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    Yera reported for her first day at work and was greeted with an emergency surgery because she was specifically requested by the patient to be the surgeon.

    The patient was Brione and she did not want any other doctor to handle her operation. Brione was a superstar and very popular worldwide. Yera often saw her on the television, in drama series, movies, commercials and a lot more.

    The superstar had a sudden intolerable pain during her pictorial accompanied by fever and vomiting so she was rushed in the hospital.

    Her handler insisted to get her for Brione's emergency operation suggested by the doctors in the emergency room.

    Brione was still conscious when Yera arrived. "Brief me her condition," Yera instructed the doctor who was with Brione near her bed. She immediately checked Brione while she listened to the doctor who diagnosed her condition.

    "Doc, I heard you are the best surgeon in this city and specialise in difficult cases. Yang Globals was closed so I told my manager to bring me here since you're here." murmured Brione who looked so pale at that moment due to fever and vomiting.

    "Ready her for operation. We need to do emergency appendectomy immediately." Yera instructed before she smiled at Brione.

    "You'll be fine soon so relax your body Miss Brione," said Yera with her assuring smile.

    "Doc, I only have one request. Please make sure you won't leave any mark on my body. You know how important my skin is to me..." Brion said in her serious voice so Yera hesitated if it was a joke. She was not updated with the entertainment industry but she did know Brione was too popular.

    She winked at the beautiful lady and said, "Don't worry, you won't even notice a mark.."

    Yera immediately proceeded at the operating room as soon as the patient was transferred there. She cleaned her hands and arms up to her elbows with a germ-killing cleaner before the operation after she changed into her scrub suit.

    "Good morning Dr. Song. I'm Dr. Xiao, I will be your assistant for this operation." greeted the man whom she had already met before. Dr. Xiao was not yet in their hospital during her days as the CEO so the latter was not awkward on greeting her unlike others who knew and worked with Yera Han.

    Yera simply smiled and nodded then proceeded towards the operating room.

    "I can't believe it... Gosh, I'm a great fan  of Brione. The hospital is in fuss right now because most people inside loves her." murmured Dr. Xiao behind her who was obviously fanboying over the superstar.

    She did not comment but grinned inwardly because if she was the old Yera she would have sarcastically said to Dr. Xiao, 'Too bad Brione would be  unconscious during the surgery so stop fanboying and make sure you do your work properly by focusing at the surgery instead of fanboying.'

    She went inside the operating room where Brione was assigned. She intently looked at the team inside before she said, "I'm Dr. Deyna Song and we will do an emergency appendectomy to the patient. I expect everyone inside to be in their good condition. If any of you are not focus and confident enough, get out of the room this instant so we can find your replacement."

    Everyone inside the room gulped. Yera signaled everyone that the surgery would now start.

    Yera positioned herself and proceeded with the laparoscopic appendectomy. She made a small keyhole incision near the bellybutton with a tube.

    The surgery went well and Yera walked outside the operating room to announce it to Brione's guardian outside. She was a bit startled to see the news anchor she adored, Gavin Wu.

    "How is she Doc?" he asked, and he sounded too worried. Yera smiled and said, "She's fine... She will be transferred in her room soon." As soon as Gavin heard it he immediately bid his farewell.

    "You will need to go at the conference room to update the reporters on Brione's condition," whispered Rizie on her ear who suddenly popped out of nowhere.

    Rizie helped Yera wear her lab gown since she was still in her scrub suit.

    "I guess it's my lucky day," Yera murmured for the first time. Since she was the Chief Doctor she would have the opportunity to deliver nationwide the condition of their most loved  superstar Brione. For some reason, it was also a good opportunity for her exposure as the new Chief Doctor of Life Hospitals.

    "Yes Doc. Indeed it is." Rizie excitedly whispered. It was not a bad start for Yera's first day at work. Her name would be known and more people would seek her services as a surgeon later on. Yera's popularity growing at medical world would be an advantage for them. Life Hospitals would surely depend on her more if things like this continued.

    Yera saw Lyndon was already inside the conference room taking care of the situation. "Our Chief Doctor is already here and she will report about Brione's condition," started Lyndon who turned his head to look at her while he continued, "Dr. Deyna Song."

    Yera stepped at the center and reported Brione's condition whereas she would occasionally answer some of the reporter's questions pertaining the health of Brione and if it would affect all her schedules since she would need to recuperate.

    Meanwhile, Xander was already inside his private plane, waiting for it to take off together with the culprit in coma when he saw Yera on the news as she discussed Brione's condition.

    "Isnt my wife more beautiful than that superstar Brione?" commented Xander to assistant Ron beside him while he looked at his beautiful wife adoringly. "Oh, yes Sir. Madame definitely can  be a superstar too and she really looks good on the screen." answered assistant Ron stuttering. He was not sure whether he did right because his Boss was so moody that if he would answer No, he would definitely get irritated, if he answered Yes, like now, he surely would be scolded later on.

    "Don't look at the screen. Close your eyes. Only I have the right to look at her," assistant Ron heard his Boss murmur and he already expected this so he did close his eyes. 'Possessive husband...' Assistant Ron wanted to voice out.

    "I'm just kidding Ron. Open your eyes... I'm not that possessive as you think I am..." Xander said seconds later chuckling.

    Assistant Ron scratched his head. How come his Boss could often read his mind?

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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