144 What’s Wrong With Me?

    At Yang Hospital

    Dion puckered his forehead seeing Rizie was still roaming around in the hospital, offering and giving coffee to the employees as if she was a waitress in the restaurant.

    'What's with this public appeasement thing. Is she running for candidacy or something?' he mused scornfully and was startled when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

    "What's wrong with people today, why are you all spacing out? First Xander and now you, what kind of thoughts are exactly sinking deep in your head that make you guys zone out?" mumbled Rui. Dion noticed Rizie smiled broadly at their direction and waved.

    "Such a fine young lady. She's been busy helping everyone all this time. It's already pretty late and she's still here." noticed Rui who waved back at Rizie.

    'No wonder Rizie behaved like a busy body so Rui would notice her presence.' Dion thought silently. He pursed his lips and frowned seeing Rizie was in a hurry to walk towards them with coffee in her hands.

    "Look at that clumsy mouse running like that?" he exclaimed staring at Rizie with a tray of coffee and he bet those were still hot.

    "Clumsy mouse? Hmm that's a cute way to call a woman you like..." muttered Rui with his playful smirk.

    "What!" Dion blurted out and turned his head to glare at Rui.

    "What 'what' Dion? I'm a psychiatrist and you are one of my patients so it's pretty easy for me to read your face." Rui mumbled and then sighed deeply before saying, "Why do most men space out whenever they think about women?"

    Dion's mouth twitched and scoffed, " Would you rather space out thinking about a man instead, Dr. Rui Dee? I didn't think you had such fetishes!" Dion teased him with a wicked smile on his face.

    "Hmm, dear ghost observer, I have no such fetishes and instead of a woman I would rather think of places around the world to travel and discover instead. By the way, you and Rizie would definitely look good together. Though it would be more like a mouse eating the cat." teased Rui and he obviously enjoyed watching Dion's embarrassed face and reddened ears.

    "Hey, caught you!... Look at these red ears of yours. So tell me if Rizie is a clumsy mouse or are you perhaps the silent cat? Wishing to eat her up?" Rui teased more, chuckling and winking at him.

    "Shh stop that nonsense. She's almost here!" Dion reprimanded, he got so worried that Rizie might hear whatever rubbish Rui was spurting out from his mouth, and knowing Rizie, he would end up rather dead.

    "What's wrong? Are you perhaps afraid of her? Oh crap! Another man under a skirt!" Rui declared in horror. First was Xander who already gave him chills with his constant PDA and now even this ghost observer was going to walk on the same path.

    "If you don't shut up now, I will bug you everyday and tell every detail of the supernatural beings I'm seeing left and right including the headless man I just saw near you..."

    "Fu*ck! Stop it, and I'll zip my mouth now!" exclaimed Ruin in horror. He was a psychiatrist and not a shaman or witch doctor! Rui would often reiterate that to him and he grinned seeing how those scary descriptions made wonders like that to shut Dr. Rui Dee's blabbermouth.

    The psychiatrist hated detail description so every time they would have a session he would leave the part of describing the exact figure and details of the supernatural beings or things he would see.

    "Hi Rizie, you look tired... Why don't you go home already? You and Dion must head back now, besides even we, the CEO and me are almost done here." stated Rui with his beautiful smile when Rizie arrived then halted as his gaze focused in a particular direction.

    "Guys, I think we should do an overall physical examination of the employees during the investigation." Rui muttered out of the blue. Rizie and Dion followed the direction of his eyes.

    "Do you still suspect Dr. Yao?" mumbled Dion and Rui only nodded. "Hmm, let's see what I can do. Maybe I'll try asking her to accompany me to a spa where I can see her back. You need to see a cyclone mark right?" volunteered Rizie.

    "No, don't bother... I will suggest this during the investigation if they happen not to have this idea to make sure our employees are clean from connection to any terrorist group." murmured Rui still staring in Dr. Yao's direction.

    "I doubt they will find any mark on anyone, since those terrorist groups are also fake, framing up the Quan Clan from the triads. I'm sure they will easily have those fake marks removed by now." Dion muttered. Rui sighed because Dion had a point. These days, those marks could be easily removed from the body.

    "Hmmm, this case is honestly too complicated." Rizie commented. "Once we're in the Life Globals hopefully everything will turn up well. I will make sure to help Yera to get to the bottom of this." she added in her serious tone.

    "Yeah... the security inside there is very tight even though their files are locked, unlike here that patients files are open books to many authorized personnel.  At Life Globals, only three people are authorized, Yera's uncle, her aunt and Lyndon." mumbled Dion. He had earlier tried hard to check certain files but failed.

    Rizie frowned at Dion and asked, "By the way, how come you got involved in Yera's case that much? Also, she has no idea that you will also join Life Globals in a few days. She's not aware of you helping her."

    She was too curious to ask what was the connection because based on the briefing she got from Xander, Dion was helping Yera from a long time. She just did not have the opportunity to ask him about it before. Though she did ask Xander, the latter always moved the topic away from it.

    She looked at Dion who avoided her question and looked away from her and muttered, "I'll be going home now. Everything seemed settled so I will leave first."

    "Are you still staying?" asked Rizie with her glittering eyes directed at Rui.

    "Xander is still here. I'll stay until he's here. I'm the COO so I won't let the CEO take all the credit." Rui jested.

    "We should leave first. It's not safe for a woman to go home late," said Dion and bid farewell to Rui. He suddenly pulled Rizie's arm before Rizie muttered any more words.

    "Hey let go of my arm. I want to stay longer and chat with Dr. Dee," Rizie complained as she halted and tried to remove Dion's hand on her arm.

    "Don't you want to hear the story behind me helping out Yera for a long time?" Dion suddenly mumbled. Rizie's eyes rounded and excitedly said,  "Really? Oh then what are you waiting for.... Let's go get more coffee outside!"

    Dion released a long sigh while Rizie was the one who was pulling his arm out of the hospital this time. Maybe he had been staying with izie a lot that he was getting used to her presence and he had started to care for her. One of Rizie's weaknesses was being curious with questions inside her head and he knew that his involvement with Yera was one of the questions in her head that she was dying to know so he mentioned it so Rizie would no longer stay up too late staying inside the hospital.

    'What's wrong with me?' he snorted and chided himself inwardly as he looked at Rizie's hand in his arm, sending alien waves in him.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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