139 Everything Will Be Alrigh

    Xander and Yera sat in the car and headed back to the City. Xander kept sighing, showing his disappointment, while driving. Yera looked at him and said, "Stop that darling."

    Xander sighed again in frustration and mumbled, "It's because I feel sad about leaving so early from here, it would be nice if we could spend more time here together. I understand though, we both have a lot of pending things back in the City. So let's come back here as soon as everything is settled, and stay for at least a few weeks."

    Then Xander remembered something, looked at Yera and grabbed her hand, holding it lovingly in his palm. "Are you sure you'll be fine travelling down the same road where that accident happened? We will reach that turn in an hour at most darling." Reminded Xander. He had suggested that they should leave in the evening, when it would be dark, like how Yera got to the villa in the first place but Yera insisted on going in the daylight.

    Yera smiled at Xander and nodded assuring him about herself. She long wanted to overcome the trauma and was quite confident she would be fine as long as Xander was with him.

    After about an hour, the car started going down the slopes and they came along that familiar place, those slopes and those familiar lush green trees on the roadside..."Stop the car," Yera whispered.

    Xander stopped at the side of the road, they stepped out and walked to the exact spot where Bernard's car got hit and flew in the air. Xander remembered the exact spot because he took care of everything after the accident and he was also there when Bernard's car was removed from the spot of accident.

    Apparently the driver of the truck was drunk and he drove out of his side that caused the collision and that tragic accident.

    Yera stood rooted at the side of that place on the road where her life took another steep turn. A fleeting memory of those moments filled her entire mind. She halted and closed her eyes. All she could remember was Bernard's smiling face as he whispered to her the word 'I love you'.

    Bernard would always have that special spot in her heart. He was the person who loved her without knowing anything about her. The person who stood by her side in times when she herself did not even know who she was. She was like a stray cat who found her home through Bernard.

    Xander stood quietly and observed Yera well aware of the fact that he would never be able to replace the position of Bernard in her heart and even he had no intentions of doing it at all. He was simply contented to share a place with his cousin in Yera's heart.

    Yera felt Xander's hold on held her hand, and she felt the warmth of his love spread in her heart and warmed her entire being.

    "Do you think he is happy right now?" Yera suddenly whispered, with her eyes still closed. Believing in fate was not really her way of life, but meeting Xander and Bernard in the unique way that it happened, Yera somehow started feeling that fate definitely played an important part in whatever happened in her life.

    Xander took a deep breath before he looked at the sky and smiled, "I know Bernard well. We were more like brothers than just mere cousins. He would never ask for anything else than to see you smile and to be happy and the same he would wish for me too, seeing me smile and happy would definitely bring joy and delight to him wherever he is."

    Tears fell from Yera's eyes as she whispered, "Thank you Bernard." Yes, she would be forever grateful to Bernard because deep in her heart she knew Bernard's love never left her, especially the good memories that transformed her into who she was now. Bernard had already toned her down from the terrible and cold Yera Han she was before.

    She felt Xander's arms on her as he pulled her to him for a warm hug. Bernard toned down her icy heart but Xander totally thawed it, making her melt with love, loving someone she never thought she was capable of.

    "Let's go?" she heard Xander whisper in her ear and Yera nodded as she gently wiped her tears away.

    The couple went back to their car and hit the road back to the City when Xander's mobile phone rang. Yera saw the caller ID, Uncle Field Marshal Chan.

    Xander pressed the answer button in his car that was connected with his mobile phone. Yera could hear the man from the other line.

    "Son, can you evacuate all your employees and patients right now from your hospital in the city? Your hospital is one of the targets for bombing. I had already sent some of my men to your hospital and they are from my expert bomb squad but it would be hard for us to clear the area without your interjection. I want to make sure everyone is safe. I have already talked to your father and we are waiting for you to make the final decision in the matter." explained the Field Marshal from the other line. Yera's face paled and she waited for Xander to answer.

    "Alright Uncle. I will have them all evacuated. My employees and patients safety is the top priority for me." said Xander before ending the call. Yera helped him in dialling assistant Ron next so he could give further instructions and then Yera dialed Ralf next.

    "Transfer him immediately in the Ancestral Mansion now! Make sure you move him quietly." instructed Xander. He was talking about one of the men, who had abducted Yera and had been into a coma.

    Then Xander turned around at Yera and said, "I hate to say this darling. As much as I want you to keep by my side but then I think it's a good time for you to accept Lyndon's offer and transfer at Life Globals..."

    Yera did not respond and looked on the road they were at instead. She was concerned about Xander and the bombing threat of his main hospital. It was something to get worried about, She pressed Xander's hand and murmured, "Everything will be alright."

    "Yes darling, don't worry about me and focus on your plan. Your husband is more than capable of everything than you can even think about..." Xander boastfully stated followed by a wink at her.

    Yera only pursed her lips and mumbled, "Yeah I know. My husband is really great."

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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