154 Don’t Kill Me

    Xander's face darkened seeing Yera stepping out from Lyndon's car. He was parked not far from Lyndon's car and was there for some time now, contemplating whether to go inside the building's parking area and go up at Yera's unit or not. But then, he was irritated seeing Lyndon dropping his wife, though he knew that Yera agreed to take lift from him so the bug  could be installed as planned.

    Yera was of the thought that he went to Country V already. He looked at  all the paper bags kept on the side, that he brought for their dinner. 'Will I go to her or not?' he mused...

    In the end, Xander decided to drive inside the building's parking lot. He wore his cap, mask and shades before going out. This time was very crucial so it was agreed that he and Yera shouldn't be seen intimately together yet.

    As soon as he was outside Yera's door, he paused once more, as he was reminded about Rizie's words when he vocally contemplated in going at Country V, "Dr. CEO, don't be visible at all times. Give your wife at least a few days to miss you. Don't you know that absence makes the heart grow fonder? That way, you will feel how she desperately misses you." Rizie was too convincing that time that he initially wanted to try the idea.

    To be honest, he had already missed his wife too that was why he ended up driving towards her building. He pressed his thumb on Yera's door and it automatically opened.

    Xander went directly at the dining table and served the food. He assumed Yera was inside her room changing. It was the first time he saw Yera's unit since they made sure that it was safe enough and he personally checked it. He wondered what was taking his wife so long so he went inside her room.

    Yera's room was a bit dim and he could hear an instrumental music playing inside the bathroom. He silently walked towards the bathroom to see what his wife was doing.

    'Stupid, what else? She's probably taking a bath and you're peaking,' his inner self rumbled.

    True enough Yera was in the tub, her head on the headrest with her eyes closed. The lights were off except for the scented candle Yera had on the other side of the bathtub.

    'Is she sleeping?' Xander mused because she sat there motionless and did not move at all. A naughty grin plastered on his handsome face before he immediately removed his own clothes and gently stepped in the tub. He was about to sit when Yera moved and felt someone's presence. She panicked and kicked at him hard as an initial defense.

    "Ouch! Ah Ah!" Xander cried and shouted again when the kick was followed by several punches and hits on him.

    "Darling, stop! It's me! Don't kill me please," Xander pleaded. "Huh? Xander?!" she mumbled in disbelief as she opened her eyes wide and had the candle a bit closer to look at Xander's face who gave her an awkward smile, "Hello." Xander meekly whispered.

    "Hello?! Why are you here? What are you doing here? You even sneaked inside like a thief!" scolded Yera. Then she continued, ""Aren't you supposed to be at Country V by this time?"

    Xander winked at her and said, "Hmm, I missed you." Then he shrunk as if he felt a sudden pain in his body. "Are you alright?" Yera was worried as she moved to check her husband.

    "Darling your kicks are really heavy." Xander whispered. Yera arched a brow and mumbled, "Who's fault is that? When you could just approach me properly. Next time you'll really end up with broken bones once I start learning martial arts." Yera added before touching Xander's body to check what was hurting.

    "Where does it hurt?" Yera asked, worried that she kicked her husband real hard or she might have hit a very vital part in his body.

    Xander narrowed his eyes while his sexy lips smiled mischievously. Yera was checking his chest and heard her asked, "Where does it hurt? Here?" She was touching his body, inspecting it while asking if it hurts.

    "Hmm, lower... I think the lower region needs attention from you," Xander hoarsely stated. Yera frowned and looked at her husband in the dim light of the bathroom.

    "Next time, I will definitely kick and aim on that lower region," Yera threatened and she felt Xander suddenly embrace her. "Hmm, please spare your husband who only desperately missed his darling, his lovely wife."

    "Tell me what happened? Why are you here?" asked Yera, worried that there might be any problem. "I'll tell you later... For now let's finish bathing because we're both soaking wet..." Xander muttered and Yera felt his hands were starting to roam and caress her body while his lips trailed from her ear to her lips.

    "I thought we'll finish bathing? Why do I feel like you intend to prolong the bathing," Yera whispered while Xander showered her neck with sensual kisses. Instead of answering, Xander only moved to position himself in between her legs as he left her neck and continued to kiss her lips hungrily.

    The bathtub filled with water ended up drained of water because of the water splashing out due to savage movements inside the tub caused by the couple's wild lovemaking.

    Both were panting as they reached the highest peak of their union. Xander was on top of Yera when he suddenly murmured, "Darling, what do you think of the saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder? Or do you think it becomes colder?"

    "Huh? Hmm... I think it's both... the heart can grow fonder and there's also a tendency to get colder? Not sure why? What's with that?" Yera answered while she gently pushed Xander to get out from the bathtub and quickly rinse herself because she had a feeling that if she would not move quickly, she'll spend another hour in the bathtub.

    Xander only watched Yera from his spot while he was in deep thought. He wondered if he should tell Yera about his plan getting admitted inside Life Global or would proceed with the initial plan to surprise her.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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