152 Welcome

    Yera was officially introduced to all the board members and senior staff members in a high profile manner over a board meeting where all the assistants and secretaries were also present.

    "Welcome our new chief doctor in the Department of Surgery, Dr. Deyna Song." Lyndon gave her brief introduction to everyone.

    Rizie couldn't ignore the looks of shock and horror on the faces of old employees who knew Yera earlier. She shook her head and commented, "another set of horror stricken faces."

    She subtly observed how Yera's uncle Roy Go, seated as the Chairman of Life Globals group, would react upon seeing her. So far his face was blank as expected. He did not look as shocked stricken as  Yera's aunt.

    His look indicated that he at least knew and expected her to be such a familiar face, the same as with Yera. Probably he had seen Dr.  Deyan Song's profile beforehand being the chairman and he didn't get the shock like others.

    "Welcome to our Life Globals group Dr. Deyna Song. I must say, though you probably got to hear this a lot since you came here, but you actually look exactly like my deceased niece, Dr. Yera Han and to top it all, like you she was also a good surgeon. Such a strange set of coincidences I believe are one in a million things to happen." commented the Chairman and everyone inside the room nodded in agreement.

    "If I may ask, Yang Hospital is currently number one chain of hospitals known to be very good to their staff also and probably you might have had a hard time deciding between the two..." the Chairman casually added.

    Yera smiled at him and confidently replied, "Hmm, yes I did but the CEO Chu's offer was so good that I found it hard to resist, besides I loved the amount of money and great benefits he granted."

    "Hmm, I'm sure Yang Hospital would be ready to offer the same perks too in order to not lose such a great surgeon." Chairman Go asked and obviously he wanted to peel Yera alive by pointing her malicious intentions for joining the Life Globals.

    Yera gave him a cunning smile and straightforwardly mentioned, "Yeah but CEO Yang is not as generous when it comes to shares unlike CEO Chu who granted me an amount of shares of Life Globals group."

    Murmurs were heard inside the conference room at  that sentence. Chairman Go's face darkened as he threw a sharp look at Lyndon. As Yera assumed, Lyndon did not mention that one condition she asked in case she would join Life Globals.

    Lyndon cleared his throat and explained his stance on why he took that bold move alone.

    Everyone listened and so did Yera. She was well aware that Lyndon was being blinded by his emotions towards her, because of her look, that was why Lyndon was her main target and goal for finding the truth because she could easily use his emotions for her benefit.

    Yera sighed silently. She felt bad using Lyndon but she had no choice at the moment. She would just make sure to come clear that she was already taken so Lyndon would not attach himself with her that much.

    When the atmosphere was back to normal again, Chairman go finally said, "Welcome to our hospital then Dr. Deyna Song. I guess our offer was good enough for you to not change your decision in the future."

    "Yes Sir and I do hope that I had made the right choice. I will do my best to give the hospital my utmost service and to be your greatest asset in the future." Yera answered with a poker face.

    Chairman Go nodded and suddenly asked, "Have you checked my niece's profile? She's an asset too in the hospital and our family did really grieved hard when we lost her. It would be refreshing to see you around like we are seeing her alive and well like old times.

    "I'm sorry but I would prefer not to talk about her since I'm not her and I don't know her. I'm sorry but I want to make things straight. It really makes me uncomfortable  whenever I hear her name and when I'm being compared to a dead person, so please do not continue comparing me with her, because I will prefer to work with Yang Hospital than here if that continues to be a problem here. I have already and clearly mentioned this to CEO Chu." Yera instated and looked at Lyndon.

    Chairman Go clenched his fist. 'Insolent!' he wanted to shout but tried his best to calm himself. This Deyna Song was too arrogant like Yera Han and he did not  like her if not only for the fact that the wench was the best surgeon and most requested at that moment.

    Chairman Go forced a smile and said, "Alright then, Dr. Deyna Song. Again, we welcome you to Life Globals group."

    The meeting lasted a little longer as they addressed certain topics about Dr. Long and his pending works. Rizie admired how apt Yera was in giving pointers and helpful opinions. Rizie could tell how annoyed Chairman Go was all throughout the meeting. That was the plan, to bring out Yera's ghost to everyone through Dr. Deyna Song. She could not wait to see who would make the first move in bringing Yera down.

    Yera brows knitted as she irritably murmured, "Oh common give me a break..."

    It was Jam who was at her door. "Hmm, I brought something for you." Jam scornfully said and pointed out at the funeral flowers outside her door.

    "Welcome to Life Globals. I heard you hated being compared to my cousin Yera or being mistaken for her or else you will consider leaving right? So I'm planning to call you cousin from now on and my eyes are always on you 24/7..." Jam continued with her poker smile.

    Yera answered her with a shrug followed by a beautiful smile. "Thank you for such a warm welcome Miss Go. I appreciate your efforts... So if you'll excuse me, I have more important things to attend to."

    Yera walked directly in her office and instructed Rizie to lock the door. "I guess you're right. It's such a long and tiring first day at work." Yera muttered as she sat on the couch and relaxed herself.

    Meanwhile, outside the door, Jam's face was too gloomy. "Is she saying I'm less important?!" she growled as she walked out. She would now start involving herself in the business so that she could watch that Deyna Song and prevent her from getting close to her man.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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