145 Invigorating**

    Yera was in deep sleep when she felt soft warmth seeped in her body, slowly surrounding her from all sides. She was awakened with this warmth and before she could open her eyes, she felt soft warm lips crashing lovingly against hers.

    "You're here." she sluggishly mumbled and hugged Xander tightly, pulling his face on her neck. "Everything's done?" she asked, still eyes closed.

    "Hmm, yeah, I'll probably go to Country V in a while to focus on the building project there while Yang Hospital in the city is still under investigation. Good thing that the problem  at Country V is now settled... I might focus there for a while when you join Life Globals, so you can also focus better." said Xander while planting little kisses on Yera's neck.

    Yera opened her eyes and moved to sit on the bed and closely looked at her husband.

    Xander also moved to sit up and asked, "Why?"

    "How long will you stay at Country V?" she hastily asked. She honestly hid something from Xander because she was afraid Xander would not like it. She would need to get close with Lyndon because that was the only way she could penetrate the confidential files of her grandfather that she needed. Hopefully they were still intact and were not destroyed.

    She already studied the changes they had done in Life Globals facilities based on the spies they had inside the hospital and she was really surprised to know that a lot had changed during her absence. There was a particular room where no one had access except for Lyndon, Aunt Juliet and Uncle Roy.

    She could try her aunt Juliet since among all, she was someone who was nicer and more of a quiet passive type but Yera would want her identity hidden so Lyndon was the only person she could actually approach in due time, being close to Lyndon as Dr. Deyna Song.

    All she needed was Lyndon's identification card to access the hard copies of files in the confidential room. She wanted to know who all were inside when her grandfather was pronounced dead. They only got to find the name of the physician in charge, but he went missing a day after her grandfather's death.

    There was no surity of finding any evidence inside Life Globals, but she would still want to take one chance. 'Keep your enemy closer' that was the strategy she was going to apply by entering Life Globals. She had planned to take over the hospital, by doing so, the enemies would surely make their move so hopefully they could catch whoever they were.

    Xander grinned and said, ""Why are you asking? Are you worried I will stay long? Are you in a dilemma, because you know you will be missing me too much?"

    Yera gave him an awkward smile as she silently thought, 'I want you to stay there longer instead.'

    Of course she would miss Xander but she needed to focus on the matter in hand. Knowing her husband, she was worried that Xander would not like it when she would play emotional games and use seduction tactics on Lyndon.

    "What's with that face? Am I wrong? You smile like I gave you the wrong predicament." Xander whispered, not blinking an eye while he stared at Yera.

    Yera forced a wide smile and said, "Hmmm, of course I will miss you, but I think you should concentrate on Country V this time. Yang Hospitals is now facing a huge backlash already, so my darling has to work hard during this time."

    Xander narrowed his eyes, with a straight face stared at his wife and whispered, "Why do I feel like you're hiding something. I'm not actually convinced."

    Yera pursed her lips and muttered, "Hmmm, stop thinking too much."

    She saw her husband was about to open his mouth again to say something so Yera quickly kissed him to change the topic and his mood. It was an invigorating kiss that totally silenced Xander up.

    Yera thought to give her husband a mind blowing night of relaxing union after the mentally and physically exhausting day so she moved and sat on his lap. Xander wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to himself. He smelled fresh after his bath and wore his set of sleepwear pajamas.

    Yera moved her hands down from his neck and started to pull his shirt up.

    She quickly removed the shirt from his body and threw it away and put her soft hands on his hard muscled chest. While her lips continued their aggression, her hands kept moving all over his upper body in a sensual way, making ripples of sensations form in his body and his heart. Yera continued with savouring his body and his skin, making sure he would cower under her aggressive control.

    She caressed his arms and gave his muscles a sensual massage with mild force, relaxing him and making him want her more at the same time. His grip on her waist tightened and he groaned without even knowing. Yera moved her hands to other parts of his body and dug her nails on his back, sending large ripples of desires surface in his actions.

    When Yera moved her hands to the side of his body touching his each rib as a prized possession, Xander pulled her in his grip and growled in pleasure.

    "Hmmm," Xander's growling was the rewards Yera wanted to get at those moments and not stopping with her assaults she left his lips and mouth and moved lower. Yera gently pushed him on the bed and her head moved downwards.

    "Ohhh," he unconsciously moaned when he felt her kissing his hardness with his pants still on. His length was so hard that it was standing up under those pajamas forming a huge tent out there.

    His excitement heightened when he felt Yera suck it teasingly with his pajamas still on and very soon her hands were all over there inside his pants, touching it, caressing it and holding it gently. He looked at Yera and met her eyes staring at him with a devilish teasing smile in her eyes, he swore inwardly and was sure that she could even kill him with those teasing looks in her eyes.

    'Take me in darling,' Xander's eyes pleaded unable to hide his requests with his eyes burning with want and desire. Yera seemed to understand as she moved her other hand to pull down his pajama so Xander's length could finally breathe. She was tugging his hard length and never left Xander's eyes on her as she stuck her tongue out and licked its head seductively.

    Xander's body trembled as his teasing wife continued to lick the tip, swirling her tongue on it. His dear wife was playfully teasing him, making him hum louder with gritted teeth, due to the pleasure she gave him. When she finally took his length inside her mouth a loud moan escaped his mouth and all he knew was he drowned in the wonders she did, using her hands and mouth that made Xander's toe curled followed by the jerking of his body when he finally reached his climax.

    WIth his misty eyes still in wonderland, he saw Yera positioned herself on top of him as she slowly removed her nightgown, showing her smooth curved breasts to him, making his length hard for the second time around.

    Yera bent down to kiss him while she intentionally brushed herself on him. He could feel her damped womanhood against his hardness, that was already slippery with his own release. Then soon after. His wife covered his length with her womanhood, gently moving on top of him, burning herself deeper.

    All Xander could do was moan over and over, saying words of love and endearment for his wife while he hummed her name lovingly.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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