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    "Darling," Yera whispered. She rarely called Xander that because she was not used to being sweet at all, very opposite of her husband who was always overflowing with sweetness. But she tried using it as often as she could when they were alone because Xander liked it, hearing it made him extremely happy.

    "Hmm," Xander sheepishly murmured. His wife drained all his energy though he did not do most of the work because his considerate wife did all the hard work in pleasing and satisfying him entirely.

    "Please, always trust me. Things could be very intimidating inside Life Globals. I mean you know that I need to do ahm I mean there are things..." Yera stuttered, unable to complete the exact sentence she wanted to say.

    Xander tightened his hug on her body. Both of them were still naked under the comforter as they cuddled with each other. "Darling, I do trust you. I know what you got to do but just make sure that you'll be safe. In fact no, I will make sure of that. So do whatever you have to do and I will take care of the rest in protecting you by all means."

    "About Lyndon, he is the only person whom I can get close to for achieving the goals... I'm worried that you might misinterpret things and..." Yera  tried to state her worries but couldn't find words to complete her sentence. She didn't want Xander to feel hurt or get angry with her and misunderstand her in any way, but what else could she do.

    "Hmm, I will definitely not misinterpret things darling because I completely trust you. However, I can't promise that I will remain still because you know how childish I tend to be whenever you get close to any other man, but I promise to try and behave well."

    Yera felt Xander's chest, where she was resting her head, moved upward. He exhaled followed by the gentle and loving stroke of his fingers on her hair. "Stop thinking about it darling and let's rest now. Always remember that I will not misinterpret anything that you must do, alright!" he whispered before his breathing became heavy and rhythmic indicating he's fallen asleep already.

    Yera relaxed her body in the warmth of her husband's embrace and closed her eyes. As long as he trusted her, nothing else matters. "I love you, darling." she whispered before she let herself doze off.

    The next morning, Yera woke up early and quietly got out of the bed and got ready without making any sound, making sure not to cause any disturbance that could wake up her husband. When she was ready, Yera looked at Xander who was still peacefully sleeping. She was sure her husband was very exhausted mentally due to the problems Yang Hospital was facing now. She gave him a gentle kiss on his lips before leaving their room.

    She saw her father-in-law, reading a newspaper on his seat in the dining area.

    "Good morning," he greeted with a smile as soon as he noticed Yera's presence. Yera smiled back and said, "good morning father. Xander is still sleeping and I did not wake him up so he can rest more."

    Senior Yang nodded and signalled the helpers to serve breakfast. "Today you will be reporting at the Life Globals. Be cautious every minute you spend there, because we do not know yet who is behind everything. I'm sorry daughter that this thing is taking too long." said her father-in-law.

    Yera looked at him and quickly said, "No father, please don't be sorry. You're all doing your best to help me out and I'm more than grateful for everything to think that I'm the one still indebted."

    Senior Yang puckered his lips and jested, "Don't mention the 'indebted' word or else I will add more debt so you will spend all your life paying for it. Well, you can easily repay me with grandchildren, the more indebted you feel, the more grandchildren you should give me to play with..."

    Yera's face flushed. Her father-in-law seemed to be reiterating his hope to have a grandchild soon. Yera would love that too but somehow she thought it would be inappropriate in her current situation. She heard her father-in-law laugh out hard and said, "Oh please don't mind this father of yours... You know how the old ones are. But, I'll be boundlessly happy, of course, the moment I will hear the baby's voice in the mansion."

    Yera did not know how to hide her very red face at that moment. Her father-in-law even winked at her and chuckled. 'Didn't he know how hard working his son is?' she wanted to voice out but she answered him with a bashful smile instead.

    She had a refreshing chat with her father a bit longer before bidding him farewell. June greeted her and opened the car door for her. June was the driver Xander had assigned to her, he was not a simple driver of course but was Yera's bodyguard in disguise, at the same time.

    One of the servants was at her back and had her luggage to give to June. As decided, she would be staying in the condo unit she initially bought to temporarily live in after joining Life Globals. Xander strongly disagreed at first but she had somehow convinced him during their stay at his villa.

    Inside the car, Yera grabbed her mobile phone to send Xander a message.

    [Good Morning darling, I didn't wake you up because you looked exhausted. I have already left. Take care of yourself on your trip. Call me once you arrive at Country V. I'll call you later. I love you.]

    Yera let out a long sigh before she looked out of the side window of the car as they rode towards the familiar surrounding going to Life Globals.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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