151 Nothing Was Certain

    Xander wanted to beat Rui into a pulp for alarming him like that. He had planned everything already. He was prepared to wait for one week so Yera would miss him like crazy just like what her secretary Rizie suggested. He was keen to watch Yera's expressions when she saw him after so many days. And now he was confused, he wondered who he should listen to. Rizie's suggestion or Rui's opinion?

    He had already instructed assistant Ron to check the earliest day he could get admitted inside Life Global, with a reasonable excuse that would not look suspicious at the same time.

    He was even too excited with the thought of how Year would miss him but his mean buddy just killed all his excitement by replacing the word 'fonder' with 'colder'.

    "I'm going to really kill you Rui." He hissed followed by an evil smirk on his face, he knew what he should do to teach Rui a good lesson. "You will pay for your glib tongue dear Dr. Dee."

    He was grinning widely with the idea of getting even with his friend as he dialed assistant Ron's number to instruct him about the change of plans for the project of country V.

    A few hours later, as expected, his phone rang. He didn't pick up the phone in the first call. Then the phone rang again and he laughed hearing the impatient ringing of his mobile phone and as expected it was Rui again.

    As soon as Xander picked up the phone he heard Rui scream his lungs out.

    "What the heck Dr. CEO Xander Yang!" shouted Rui on the other line.

    "What? You only told me that my wife, Yera's heart, might end up getting colder so I decided to get admitted as early as possible. Now you will have to look after our new project being the COO. You know that's the biggest and an important project we are working at, so I can't trust anyone else but you." Xander explained, with a mischievous smile still carved on his lips.

    "Yes, I understand that trust part, but how can you send Dr. Yao to accompany me? How evil are you to even think of doing this to me? Are you trying to get me killed?! I told you already that woman is freaking crazy!" complained Rui.

    "Precisely, it's like hitting two birds with one stone. Get close to her since you suspect her from the start, that way we will be able to confirm if your suspicions are right or just merely suspicions. Don't tell me you're scared of her?" Xander teased.

    "Of course not! You clingy husband! I know why you did this, you possessive Dr. CEO! I'll hang up now!" exclaimed Rui and Xander heard the end call beeped. He laughed out hard and mumbled, "You started it friend so enjoy your work with the best company ever in Country V."

    "You look like you're having fun with someone son. Was that Rui?" said his father who suddenly popped up before him in the garden where he was currently having tea.

    Xander smiled and nodded in response, and then they both sat down to talk about the progress of things at work, with Yera and his future plans of expansions. Senior Yang listened intently and also kept giving his suggestions every once in a while into things.


    At Life Globals Hospital

    Juliet shook her head in disappointment as she looked at her husband who was busy scanning a brochure of a new car to buy. No wonder her father would not let Roy take a high position in the company. Because Roy did not really care about their family business at all. All he cared for was how more money could be minted and then how he would spend it for his own leisure and contentment.

    Her brows winced. She had let him rule enough but he was still a failure without her, making her own moves in the shadow she had tried to keep the situation under control.

    "You're too loose... Are you even aware who Lyndon had replaced Dr. Long with as the Chief Doctor?" Juliet scorned, she was too irritated on how her husband acted recklessly.

    "Yeah, you mean Dr. Deyna Song? Of course I know dear. Jam had her checked already and she's not Yera. Besides, I wanted her to be here to watch her closely." Said Roy with a smirk. He was boasting to his wife that he was not that incompetent as he seemed or she thought him to be.

    Juliet was surprised by it and nodded. Then she whispered, "Still... Look after that Lyndon well, I don't think we must trust him. I told you before, I will let you be at your position but once you lose that because of your negligence, I will not interfere in retrieving it to you again."

    Roy sighed and gave Juliet his assuring smile. He knew Juliet wanted to manage her family business since a long time but she was generous enough to give way to him. They did have an agreement. If he failed, he would let Juliet have her way and support her.

    Juliet hesitated if she would tell her husband that she had acquired more shares by using other people. The shares each had were very minimal but she had the highest share if all would be combined in one. It was a back-up plan because she felt that Lyndon was up to something. She told her hunch to Roy several times but the latter seemed to be satisfied at how Lyndon worked in the hospital as the CEO managing all the infrastructure and human resources of the hospital.

    "I met her just a while ago and she's like Yera's twin and to be honest I find it so absurd to be a coincidence. Jam was right, it's suspicious..." said Juliet with a frown.

    "Well, if she happened to be Yera Han... Do you think she will take over everything?" Roy casually asked.

    "Knowing my niece, she definitely will take back everything." Commented Juliet with arched brow. Ever since Yera was a kid, she was authoritative and as she grew older her mannerisms became highly intimidating by each passing day. Being her aunt she had seen it all, how Yera grew to be so successful. Yera was trained as the sole rightful owner of everything so she understood how Yera grew up to be a competitive woman.

    "Yeah your niece was very greedy. How can she disrespect us who's older than her? She took everything and even scolded me about how I did my work," Roy recalled, gritting his teeth. Yera Han was an evil witch he despised. That witch would always give him headaches with her sharp words. The worst memory of her that he could not forget was how she called him a leech.

    "I want that Deyna Song to be here. That way it will be easier for us to get rid of her if she has ill intent about the hospital. Who knows, she can use her face and pretend to be Yera in the future. We'll never know for sure so it will be safer to keep her here around us." Murmured Roy. Nothing was certain yet regarding that woman, except for the fact that she looked exactly like Yera Han.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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