146 All Your Faul

    Lyndon went directly to his favorite bar to drink late at night after he talked to Roy Go at Han's Ancestral Mansion.

    He had managed to convince Roy Go that it was best to have Dr. Long leave the hospital as soon as possible, presenting him all convincing documents that Dr. Long was already a liability.

    Roy Go disliked people who did not share the same sentiments like him about earning money and treating the hospital as the money minting machine and Dr. Long often contradicted this idea. Lyndon also added that a Union against the management was being led by Dr. Long.

    Seeing that Dr. Long was the most supported by other employees as the best candidate for the next Hospital Director was enough for him to shut up Roy Go in whining why he immediately removed Dr. Long without him knowing.

    He stared at the glass of whiskey he was holding and whispered, "I will soon get rid of you."

    "Oh yeah you surely is doing that," mumbled a woman who sat at the bar stool beside him.

    "What are you doing here?" Lyndon scorned.

    Jam ignored him and ordered a glass of whiskey from the bartender. "Am I not allowed to drink with my fiance? Well, this is your free time from work I guess," Jam scoffed.

    Lyndon smirked and shook his head. He did not want to be rude to her as much as possible. But Jam was testing his patience. He clearly ignored her, hoping she would leave once he treated her unfairly but it seemed like Jam was really persistent.

    He looked at her with disgusted expressions and said, "I'm breaking up with you Jam, so please leave me alone.. You can tell others that it's you who broke the engagement, if you are worried about your reputation. I don't mind if you tell whatever you want to as the reason  why the engagement was called off. Just leave me alone will you?"

    Jam laughed crazily before her face became serious. In one gulp she drank her whiskey before she muttered, "Hmmm, I didn't see this coming. Honestly, I never thought that we will come to this point but you have left me with no choice."

    Lyndon looked at Jam a bit confused by her words. Jam gave him her lovely smile before she got up from her chair. One corner of her lips lifted up in a bitter smirk, before she leaned on Lyndon's ear and whispered something and threw  an envelope in his hands she then straightened up.

    One last time, Jam gave Lyndon an evil smile and said, "Better think carefully before you make another reckless decision dear. Otherwise, I can't promise to keep my mouth  totally shut..."

    Lyndon was left stupefied on his chair when Jam left. He was frozen on his seat, totally caught off guard. He looked at the envelope and crumpled it with gritted teeth.

    "Crazy bitch!" he cursed as his fist hit the table hard, startling the bartender. Who would have thought that Jam would find out about it and even dare to blackmail him like this.

    He should find a way to solve this matter immediately. He would not let that woman get a hold on him for very long.

    Meanwhile, Jam's body was shaking as she walked towards her car. As soon as she was inside, she let out a loud cry. She cried hard for a long time and stayed there like that. She could do anything for her love and she did not care whether she does wrong or right as long as she could keep Lyndon with her, nothing else mattered.


    At Han's Ancestral Mansion

    Juliet received a call from an anonymous number.

    "It's done. I have bought all the shares as per your instructions. Lyndon seemed not to suspect a thing. Now, you are the biggest shareholder Madame Go. Congratulations, you will soon have full authority at Life Globals as you always longed for Madame Go." greeted the man on the other line.

    "It's too early to celebrate Director Chong. Keep monitoring Lyndon's movements and I want you to report his every move to me. How dare he think he already owned everything." Juliet hissed from the other line. She knew her husband could not make it to top  with Lyndon still inside Life Globals. Her incompetent husband would be forever a failure and her incompetent daughter was the same, being totally blinded by a ridiculous unrequited love.

    Juliet released a frustrated sigh. As expected, she would have to do the hard work since those two dummies always failed to satisfy her.

    She had long dreamed to have everything for herself, she wanted to manage Life Globals always, but her father never trusted her. She understood him since she was the younger one and not a male heir on top of that, so she remained quiet when everything was handed to her brother.

    However, when her brother died, her father still did not let her manage the family business, insisting she was a woman and her responsibility was to manage her own family instead.

    Juliet curved her lips into a mocking grin. Her father had her rot inside the house while he  had the young Yera Han trained and later on handed her everything, all the rights at Life Globals group.

    And why was that? When Yera was also a woman. Juliet recalled how she came to accidentally discover the reason behind this bias treatment of his father.

    It was that time... Her father was crying before her deceased brother's photo in his room... She clearly heard him mention the words 'my only blood' while whining about her brother leaving him suddenly like that.

    She was hesitant at first, thinking her father simply said those words while grieving for his son he had lost, but for some reason her inner self told her otherwise so she did a DNA test, confirming that she was not at all a Han's blood. No wonder she never felt the fair treatment from the start...

    "It was all your fault why everything has come to this point. No one else should be to blame father. No one... but only you..." Juliet whispered with a blank face before a teardrop fell from her eyes rolling on her cheeks, that she quickly diminished.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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