141 A Piece Of Cake

    Rizie suddenly felt her heart thump and its beat go wild. 'What's this!' she mused as her face panicked. "Can't you at least stop swooning over him whenever you see Rui? Geez, you seem so desperate!" Dion scolded him with his gloomy face. He was mad seeing Rizie get hurt because of her clumsiness. It was okay to go after Rui in haste but she should at least be careful not to hurt herself.

    Rizie quickly moved away from Dion as if she avoided a fire that would burn her skin. 'What the heck is wrong with me?' she mused irritably before looking at Dion with crumpled face and defended, "I'm not desperate just excited to run to the man of my dreams. Anyway, thanks for catching me there."

    Dion's mouth twisted as he scoffed, "Next time, I will let you fall! Clumsy soul!"

    Dion turned around from her and quietly left her. Rizie pouted her lips. "What's wrong with his mood? So overreacting and grumpy!" Rizie complained while she walked back towards Dr. Dee's direction.

    Dion on the other hand was still in a bad mood as he went back to the office of the Department of Surgery. Yera noticed his crumpled face and asked, "What's wrong?" Dion immediately relaxed his face and smiled at Yera. "Nothing. Just that there's a clumsy mouse roaming around to get hold of a piece of cheese." he said with a grin.

    "Huh?" Yera confusedly uttered. Then she shook her head and said, "By the way, make sure you assist Dr. Gong properly in the hospital and stand strongly with Dr. CEO. They will face a lot of backlash after all this that has happened, so I hope you and Dr. Dee support our Dr. CEO along the way."

    "Why so you sound like you're writing your last will. Well, to be honest, Dr. CEO does not need our help. He's more capable than we can think of, so stop worrying about him and focus on yourself." Dion responded. He already knew about the whole plan of  Yera joining in Life Globals the next day and as per the plan he would also join her soon enough.

    He released a sigh and looked at his sister. He tried to gather courage to initiate the words about their relationship, but for some reason, he still couldn't bring himself to tell her everything as Xander suggested him to.

    Yera met his gaze and continued, "Yes we all know that but still... I feel sorry for him. Please lend him any help you can in whatever way needed. I have noticed that you and Dr. Dee are the only people who get along with him."

    Then Yera disclosed the matter of her sudden leaving. "I feel bad that I'm doing this and have to leave while this problem has happened." Yera murmured.

    "I understand, do what you think is best for yourself. All of us here will definitely assist one another Dr. Song, so don't worry, I got your back on this and will tell the others in a manner that they would understand." encouraged Dion and cheered up his sister so she would not feel down. Yera smiled and unconsciously patted Dion's head while she whispered in her beautiful smile, "Such a supportive colleague. I wish I was blessed with a brother like you."

    Dion's eyes sparkled as her words penetrated deep in his heart. 'I'm your brother,' he wanted to voice out the truth, but when he opened his mouth no words came out from there, his tongue declined to move and co-operate.

    After gathering himself up, he finally had the courage to at least mutter, "I'll be your brother from now on." Another broad and bright smile was carved on Yera's lips as she said, ""Oh really! Now you yourself have offered to be tortured as a brother, don't regret your decision later on and no turning back on your words so you'll be my brother from now on so don't ever complain if I bug you every now and then."

    Dion laughed loudly and this time, it was a hearty and blissful laugh. "Bother me forever and your brother wouldn't mind at all. But, you must also prepare yourself because I love bothering my sister a lot more..." Dion meant that because he would stalk his dear sister wherever she goes without her knowing.

    Yera's eyebrows raised and said, "Well then we'll see who will bug the other more but for now let's move. Oh wait, pass all these records at the ER..." Dion grinned and immediately grabbed the files from Yera's hands. Yera then let out a sigh before she walked out of the office and saw what else she could assist with outside.

    'How cruel are those terrorists to even think of targeting a hospital!' she despised silently, witnessing the patients being moved out from ICCu as well. This time it was only a threat but even then precautionary measures were immediately implemented by Xander. He would rather take a loss than risk innocent lives. She agreed with Xander, everything could be rebuilt and Yang Hospital would stand back on its feet but the lives of the people that would be put at risk and possibly lost was something that couldn't be replaced with anything.

    She was too worried so she looked for Xander and found him in his office where he was in discussion with other soldiers in disguise about the matter. She was about to leave but Xander signaled her to stay.

    The bomb expert did find some bombing devices at some parts of the hospital and they had it all removed. However, the hospital would undergo investigation thus, operations would be suspended for a while. Yera bit her lip and she felt totally sad on how things had turned out to be.

    As soon as the disguised soldiers were gone, she hugged Xander to at least comfort her husband. "What about all the employees?" she murmured. She heard Xander sigh but then it was replaced by a brilliant smile of assurance. "I have to keep my employees. Though the hospital is suspended I will maintain the salaries and same benefits, some will be temporarily assigned at other branches where they would be needed." responded Xander with a wink before he embraced her tightly.

    "Will you really be alright? I can postpone my plan." Yera whispered. For her, being with Xander during his bad times was more important than anything else.

    "Hmm, I would love that but NO darling.... I told you it's a very good opportunity for you. We must find the truth or else they will keep on targeting you at every available opportunity. I'm a Yang, so this is nothing to me. Just a piece of cake to be honest." Xander boastfully declared that made Yera pursed her lips.

    Well she fully believed her husband, seeing how he could still genuinely smile despite what all was happening around him. "Hugging you like this is enough to recharge my energy." Xander whispered in her ear before he tightened his hug on her as if absorbing energy from his darling wife.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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