150 First Day

    Yera touched the engraved name plate on her desk, Chief Doctor Deyna Song. She wondered how her previous office that was now occupied by Lyndon looked like now. She was already introduced to important key personnels at Life Globals and as expected, she saw terror and great shock in the eyes of those who worked for Yera Han before. It was like they saw  a witch waking up from her grave and was about to cast her curse on everyone.

    Rizie entered her new office with a coffee and the two sat on the couch to relax as they chatted a bit. Of course they were very careful about what they talked about, because the office could be bugged so they only talked about the usual things about future work.

    Rizie on the other hand got the opportunity to stare at Yera and compare her physical looks with Dion since they were siblings. Nothing looked alike at all so she asked, "Doc, who among  your parents you got most of your looks?"

    Yera was a bit surprised with the sudden question but she replied, "I look like my mom. Why?"

    Rizie nodded and she assumed that Dion probably got more of his looks from the father. "By the way, let me just remind you that you will have a meeting in an hour and..."

    The two women were startled with the sudden opening of Yera's office.

    "Oh my God! It's true then," a woman in her sixties burst out. Yera furrowed and muttered, "I'm sorry..." She looked at the woman in the eyes with her questioning and confused eyes that was saying, 'Do I know you?'

    Juliet's eyebrows arched but her face quickly softened as she walked towards Yera and said, "Oh, I'm sorry dear, it's rude me. It's just that I'm too flustered. I heard that a new doctor was here who looks exactly like my niece, so I rushed in here to see if it's true."

    Rizie leaned on her ear as if to whisper something and  Juliet heard it. 'She's Madame Juliet Go, wife of the Chairman."

    "That's okay. I got that questioning glare a lot already, Mrs. Go. My apologies for not recognizing you soon enough. To be honest I'm not good with remembering people a lot,, except for those whom I often spend time with. I'm Dr. Deyna Song Madame. It's nice to meet you." Yera said as she extended her hand for a handshake.

    Juliet stared at her intently. She looked exactly like Yera except for the hair and her cheerful personality. Dr. Chong already reported to her Lyndon's intention to poach someone who looked exactly like Yera. She also knew that her ignorant daughter already did several DNA tests on her and it did not match with Yera's.

    To be honest, whoever this lady in front of her was, did not matter to her as long as she would not be a hindrance for her in gaining full power over Life Globals group. Juliet accepted the handshake and smiled.

    "I'm really sorry about this." Juliet repeated while she studied the doctor's every expression.

    Yera genuinely smiled and said, "No worries Madame, as I've said, I'm used to it already. But I must contest, I'm not the witch doctor like what I often heard about her."

    "But she owned Life Globals right? If in case I'm her twin, will I have the chance to own it also?" Yera jested once more and observed closely how her aunt Juliet would react.

    She saw Juliet's face soured but she immediately changed it to a smile as she commented, "Of course, I would be delighted to welcome you to our family if that's the case. By the way, welcome in our hospital and I do hope you enjoy working here."

    "Oh, that's so nice of you Madame. Thank you." Yera simply replied. Madame Go soon bid her farewell and Rizie sighed as soon as she left.

    "I guessed you will have such a long first day at work. Later, you'll see the Chairman too. I guess you really look like that Yera Han, huh that everyone look like they've seen a ghost." Rizie intentionally mumbled. Yera slumped her body on her seat and relaxed herself while Rizie kept commenting as scripted.

    "Maybe we should do a DNA test confirming you are not Dr. Yera Han and to prove your identity Doc," Rizie added. "Yeah, I will talk to CEO Chu about it later. I heard Dr. Long was removed suddenly. Can you get me his secretary please I want to check the pending works." Yera asked.

    Rizie nodded and left her. She looked around her office more. She knew she was being watched and she sighed. The safest place to have a real conversation was outside the hospital and that was the first rule they must abide with.

    She looked at her mobile phone and saw several missed calls and unread messages from Xander so she quickly opened and read it.

    [I have already left and probably will stay for about a month or more until the investigation is finished. I love you. Call me whenever you're free to talk.]

    Yera smiled and sighed. She was worried that Xander would act childishly but after seeing his messages she was assured that he was showing his matured front this one time and he sure understood the situation very well.

    Her face twitched though seeing his last message...

    [Darling, I have eyes inside the hospital. If that Lyndon even tries to touch you, I can't promise I will stay still. *Sweat smile emoji" *stuck out tongue winking eye emoji*]


    At Yang Ancestral Mansion

    Xander and Rui finished their last set of match of tennis and sweating profusely as they both walked towards the bench to sit and relax. "What's with the waiting? Weren't you too excited to being a patient inside Life Globals?" asked Rui panting while drinking his water.

    "Hmm, I simply want to try that proverb 'absence makes the heart grow fonder'. So I'll let my darling miss me for a week before I get myself admitted inside Life Globals." Xander responded with his widest grin.

    Rui shook his head and teasingly said, "You do know that absence can also makes the heart grow colder right? And I bet that Lyndon will not waste any opportunity he can have. Deliberately poaching Yera as a doctor? Nah it's because he wants Yera near him..."

    Xander pursed his lips and said with a raised eyebrows, "What do you take me for? Do I look like I'm having an inferiority complex with that Lyndon? Excuse me, I'm much better than him in every aspect."

    Rui smirked as he started the countdown in his head, "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,"

    Before he reached 0 Xander was hastily typing a message on his phone and Rui  could bet that his dear friend was now instructing assistant Ron to prepare the grounds of his admission in the Life Globals as soon as possible.

    He just loved this thing, where he could effectively tease Xander how much ever he wanted. Xander would always get affected and take things seriously whenever it was about Yera.

    'How vulnerable...'

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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