137 Passion Of Love**

    Yera was in the pool with Xander for a swim, where she rested her arms at its side and put her chin on her arms to stare at the beautiful view where the sea met the sky and the sun was shining brightly. She felt Xander hugging her from behind while he protected Yera's face from the sun's rays with his other hand.

    "This is such a good place" Yera commented as she looked back at the seaview. "I told you, you will like it here. Do you want to stay longer and enjoy the beach tomorrow?"

    Yera had so many things pending back in the city, but having an intimate moment like this with Xander was really great. She turned around and encircled her arms on Xander's neck and said, "Hmm we have to go back tomorrow. For now... Being with you like this is enough for me..." She moved her body closer and pulled Xander in for a kiss.

    They had done a lot of lovemaking since morning and had even made love  before going out for a swim but somehow, it was like there was a fiery component that would always ignite fire every time the couple would touch and kiss. And once more Xander's hands were roaming at Yera's most sensitive parts.

    "Let's go out from the pool first," Yera mumbled because she could already see where their smooching was leading to. Xander was still busy showering her neck with his licking and sucking.

    "It's okay, let's do it here," he whispered. Yera gulped and said, "No! It's an open area!" She could feel Xander's breath on her neck as he chuckled. "Trust me no one can see us. The pool's location is high and so no one is able to take a peek here, okay!"

    She felt Xander swirl her around changing their positions and he leaned on the pool's side. He was lightning fast and Yera felt his stiff length poking her when he crushed her against his body.

    "I love to see you in the beast mode darling. Please do the honor and show me your beast once more."

    Seeing Yera's distraction being in open air, Xander pulled her more tightly towards himself and bent down to whisper in her ears, "Don't worry I'll keep your beautiful body immersed in water and won't let even the air see you, or maybe I will slide myself in you from the sides, with your thongs still on, and I will try to control feeding on your breasts so your bra will still be in its place." Xander shamelessly instructed that made Yera widened her eyes in disbelief.

    Xander grinned, enjoying the puzzled look on his wife's lovely and enticing face. He suddenly carried Yera so her entrance would touch and brushed on his length before he took her mouth hungrily sucking her and giving her a wonderful lascivious kiss that made Yera's body burst with desire.

    Unknowingly, her body moved trying to trap Xander's pointed length into her own opening. The several attempts of brushing each others private and sensitive parts with each other brought a tingling wonderful sensation to both of them.

    Yera moaned while her mouth was being devoured by her husband like some luscious dessert. And she was definitely enjoying it. Their tongues were fencing with each other and entangled together. Yera's legs were strongly wrapped on her husband's waist while she continued to brush herself against him, teasing.

    "Stop it," Xander whispered when he finally let go of her lips just to lower his lips down to her neck while his hand moved to help his inner length to hit its favorite spot, its home.

    "Ahhh," Yera gasped as soon as his husband's length successfully slid inside her entrance. She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes as Xander moved her hips with his strong arms and hands to cover him fully, deeper in her inner core.

    "Look at me darling," Xander whispered and she obediently did. Both their eyes locked together and they could feel how much they were clouded with passion of love for each other, and were dilated with overflowing desire for one another.

    Yera wrapped her arms tightly on his neck for support as she moved her own body to meet Xander's thrusting. The gushing sounds of the water blended with the couple's hum of pleasures in each thrusts. Both were looking intently at each other and witnessing the sensual expressions of were enough to reach their climax at the same time.

    The couple were panting hard when they once again reached their release.

    "Pitiful pool," Yera mumbled sluggishly as she rested and buried her face on her husband's neck.

    Xander chuckled and said, "Why? The pool was honoured darling, witnessing the lovemaking of the beast couple."

    Yera's face twitched as she slightly pulled herself to look at Xander and muttered, "Beast couple? I contest! It's only a beast husband!"

    Xander narrowed his eyes and gave her playful smile before he teased in his hoarse voice as his face was moving  closer to her, "Hmm, you haven't realized it yet I guess but darling you're definitely as fierce a beast as your beastly husband, always wild and savage, driving me insane..."

    Her husband's lips were touching hers, licking and teasing her nerves. Yera opened her mouth to counter Xader's statement but Xander did not let her and captured her lips zipping them up. Yera could only protest silently not because of Xander's audaciousness but because Xander's teasing sounded convincing with how her body was reacting on its own to his each touch and kiss.

    She returned her husband's kiss with the same passion, seeing that Xander smiled mischievously in between the kissing to teasingly murmur, "See what I'm saying darling? You're moving already..."

    Yera ignored him and said, "Shhhh," before she kissed him hard, biting as if punishing her husband for catching her red handed, while she continued with her movements, splashing the water, humming the moans, sucking him through her lips as well as in her deep cave, making his manhood twitch with desire to drown again, in the sea of her sweet nectar, dancing on her rhythm still inside of her...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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