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    At Late Noon.

    "What are you doing here?" Xander asked, seeing Yera busy in the kitchen. He had just finished taking a hot shower and did not find Yera  in the room.

    Yera smiled hearing his questioning tone and continued mixing ingredients in the bowl. Xander walked towards her, curious. She wore a robe after she showered with nothing else underneath it, and went into the kitchen like that only, while Xander was taking a shower, to make the dessert since she's craving for sweets.

    "I'm craving for some desserts. It's been a while since I baked and I wanted to try if I still can, so I didn't bother you to buy or order for me." Yera explained blissfully. She wanted to make a cake, one of her favorite.

    "What is it?" He hugged Yera from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder  watching her actions.

    "Cheesecake. It is one of my favorite desserts. So I worked hard to learn to make one. I even joined baking classes because I like sweets." Yera narrated.

    Yera dipped her finger to taste and check the mixture. "Tastes good?" Xander asked.

    "Of course yes.." Yera chuckled and answered with a smile.

    Xander pouted his lips and murmured, "I wanna taste too."

    Yera grabbed a spoon and raised it up to give Xander a taste of the mixture but he gave her a loud complaining sigh. "What?" Yera asked and turned her head to see Xander with pouted lips as he mumbled, "I want to taste it with your finger too."

    Yera's face crumpled, not sure whether to laugh or scold her husband for being childish and naughty at that moment. Before Yera could think of giving in to his tantrums. Xander grabbed her hand and guided her finger, dipping it in the mixture before raising it to suck the mixture on her finger.

    "Hey, stop being so childish?" Yera whispered when Xander seemed to be enjoying sucking her finger, not letting it out yet from his mouth. "Hmm, it's yummy but... I still prefer tasting something else." whispered Xander in his seductive hoarse voice that made Yera blush.

    "Why are you always in perverted mode?" Yera asked chortling. She found her husband's depraved words rather amusing and sensual. Her lips curved upward as she dipped her finger in the sticky mixture and turned around to quickly put some on Xander's face.

    "There... Because you always tease me..." murmured Yera. Xander raised his eyebrows and a wicked smile played on his face.  "Ahh... my darling wants to play... Alright, let's play then," he muttered with a grin and Yera's eyes rounded when she saw Xander dip all his fingers  in the mixture and streak the mixture with his one finger on her face. She struggled and managed to run away from him before he could put more of it.

    "What's that! Stop! It's too sticky..." she complained as she ran towards the living room while Xander ran after her with some of the mixture still on his fingers ready to paint Yera's face with it.

    Yera was soon cornered by Xander and he pounced on her making her fall on the couch in the living area. "Stop it Xander. You'll mess  the couch completely," She said laughing but Xander only shook his head and gave her his wicked smile. He was sitting on her thighs locking her up with his weight and legs.

    "Don't move darling, let me massage this well on you since you started it." Xander responded with a grin. Yera was shocked with his childishness and closed her eyes when she felt Xander's fingers rubbing against her cheeks, putting the sweet mixture on her face and her neck. Her eyes shot open when she felt Xander untie her robe.

    "What are you doing?" she exclaimed. Xander was grinning and winked at her. "I still have this yummy lotion in my hands, let me give you an upper body massage also." he answered teasingly.

    Yera gasped when she felt Xander's palm on her bare breasts. She gently tapped his hand and said in her serious tone, "Stop that you pervert..." as if scolding her husband.

    "Alright... I'll stop. But you look too sticky, let me clean you up before I let you go." mumbled Xander. Yera had not expected what happened next.

    Xander bent down and started licking the batter away from her breasts, teasing her nipples in between with his teeth and sucking on her areola and then her nipple again. Yera just gasped heavily and started drowning in the feelings his licking and sucking gave her.

    "This is the best dessert I have ever tasted." Xander huskily commented and continued the journey of his tongue upwards to lick down on Yera's neck.

    Yera had forgotten how sticky the batter was, how messy she was at that moment and all she knew was the hot breath of Xander' that assaulted her skin and his wet warm tongue that sent shivers down her body with its each touch on her bare skin. She pursed her lips to suppress her little sweet moans eager to escape her mouth at any moment by the sensual assault of Xander's hot tongue licking and sucking on her chest.

    She heard Xander chuckled as he whispered, "Darling, how come you did not bother to wear any clothes? You really anticipated how i will grab you and eat you up as soon as I finish my bath! And you sure like giving me easy access to all my favourite spots huh! You are truly a cooperative wife and I really appreciate you for this."

    Yera's face flushed but she confidently responded, "Hmmmp, as if it was of any use if I wore any clothes: Don't you always remove my clothes within just a few minutes anyway."

    Xander looked at the flushed face of his wife and kissed her on her lips and said, "It's because I can't get enough of you." Yes Xander was guilty, because he actually preferred his wife to remain naked whenever they were alone together.

    Xander kissed her and claimed every corner of her mouth with his wild and passionate kissing, leaving Yera muddle headed and gasping for air, and before she could regain her senses completely Xander attacked her breasts once more and started nibbling her nipples. Yera gasped again and before she could react on his actions, Xander wrapped her waist in his arms and moved and carried her so he could position her on top of him.

    Yera moved and settled herself on his hard member and brushed herself against him to tease him like he did to her a while ago. Xander managed to remove his boxers without her knowing, and when Yera felt his hard nakedness brush on her sensitive spots she growled inwardly..

    She continued with her teasing, and ran her fingers sensually on his skin, kissing his nipples and licking his chest to make him growl with impatience. She then bent down and brushed her breasts on his face slowly reaching her lips to his mouth and taking his lips in between hers and kissed him passionately.

    Xander growled again and said, "Please take me in my wife."  Hearing his gentle and pleading voice without wasting any moment, Yera gently took his hard member in her hands and pushed it inside her opening.

    "Ahhhh," Xander moaned as he felt the familiar warmth of Yera's insides. Her clenching muscles asking his throbbing hardness to probe deeper into her. She started moving up and down on him, swirling bringing him into her deepest alleys... his eyes closed in ecstasy, his mind going crazy with Yera's movements. His wife had learned and remembered every move that could drive him to the edge of sanity.

    Xander opened his eyes a little to see her round breasts bouncing up and down, dancing with her rhythm of movements, enticing him and inviting him for a feast. He grunted and cocked his neck to grab her hard nipple in his mouth, sucking her and playing wildly with her. This feeling mixed with a sweet pain made Yera groan seductively and speeding up her movements she very soon brough Xander into the wilderness, dragging him again into the most satisfying release of his seeds inside her. Yera kept moving and followed him soon after into a wild, ecstatic release of her sweet nectar.

    "This is the best union ever, a couple with mutual feelings, making love and losing themselves in each other's embrace.. I love you darling." Xander whispered in his husky voice spreading warmth of his love in her heart all over again.

    She didn't have words to express her love for him, all she knew right now was that she loved him more than anyone else or anything else in this whole world.

    Yera sealed his lips in agreement with his words. How she hoped these kind of days would last forever. Tomorrow, another busy day ahead was waiting for them and she wondered how she would balance everything so that she could still have enough time for her doting husband.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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