159 The Ghost Of Yera Han

    "How was it?" Ralf asked his man who was monitoring any unusual or suspicious conversation they could hear inside Lyndon's bugged car.

    "There was nothing at all. It would be best if Madame installs one in his mobile phone. That's the best option."

    Ralf scratched his head because he already suggested that to Xander however, their Boss rejected the option of Yera doing this and scolded them. He even said they were all unbelievably incapable for asking his wife to do the hard work. But Ralf knew no one actually had that chance to complete this task except for people near Lyndon, because he was very cautious  with his personal things especially his mobile phone.

    Maybe he should vaguely suggest this to their Madame directly? Ralf was conflicted as he scratched his head annoyingly. His face brimmed with irresolution when his mobile phone rang and  saw the caller ID. It was Madame Yera and he was sure that she had called to ask about the status of their monitoring Lyndon.

    "Is it too early to ask? Have you heard any suspicious conversation?" asked Yera.

    "None yet Madame. Hmm, it's quite hard to hear something from his car. Uhm Madame..." murmured Ralf from the other line and Yera noticed the hesitation in his words.

    "What is it Ralf? Spill it out. Don't worry I won't tell Xander that it came from you." Yera asked because she knew that the security group often hesitated to report everything to her when it came to her safety because Xander was too overprotective about her. Not that she was complaining because she appreciated this protective nature of her husband  a lot because it made her feel really special and well taken care of, but she also wanted this case to be solved as soon as possible, and hence she was willing to do whatever was needed in order to have it immediately move forward.

    "Madame to be honest, it  would be best if we can bug his mobile phone instead." muttered Ralf as he gently hit his head and bit his lower lip in regret, hoping it would not come to his Boss' knowledge later on.

    "Alright, I'll take care of it Ralf. Tell me what I need to do. Let's do it soon while my husband is away." Yera strongly said. What harm could be done? Lyndon was a perfect gentleman and she could attest to that after being in a relationship with him for almost a year.

    After her conversation with Ralf, yera went out of the car and headed towards her clinic for her outpatient schedules. As soon as her outpatient was finished she asked Rizie to grab some lunch so they could also talk about ways on how she.could get a hold on Lyndon's mobile phone to install the bug.

    The two decided to grab lunch at a restaurant not far from the hospital. They decided to use aliases to play safe whenever they would have a chat concerning Yera's case.. It was Rizie's idea.

    "When will you start taking self defense classes so at least you'll be able to protect yourself in emergency situations?" Asked Rizie. Yera sighed. She felt that she would be very busy the following days to start with self defence training besides Xander already made arrangements for her to train and that possessive husband of hers wanted to train her himself or at least be physically present with her while she trains.

    Rizie gave Yera a lot of scenarios in which she could use to be alone with Lyndon so she could tap his mobile phone.

    After lunch they went back to the hospital and she was called at the CEO's office. Lyndon was smiling broadly and congratulated her for handling the surgery of the famous superstar very well.

    "Indeed you're a great asset. Because Brione chose our hospital, this way our credibility will increase." Praised Lyndon as he walked towards his couch to sit in front of her.

    As they sat down, Shan entered to serve them tea and she stared unblinkingly at Yera as if she could not believe her eyes. It was the first time she saw her, Dr. Deyna Song, in person since she was on sick leave during her joining and had just reported back at work.

    Mouth agape she froze and stood in front of her for almost a minute.

    "Shan, the tea." Lyndon reminded Shan but Shan seemed out of herself with her intent gaze on Yera. He could not blame Shan because she had been Yera's secretary for years but she had been staring for so long already so Lyndon coughed loudly, "Shan.. The tea..." he repeated in a louder voice.

    "I'm sorry." Muttered Shan before she looked at Lyndon with hesitating eyes. She wondered why her Boss asked her to serve macha tea instead of coffee. Shan remembered the deceased Dr. Yera Han, who hated macha tea.

    Yera saw the tea and said at Shan with her friendliest smile, "Sorry I don't drink tea. Please give me cold coffee instead. Thanks."

    'Ma'am...you are..' Shan mused inwardly but remained silent. "I'll go get it now for you." She quickly responded and walked out to get cold coffee for Dr. Song. She was shaking as she walked at the vending machine where she used to get iced coffee for Dr. Yera Han.

    Lyndon sat in front of her with an expressionless face. He seemed to be in deep thought when she refused the tea. But then he quickly replaced it with a smile while he asked, "would you like to accompany me to the golf tournament this weekend?"

    Yera's face lit. It was a golf tournament hosted by one of the foundations they were supporting, earlier she always refused those invitations. But now... "Sure. I love playing golf," she cheerfully said recalling how good she had become in playing such sports with her husband and father-in-law.

    She could see the confused look on Lyndon's face. Yera smiled at Lyndon. She understood his dilemma because it was a part of the plan, to vaguely show the same character as the true Yera Han every once in a while but refute it the next moment by showing the opposite character. The ghost of Yera Han must linger on everyone's mind.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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