143 Complicated

    Secretary Ness bought dinner for Dr. CEO and relayed to him what their Madame had instructed.

    'Maybe I should tell Ness to convey my darling that I'm still too busy to eat, so she will rush  here to be with me then... I actually want her to be with me always.' Xander silently thought with a despaired look. But then again, he did not want Yera to get burnt out with the work in Yang Hospital. Besides, she had already been busy the whole day in helping the teams in evacuation and transfers.

    Tomorrow, she would need to prepare herself and be emotionally strong, because she would again set foot in one of her family properties for the first time after the incident.

    Lost in Yera's thoughts he was startled when Rui entered his room and found him dreaming with open eyes. "Geez Dr. CEO, I caught you spacing out again!" he scoffed and comfortably sat on the couch in Xander's office.

    "Why don't you go home and rest. Be with your wife. We can manage here. Almost all our employees had not left from here and are still assisting every patient and will even stay until all is cleared. This is really amazing and touching to see that I'm in awe myself. You better go home and let me take all the credit myself for once as their COO,  much reliable and competitive than their CEO." Rui added with twisted face as he looked at Xander's tired face. He felt bad for his friend Xander, but also admired him, at the same time, for how well he was handling everything... as expected!

    "My wife wants to make sure I eat dinner. Since you're here might as well join me you psycho COO. Well about our employees, they greatly support me and are very loyal too so dream on COO because I'm irreplaceable..." Xander boasted with a grin as he walked towards Rui with the take-out food assistant Ness brought.

    "Oh! I was about to pull you out for dinner. I guess having a wife to take care of you is really nice. Maybe I should get a wife too." Rui teased  Xander while putting the food on the table.

    "We are almost done with evacuation. One more wing and everything is completed. Those bomb devices were untraceable by our scanners, they are indeed a clever terrorist group, to think that our scanners are made of high end technology already." commented Rui and turned on the television to watch the news because he had received a notification on  mobile phone.

    "Oh God! Thankfully they located the hideout of those monsters!" burst Rui with his mouth agape as he added, "What the hell is wrong with your cousin? Are you two in a competition of who's the most hilarious of all?" Rui could not believe how a pregnant woman, with twins in her womb, like Keira, still managed to report from such a dangerous site like that.

    Xander only shrugged his shoulders and continued to eat his food as he watched Keira reporting live from the underground hideout of the terrorists.

    "That mark! It's the same!" blurted out Rui. Xander creased his forehead and saw that the terrorists did have the same mark with the one on a hoodie.

    "What is this Dr. CEO! Don't tell me whoever is after Yera, has a connection with this terrorist group!" burst Rui.

    "Shhhh! Zip it, I can't hear the television," scolded Xander as he listened carefully at the reports about the terrorist group.

    "Oh, they are not from that Quan Clan, so they want to frame Quan Clan by using their cyclone mark. Oh it's so confusing, that person in the hoodie is also a fake like those terrorist or really from Quan Clan?" mumbled Rui and looked at Xander who seemed to be in deep thought.

    Now they had a lead about that cyclone mark. Xander immediately dialed Ralf and instructed, "Investigate deeply that terrorist group the military has caught and also check everything you can get about Quan Clan."

    Who could that cyclone mark person be targeting? Him or Yera? Things were getting more complicated.

    "By the way, the authorities want every record of our patients and employees. I wonder how long this investigation will take. But then it will be good for me to finally have a long straight vacation." Rui mumbled and that made Xander crumple his face.

    "How dare you! How can you leave your only best buddy in here like this!" Xander complained. Rui laughed and said, "Alright, so when do we begin?"

    Xander's forehead furrowed as he naively asked, "Begin with what?"

    "What else? Stalking your dear wife because for sure that's what you'll do later." Rui pointed out.

    Xander chuckled because Rui could really read him well. "Look at that guilty smile. I'm just joking! Are you kidding me? How will you stalk her there?" asked Rui in disbelief.

    Xander burst out in a fit of laughter and said, "Well if there's a will there's always a way!"

    "I can't believe this, you are really such a clingy husband." Rui bantered.

    "Single souls like you wouldn't understand. Do you really think I will allow my wife to go there without me seeing her often? Of course not... Especially now..." said Xander.

    "Don't tell me you plan to stalk her inside the hospital and how will you do that? Everyone knows you are their rival." Rui started with arched brows. He wondered how Xander would stalk her wife when he suddenly realized...

    "No Way! Do you plan to stay there? Inside the hospital for real? At Life Globals?" Rui burst out with rounded eyes.

    "Oh yeah. Very much YES!" answered Xander, still laughing as if he was satisfied with his reaction and in too much glee with the idea that came in his head.

    Life Globals group loved money and the timing was good. "Does Yera know about it?" asked Rui.

    ""Hmmm nope, I want to surprise her..." Xander murmured, excited to see the expressions on Yera's face once she gets the surprise.

    Rui looked at Xander and shook his head. Xander would stay inside Life Globals as a patient, a VIP patient. He wondered though how would Life Globals treat a rival as a patient. It was an absurd idea and no one could ever think of doing such hilarious things,  except for his dearest friend Xander.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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