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    At Han Ancestral Mansion

    The family was having dinner when Juliet Han, Jam's mother commented, "It's a good opportunity for Life Globals group dear. Yang Hospital group is all over the news and many of their patients are voluntarily transferring to us. I heard the investigation will take quite long and the hospital is not allowed to operate until then. It's now time we show everyone that Life Globals is much better than them."

    Roy nodded in agreement with his wife. "Lyndon is already working on this idea ." Roy casually responded that made Juliet to knit her eyebrows. "I noticed that you trust him too much now a days. I know he is capable but I don't trust him that much. Are you even aware of how he is treating Jam?"

    Roy looked at his daughter with questioning eyes and asked, "Is there something I should know Jam? What's going on? Is Lyndon not treating you well?"

    Jam pursed her lips. The truth was that her parents were not really as keen for her to get engaged with Lyndon in the first place. She faked a smile and said, "Not really dad it's just that I think the engagement has been dragged for too long now I want the wedding date to be finalised but Lyndon is always busy."

    She was obviously complaining. She wanted to tell her parents about how Lyndon was not  treating her well lately but she was sure they would only tell her to call off the engagement. She already bugged Lyndon's father numerous times in a vague manner but lately all she could hear was Lyndon's father also complaining how he could no longer get hold of his son and how Lyndon was killing himself by overworking himself.

    She was about to add some words to convince her dad about it when one of their servants suddenly appeared and gave the wireless phone to his father.

    "What? Who decided that?" shouted her father his roaring voice echoed inside their dining hall. HIs face was too red in fury. "That bastard! Who does he think he is to decide without my **ing permission! Get me Lyndon immediately!" shouted Jam's father on the other line.

    Jam immediately sent a message to Lyndon's secretary Shan who she was bribing lately for continuous reports on Lyndon's whereabouts. In less than a minute, Jam's mobile phone beeped.

    [The management indicted a forced retirement to Dr. Long. He would be replaced soon by a new doctor.]

    Jam's eyes widened followed by a curse that her mom heard. "Fuc**k!!!" she said out loud. She already knew that Lyndon was trying to poach that freaking Dr. Deyna Song who looked exactly like Yera but she heard she had turned down the offer already. 'Did that bitch accept his offer?!'

    Like her father, Jam abruptly stood from her chair to walk back to her room and talk on her phone. Lately, her hired men in disguise always failed to follow Deyna Song. She did not know whether the woman was just lucky enough or she was escaping from being discovered! To be honest she was more convinced that Deyna Song was aware she was being watched.

    She gritted her teeth as fury built in her body. If Deyna Song joined Lyndon in their own hospital then there would be war! She would make sure to do everything so that woman, whoever she is would be kicked out.

    She dialed Lyndon's number and as usual it only kept on ringing. He was not answering her at all. Jam hated the feeling of being neglected like this but she could still not understand herself why she could not hate Lyndon despite everything, rather she  hated other things or people that Lyndon took interest in or liked. Just like this time she blamed everything on that Deyna Song.

    Meanwhile, Juliet was left alone in the dining area and as usual she calmly continued with her dinner. After a while she shook her head and murmured, "Dummies!"


    At Yang Ancestral Mansion

    Yera was brushing her hair as she looked at her own reflection in the mirror. Xander was still not home, working with the authorities to fix and settle out things. She looked at the wall clock. It was already past 8:00 PM.

    Her husband had insisted for her to come home and rest because she was weary. She grabbed her mobile phone to call secretary Ness who was still with Xander and instructed her to make sure Xander ate his dinner or else she would rush to where they were and not rest.

    Then she let out a long deep sigh as she stared at herself in the mirror. Tomorrow, another chapter would start in her life. She wondered how many hard things she might face tomorrow onwards.

    Yera looked at the copy of the photo that she had put in a picture frame on her vanity table and her lips automatically curved upwards. It was the copy of the stolen shot assistant Ron had taken during the registration of her wedding when Xander suddenly stole a kiss from her out of the blue.

    Then she looked at the big frame on their wall which Xander insisted to hang, a bigger copy for them to see and cherish.

    "You can do it..." she uttered, staring at the photo.

    She would face everything no matter how hard things may be starting tomorrow. She would wrap up everything as fast as she would be able to so she could enjoy a healthy and a happy worry free life with her husband soon.

    If only her life was not at stake and his grandfather died a natural death, she would be willing to let go of everything she had lost. They could keep all the wealth with them, but then justice must be served!

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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