149 Kick Some Rotten Asses

    Rizie waited for Yera to arrive at the entrance of Life Globals Hospital. Not too long after, she saw Yera's car stop and she smiled. Her heart was thumping hard and she wondered if her friend Yera felt the same way. She had this kind of tingling feeling whenever she watched a thrilling movie.

    She saw June come out of the car to open the door for Dr. Deyna Song. He bowed and greeted her before going back to the driver's seat. Xander had already introduced her to June who would be Yera's bodyguard disguised as her driver.

    "Good morning Doc," Rizie greeted as soon as Yera came out. Yera smiled back at her.

    "How do you feel?" whispered Rizie. She was curious to know if Yera was nervous or excited. But one thing she could tell from Yera's facial expressions were that Yera Han was ready and determined to do what she needed to do.

    "Hmm... I actually missed this place. I wonder how much it had changed since the last time I saw it. To be honest, I have mixed emotions right now." Yera responded with a deep long sigh.

    Since she was a child and while she grew up her grandfather would reiterate to her that everything was hers. Especially Life Globals group, so she must do well to maintain her ownership and to show to others that she was the rightful and deserving heiress of the empire.

    So she did that. All she did was work and focus on how she could make Life Globals the number one and not just second best. That was her main goal before but now she only wanted justice to be served to those who tried to wrong her and her grandfather.

    "Alright Doc, let's go in and kick some rotten asses," mumbled Rizie in a jest that made Yera chuckle. She was really grateful to have someone trustworthy like Rizie by her side. And yes, they would definitely kick those rotten asses.

    Yera walked inside the building and Rizie followed. The hospital seemed to improve a lot after a long duration of her absence. They had renovated a lot and given good emphasis on the architectural designing, putting more beautiful interiors and furnishings. She could see that Lyndon carried on with her plans for the hospital changes before, seeing the work of art in the interior design matched up to the highest standards.

    "Not bad, they're definitely doing their best to compete with Yang Hospital even on architectural designs," Rizie commented.

    Inside the hospital, Rizie gulped seeing Lyndon and his assistant walking towards them along with other doctors to welcome Yera. Well, it was the first time she personally met them but she had already studied their profiles well. Behind him was Dr. Chong, the Director of the hospital and Dr. Dwayne who was said to be closer to Lyndon among other doctors. 'He's like Dr. Dee to Xander. But of course my Rui is more handsome. This person looks cunning.' Rizie mused when Dr. Dwayne gave her a quick blink with his right eye.

    "Welcome Dr. Song." greeted Lyndon and extended his hand to greet her. Then Yera was introduced to others and Yera gave them all her warmest smiles.

    Rizie noticed other staff who was looking at them stared at Yera in disbelief. 'They must be staff that knew Yera or work at the hospital during Yera's management' she mused seeing the obvious shock on their faces. They looked at Yera as if they had seen a living ghost before their eyes.

    "Let me introduce you to the Department Of Surgery that you will be handling and later I'll tour you around our facilities." Lyndon cheerfully announced as he led the way and guided Yera. Rizie observed the situation in a very vague way.

    She of course had compared Xander and Lyndon physically as she followed and listened to Lyndon who was very warm and attentive towards Yera. Lyndon had a serious aura unlike Xander who was very friendly and approachable. That was actually one of Xander's assets that made him look more charming. Lyndon was too boring for her assessment.

    Lyndon had his eyes fixed at Yera and Rizie could feel romance brewing in his eyes. He probably saw the image of his deceased fiance in Dr. Dena Song . She wondered what would he do if he found out that it was really Yera, his fiance, and how would he cope with the fact that she was already married to his biggest competitor?.

    She knew about Xander's plan of staying at Life Globals in a while as a patient, and she wondered how long would Xander be able to control his emotions and not kill Lyndon for those looks towards Yera. And how would Yera react when Xander would be admitted in this hospital, but, she must sealed her lips about this thing from Yera because it was a surprise for Yera from Xander.

    A playful grin curved on her lips because of an idea to bet with Dion later or maybe she would directly Xander himself.

    Rizie suddenly felt envious, hoping she could have someone as loving, caring and easy going man like Dr. CEO. With that thought Dion's face suddenly popped up in her head and she panicked. 'What with that? Are you crazy Rizie?!' She scolded her inner self and could not believe that weirdo even crossed her mind when thinking about her love interest.

    They all walked first to the Department of Surgery and Rizie tried her best to maintain her act together, seeing how flabbergasted the people inside were.

    "Please take care of Dr. Deyna Song. She will be your new Chief Doctor in place of Doctor Long." Introduced Lyndon. There was a long moment of silence.

    Yera gave them all her warmest smile and said, "I know I look like the late Dr. Yera Han. Please don't be mistaken. I'm Dr. Deyna Song and I hope to work well with you all. Please take care of me."

    Then that was the time that the doctors and others seemed to be awakened and greeted her with respect. They did know someone would replace Dr. Long soon but never did they expect it would be this fast. Some of them who had worked with Dr. Yera Han before were still pale and speechless and totally in awe.

    "Hmm, maybe I should try to find out if by any chance If am the lost twin or something of Dr. Yera Han! By the way, then I will have power over this whole hospital right, since the Hans own it?" She jested with a broad smile. Then that instant the stiff faces who knew Yera Han somehow relaxed hearing the joke because Yera Han would not dare joke like that and on top of that, the smile on her face, as sweet as the plum and bright as the sun, so much unlike Dr. Yera Han.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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