156 Good Excuse

    Xander left Yera's place after dinner. As much as he wanted to stay, he knew he had to leave for the sake of Yera's secret. He decided to stick with the initial plan of getting admitted at Life Globals after a week of absence. Well, he did not have much choice to hasten his plans as well  since he would be really busy during this coming week, not only with the ongoing investigation about their hospital but also because he wanted to personally check the matters regarding one of the culprits in their hands who was still in coma.

    He headed back to the mansion and went directly in their underground area where that  culprit of Yera's abduction was transferred. He went inside the room and saw Rui was already there, checking the man's vitals.

    "Why are you still here? Make sure you don't miss your flight tomorrow." he teased as he watched the monitor that indicated the man's statistics.

    "Don't fret my dear Dr. CEO because I will definitely catch my flight tomorrow and prove to you that my hunch never goes wrong." mumbled Rui with a twitched mouth.

    Then he straightened his back and looked intently at Xander. "I can't believe we have to waste such a huge amount of money for this criminal. These kinds of despicable people deserve to be in a coma forever," Rui commented. Xander released a frustrated sigh and mumbled, "Yeah I know... But we have no choice. We need to compromise in order to have a firm lead as who tried to kill Yera."

    Xander would personally fly tomorrow to transfer this criminal to one of their facilities in another country where there were specialised doctors famous for treating such cases and there he had almost 60% chance for him to wake up, though there were chances that he would still remain in the same condition, yet he wanted to try.

    Xander too was eager to know the name of the person who tried to hurt his wife before so he could effectively protect Yera from those people. Their own investigation now had one more aspect to look into and had broadened because of the possible involvement of that unknown person with the cyclone mark, whose identity was not found out till now and they were still investigating it.

    This was not an easy task, since the Quan Clan, who owned that mark, was not a simple clan. In fact this clan was very difficult to investigate because of their tight security. Not to mention that it was not advisable to get to their wrong side because they could definitely mess up with your life forever. So Xander was really hoping that the hoodie person did not have any real involvement with the Quan Clan at all.

    "I guess, you'll be really very busy the following days to get sick and get admitted early," Rui teased.

    "Nah... It's a good excuse to make her heart grow fonder," Xander wheezed.

    Rui shook his head and asked, "Did you tell her about it?" Xander looked at his friend and grunted, "Yeah... Uhm just a vague hint... uhm in a joke?"

    Creasing his forehead, Rui cleared, "Huh? What do you mean?"

    "I joked with her saying, if I get sick... I have no place to run to this time but Life Globals, so she would have to take care of me personally if I ended up being there," Xander started recalling Yera's reaction. She was not totally against it if that happened so he took it positively. She even said that if that really happened it would definitely be an epic situation and Yera wondered how the people at Life Globals would take that scenario.

    "It's not like Life Globals could be choosy with their patients given the condition that the patient is paying. Their VIP rooms even accept high ranking officials, the ones that should be serving their term in  jail, but because of the so called false ailment, they stay at the hospital. Hospital arrests as they call it, hospital detention my butt, when they get the best service ever like high standard hotels..." scorned Xander.

    That was the difference between his management and Lyndon's. They never faked hospital results just for the sake of  profit. He made sure that Yang Hospital maintained their credibility and loyalty to serve the patients with all honesty and best services they could offer.

    "Hmm so because she did not react negatively you did not bother to tell her your plan..." Rui mumbled.

    Xander laughed and boastfully stated, "Yeah... Moreover, It's a surprise Rui. How can you call it a surprise if I tell her about it beforehand? Besides, I'll be out of her sight for a week... That would be torment enough for me really. And I'm confident it would be the same for her so YES she will definitely love it once she sees me inside Life Hospital roaming around to ask for her attention..."

    "Really, you're one in a million confident guy I have ever encountered in my whole life. By the way, any news about the other man you are looking for. The leader, the one with a voice Yera could recognize?" Asked Rui.

    Xander let out a long sigh before saying, "Ralf almost had caught him, but someone is helping him from behind, giving him everything he needs so he could hide well. Maybe that is the main culprit who was the one behind it all. I mean my security group and investigation teams are one of the best so how come they can't get a hold of that culprit unless someone very big and influential is behind him and supporting that as*shole from shadows..." growled Xander.

    He was frustrated because the man was caught on cctv. He was alive... But it was hard to capture him.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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