140 Commotion

    At Life Globals.

    Lyndon was busy reviewing some documents when his mobile phone rang. His facial muscles flinched seeing the ID of the caller and he immediately answered it.

    "Dr. Song, it's good to finally receive a call from you and I hope to hear good news from you very soon." Lyndon cheerfully answered, hoping Dr. Song would finally agree to join his hospital.

    "Hello, CEO Chu. Yes, I have decided that I will join Life Globals as soon as you want. Also, I want to ask you, or rather to inform you, that I will bring my secretary with me... She is very competent and I like how she works so I want her to stay working with me even after  I transfer at Life Globals." Yera mentioned.

    "Hmm, alright, that's not a problem at all, you can bring her. Is that all?" Lyndoon asked, ready to cater to whatever Dr. Song would request.

    "Yes," Yera simply responded before she ended the call.

    As soon as the phone call ended, Lyndon called his secretary and asked for Dr. Dwayne.

    Dr. Dwayne entered the CEO's office. "You need me?" asked Dr. Dwayne. He sat comfortably at Lyndon's couch and crossed his legs.

    Lyndon stood up on his chair and walked towards him to sit in front of him.

    "It's time... She has accepted everything so prepare all things immediately. I don't want any loopholes and I want her to settle down comfortably and without any problems in our hospital." instructed Lyndon without batting an eye.

    Dr. Dwayne smirked and said, "Alright... I got this."

    After two hours, a commotion suddenly spread throughout Life Globals like a disease.

    "What? Is that even possible? Are you sure it's Dr. Long?" burst Dr. Xiao in disbelief. A forced retirement was given a while ago to their Chief Doctor Long. It was told that Dr. Long  accepted a lot of bribes from VIP patients, that was against the rules of the hospital, and it recently came to the knowledge of the management, thus forced retirement was indicted.

    She had been Dr. Long's assistant surgeon for many years and she knew well that Dr. Long was not that kind of man to accept bribes.

    "I know right? We are all shocked to be honest... I still can not believe that Dr. Long was that kind of man. But the management has an evidence." Dr. Tan seconded. The forced retirement felt a bit suspicious.

    "Could it be due to internal politics between the management and Dr. Long ? I mean we all know that Dr. Long always had a disagreement with the way the hospital has been working. You know he was always vocal about his disagreement on how the hospital focuses on only minting money all the time. Saying the management is pure trash..." continued Dr. Tan.

    They were all inside the office of the Department of Surgery waiting for Dr. Long's come back to confirm the news that already circulated inside the hospital. Almost all surgeons inside had a downcast expression, feeling sad for the bad news and were somehow hoping that it was not true.


    At Yang Hospital.

    As soon as they were back in the City, the two became so busy. Yera helped her husband and assisted all patients to be transferred to affiliated and subsidiary hospitals.

    "What's going on?" asked Dry. Rio because every employee was instructed to assist the patients first and everyone was in good condition with proper endorsement for the transfer to affiliated hospitals and other branches of Yang Hospital.

    "They won't disclose anything not to cause any panic. They said the hospital will be closed in a while and Yang Hospital group would take care of all the damages and liabilities, and take full responsibility for each of their patients." explained Shaira because that was how the news circulated around the area.

    A lot of commotion happened inside Yang Hospitals but it was mostly from patients who were obviously disappointed with what was going on right now. "Yang Hospital will receive a huge loss due to this," Rizie murmured with dropped shoulders, sympathizing with the Yangs. "I know right... Of all the hospitals, why the Yang and not just others..." Dion who was beside her muttered.

    Both of them were standing in the hallway on the second floor where they could see below the quick dispatching of each patient. Rizie rolled her eyes and looked at both sides, making sure no one was near enough to her as she grumbled, "Geez, of course Yang is the best and number one hospital right now. Don't you know how terrorists mostly plan to attack the most widely known commercial properties and facilities? Of course they want to bring down those famous and best ones, so that they can make a huge impact and spread panic in people. They will look scarier if they succeeded in bringing down the most powerful buildings and facilities!"

    Then Rizie released a very long deep sigh and said, "I can't believe that I have to spell those out to you Dion... Geez..." Dion only crumpled his face and whispered, "Such a nagger. Dr. Dee would be pitiful for sure if he ends up with you."

    "What?" Rizie exclaimed but before Rizie could launch her attack, Dion saw Dr. Gong and quickly ran towards him to assist him with other patients.

    Then Rizie saw Yera, who like everybody, was busy making sure that their patients would be properly endorsed. Yera already told her to get ready since they would be joining at Life Globals soon.

    Then she saw some familiar faces checking the hospitals' corridors and rooms, they were soldiers, deputed under her brother disguised as common men, carrying those big silver cases in their hands. 'They are bomb detonation experts,' she mused.

    Rizie saw Dr. Dee coming from a corridor and quickly ran towards him to ask him if he would need any assistance or help. She failed to notice one technician in a rush moving one of the hospital machines.

    "Move... move...," shouted the technician but Rizie noticed it late. She was about to move and was preparing herself for the collision because according to her calculation she would still get hit even if she tried to move out but she felt a pair of strong arms pulling her in a flash. For the first time, Rizie's face got buried on a strong chest of a man and she felt a warm protective embrace of strong arms...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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