153 Bug

    Dion was cleaning his unit when he suddenly cringed, "Ahhhh..."

    He scratched his head and slumped on his couch. That moment kept on taunting his head since last night, when he fell in a daze looking at Rizie's lips. "You're such a nut!" he loudly hissed to himself.

    He almost lost it. Kissing Rizie... Like really? That nosy body was head over heels in love with Dr. Rui.

    He washed his face with his hands in irritation before he got up and picked up his vacuum cleaner. Today he had planned to stay at his unit only. There were still four days before he would join at Life Globals and he was practically jobless until then.

    Dion wondered how he would spend the long days of waiting doing nothing. 'Hours seemed like days.' he mused followed by a bored sigh.

    He was startled by the ringing of his mobile phone and he gulped seeing the caller ID. It was Rizie. It took him a while to decide whether to answer or not because he was sure Rizie would just bug his solitary hours.

    Another ring then Dion ended up answering.

    "Hey, what are you doing?" Rizie asked on the other line.

    "Vacuuming my unit." Dion simply answered.

    "At this hour? Anyway, I bet you are dying of boredom right now so let's grab dinner together. I'm almost off from work and I've got a lot to tell you really," Rizie frantically voiced.

    Again, it took a while before Dion responded, "Alright, message me the address."

    As soon as the call ended, Dion unconsciously pulled his hair and crazily shook it.

    He knew that if he continued to get closer with Rizie he would be in trouble. No, not just trouble, but in a very 'big' trouble. Dion walked in his living room as he bit his thumb. He stood like that for more than a minute, thinking hard about what to do.

    Obviously, he could not avoid Rizie's presence since they were a team and both had to cooperate with each other to help his sister out. Also, he even needed to talk to Rizie like now so he would be updated about Yera's situation in her first day.

    To be honest, he was starting to feel something he had not experienced before whenever he was with Rizie. He could not tell when it started but it was a disturbance for him.

    He looked at the wall clock. It was past five o'clock in the late afternoon. He cursed when his hand and fingers moved on its own texting Rizie to wait for him and he would pick her up at the hospital. Like a flash, Dion quickly changed his  clothes and ran out from his unit with his car keys.

    Meanwhile, back at Life Globals hospital, Yera prepared to leave. "I'll go first Rizie. I need to settle my things in my unit. Aren't you going out too?" she said to Rizie who was organizing some files.

    "Alright Doc. I'll leave soon too.. I'm just waiting for my pick-up..." said Rizie smiling. Yera was at the door about to step out when she paused to turn towards Rizie and asked, "You have a boyfriend now?"

    Rizie burst out in laughter while she said, "No Doc! It's Mr. Third Eye. I bet he is bored sitting at home, not working for these few days, so I asked him to get dinner together."

    Yera nodded and gave Rizie a teasing smile and murmured, "Hmm, Mr. Third Eye and you actually look good together. Spend a good night together."

    Before Rizie could defend herself, Yera was already gone from the room.

    Yera was chuckling as she walked down the hallway from her office when she almost bumped into Lyndon. "Going home?" Lyndon asked smiling.

    Yera nodded and smiled back. "Do you mind if I invite you for dinner and let's talk about work... and the shares... I wanted to discuss something about it." Lyndon asked casually.

    "Hmm. Can we do it tomorrow at your office? I still need a lot of things to do later CEO Chu." Yera answered politely.

    Lyndon gave her a half smile and said, "Yes, of course."

    Seeing Yera was about to leave,  Lyndon offered, "Are you leaving already? I'm about to leave too. If you want I can drop you at your building since it's along the way to my house."

    Yera paused for a while and quickly said,  "Alright then." Lyndon let out an immense smile at Yera's agreement. Yera on the other hand had a purpose for agreeing.

    Inside the car the two talked about work. Yera was thankful that Lyndon dismissed his driver to drive his own car instead that way it would be easier for her to install the bug she asked from Ralf.

    Yera suddenly touched her temple in the middle of talking, rubbing it lightly a few times.

    "What's wrong?" Lyndon asked in concern. "Oh nothing, just a headache. Can we stop at a pharmacy in between? I forgot my medicine kit. I'll just buy my medicine." Yera requested.

    Lyndon stopped at the side of the road when he saw a pharmacy. Yera knew Lyndon was a gentleman who would not let her out to buy the medicine. "Give me the name. I'll buy it." Lyndon said and Yera gave him the medicine's name.

    As soon as Lyndon was out of his car, Yera immediately moved and brought out the bug from her purse to plant it inside Lyndon's car as how Ralf had instructed then she made a call and asked Ralf, "Are we good?"

    "Yes Madam. Loud and clear." answered Ralf and Yera quickly ended the call seeing Lyndon was on his way back.

    "Thank you." Yera smiled and ate the medicine that instant. As soon as Yera was settled, Lyndon drove back on the road.

    "Thank you for the ride CEO Chu." Yera said as she was about to step out from the car. "Please call me Lyndon when we're alone. I feel so formal when you address me like that." Lyndon bashfully muttered.

    "Alright then Lyndon. Again, thank you for the ride. Please don't bother to come out and open the car door for me. I hate those gestures," Yera said smiling when she  noticed that Lyndon was about to go out from his car.

    Lyndon froze. 'Yera...' he mused as he looked at Dr. Deyna Song who just went out from his car. Yera also said that to him the first time they met... Lyndon's eyes became hazy and it took a while before he started his engine back.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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