158 The Favor

    At Yang Hospital Facility at Country U

    "Welcome CEO Yang. We have everything arranged as per the instructions for the patient." Greeted Dr. Black, and explained to Xander the situation being the Director of Yang Hospital at Country U.

    Xander nodded and gestured the team to take over the patient he had brought while he walked with Dr. Black to discuss the treatment that would be given to the man by a specialised team of doctors they had formed to handle this case in particular.

    This facility in Country U was the biggest and most innovative one, apart from the one that he was working at building Country V.

    "We are confident that we can bring him back to life." Said Dr. Black. His group was developing a new technology and experimenting with some new medicines for this condition as well as they were also engaging a team of energy healers and some old school doctors who used various herbs and herbal concoctions for treatments for cases such as brain dead patients or those who fell in coma, mostly hopeless cases. Xander was financing the project as long as it would be a good innovation to sustain human life. This was their main aim afterall, to save lives.

    "Will he be able to retain his memory? That's the most important thing I need. I want his memory to be intact when he wakes up, because I need to extract some important information from him but then I would appreciate if you people handle his case with care. Afterall he is still a human so I want you guys to treat him as one but not like a mere guinea pig for this project." Instructed Xander and everyone in the room nodded in understanding.

    "We do understand what you mean Sir." Responded Dr. Black before he continued to present the update of their study to Xander who intently listened. There were no definite time for the patients recovery but the timeline was one year. If the patient would not improve in that one year span of time then the chances of waking up were almost negligible, he could be considered as a hopeless case forever. Without the machine attached to his body, he would stop breathing.

    While he was immersed in the research reports shown by Dr. Black, he was jolted by the ringing of his mobile phone seeing that it was Yera who was calling him, his eyes softened and so he immediately dismissed everyone as soon as they finished with the discussion. He quickly returned his wife's call.

    Before assistant Ron could be forcibly stuffed with  the public display of affection of his Boss, he immediately excused himself to attend to other matters they needed to handle during their stay at Country U. He was grateful for having such an alibi because his single soul could no longer take the amount of sugar he was getting from his Boss. He would end up having diabetes soon.

    "Yes, darling? Miss me already?" Xander lovingly said as soon as his call was answered by Yera.

    "Hmm, I just finished an operation of a very famous person. And you know what... I got to see my crush too... My long time crush... because of this person I operated upon." Yera unconsciously blurted out.

    "Aww... Good job darling. Are you intentionally telling me that you have a crush on someone so I would fly back immediately to you?" Xander chuckled. He thought his wife was only joking and trying to tease him since he told her last night how he hated to be separated with her.

    "You know the news anchor Gavin Wu? I like him so much... I never miss watching his news bulletins. I think he is related to Brione. He was here a while ago, asking about her condition." Responded Yera nonchalantly.

    Xander's eyes blinked several times. He knew Yera loved to watch the news but not because of the news anchor. He totally thought Yera just wanted to be aware about the happenings around the world and be updated with things going on in the world.

    "Darling, do you want to make me jealous?" Xander whimpered because he had seen Gavin Wu a lot, especially during the gathering of the descendants of the great and legendary ruler Yao Yuren and his wife - The Untouchable Couple he was attending to yearly.

    He heard Yera chuckled on the other line. "No! It's not like that. No one ever knew this side of me but even I'm really star struck. He is such a good news anchor. Keira, your cousin, works with him right? I want to get a selfie with him but before I do that I thought I should give you a heads up so you won't misunderstand, just in case you hear or see something. And I'm spilling this secret of mine only to you, because you are my darling husband and I don't want you to get jealous." Yera explained with a sheepish smile and a slight blush on her face.

    She still could not believe that she got the chance to talk to the news anchor Gavin Wu in person just a while ago. She had met a lot of celebrities before also but for some reason she did not have any interest in them at all except for Gavin Wu. She recalled how she used to squeal alone in her room whenever she saw him, he was a reporter at that time, during her younger days. Then he became an anchor and even though she was already in her older days she still loved to watch him on the screen.

    Xander was totally caught off guard with that deliberation. "Darling, how do you expect me to react on that?" He was pouting and his face was totally crumpled. "I thought you called because you missed me," he mumbled in his saddest voice.

    He heard Yera laughed then answered, "Of course I miss you too... I called to say to you that you're still the most handsome man in my eyes. Take care there alright and don't skip your meals. I'll hang up now. I love you..."

    Then the call ended before Xander could even burst more of his complaints.

    He immediately dialed his cousin's number.

    "Yes?" Keira answered.

    "Gavin Wu. Yera is a fan. Do you think you can do her a favor?" He said in his sulky irritated voice.

    Keira laughed out hard on the other side, hearing the way he spoke making  Xander's ear almost explode.

    "Hey, you're asking a favor. How come you are sounding so angry. I feel like you want me to turn down the favor you're asking," Keira teased.

    Xander exhaled loudly and grunted, "Isn't that Gavin Wu gay? I heard those rumors..."

    "Hahaha are you into rumors? Showbiz thingy now cuz? Gosh, it's normal for married couples to have a crush on someone. So stop sulking." Keira scolded.

    "Why? Do you also happen to have a crush on another man?" Asked Xander with curiosity.

    "Well I don't have any." Keira quickly answered.

    "See what I mean?" Xander burst.

    "Haha... We are cousins and we are so much alike. They even considered us siblings since we think the same cuz. So that's why we are both the same. No other crush too except for our partners in life I guess." Teased Keira, obviously adding more salt on Xander's wounded pride.

    "Tell me what my great sister-in-law wants to do to Gavin?" Asked Keira still laughing because she already imagined how funny her cousin looked like at that moment.

    "She wants a selfie with him but is too shy to ask for it herself. Anyway, just tell Gavin not to get too close to my wife, no touching and he better don't even try to put his arm on my wife's shoulders or I'll kill him." Xander exclaimed with twisted mouth. He was still shocked to find out about her wife's crush. How come he was not her only crush when he had his eyes only for her. 'So unfair!' He silently cried.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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