was with the Go's since they were part of the Han Family through Jam's mother. Obviously, Roy Go, Jam's father wanted to take over everything himself,  but he would not allow it to happen after everything that he did and sacrificed, Life Globals group would be in his full power alone!


    At Yang Ancestral Mansion

    "Do you think those two worked it all up well?" Senior Yang asked Butler Gary, who was pouring his coffee in the cup. He was sitting in the study area, reading some books and thinking about Xander and Yera.

    Butler Gary smiled and said, "I'm sure Master the couple right now must be very busy in fulfilling your dreams.

    "Hmm, Xander hasn't called yet." Commented Senior Yang.

    "Nanny Lyn said the couple did not call her too for assistance since morning, so I believe, the two of them are probably busy attending each other." Responded Butler Gary that made Senior Yang to lift up the corners of his lips, hoping that the couple would be productive enough.

    His little chat with Butler Gary was interrupted by knocks on the door. "Master, excuse me, Ralf is here." reported one of his helpers.

    "Hmm, bring him here." instructed Senior Yang in his serious voice. He wanted to know the progress of the investigation about the incident his son encountered in that private island. He had a bad feeling about it.

    A few seconds later, Ralf entered the room and joined him. "Get a cup of coffee for Ralf," Senior Yang instructed and Butler Gary poured coffee for Ralf in the cup, who handed the files to Senior Yang.

    "You mean you still didn't find anything about this person in a hoodie? And are you sure that the jet ski incident and what happened at that yacht are just pure accident and mere carelessness?" commented Senior Yang who was convinced otherwise. For those incidents to happen at the same time and to look like mere accidents were just too lame for a theory to accept. Plus a person in the hoodie was spotted the other day outside Xander's suite?

    Ralf cleared his throat and explained, "Master we are still verifying thing but so far we couldn't find anything to prove and conclude the incidents as intentional because the investigations clearly analyzed that all was nothing but just mere carelessness from the operator's side and they are willing to take full responsibility."

    Then Ralf added, "About the person in the hoodie, to be honest, that person vanished away like a ghost, untraceable. I believe that person was after Madame Yera but I'm not sure. Boss Xander may have asked you already as he wanted to know if the family happens to have a nemesis or a long time foe,  without his knowledge cause if none then that person in the hoodie is really after Madame Yera."

    Then Ralf showed him a mark. Senior Yang looked at it and his forehead furrowed as he tried to think hard when had he seen a mark as similar as that.

    "It looks familiar but somehow I can't remember correctly or maybe it's like I've seen something similar but I could be wrong. Leave me a copy of this I will check this out later..." Senior Yang instructed.

    "By the way Master, Boss Xander is still out of reach. We blocked a tail from Madame Yera last night. It was definitely someone tailing her though they were disguised as a family." reported Ralf and Senior Yang nodded.

    "Alright, I'll inform Xander about it. Make sure to tighten the security and if you need more men go on and add more. Also, please assign security for Xander also without him knowing. You know how stubborn that brat can be. I'm just worried about him and want to make sure of his safety too," Senior Yang responded.

    Ralf nodded. Even he also wanted to suggest that to Xander, but his Boss, for sure, would only laugh it out and brag that he could handle his own safety.

    After some more discussions, Senior Yang dismissed Ralf. In his hand was a paper, with a printed copy of the mark. He let out a long sigh, thinking hard if he had ever encountered something like this before.

    "A grudge?" he mumbled. He clearly had no enemies. Then he recalled about his wife. 'Kanya is long dead.' he mused with knitted forehead.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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