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    Two days had passed and Yera had the same routine in the hospital. She noticed Jam always in the hospital lately and later she found out that she was appointed as the COO.

    "Good morning... my dear... cousin!" Jam sarcastically greeted her with iced coffee in her hands. "Here, I brought your favorite energizer to keep you awake."

    Yera gave her a smug smile and said, "You're early."

    "Yeah, I told you I'll keep an eye on you." Mumbled Jam who comfortably sat on the couch in her clinic.

    "What is it that you want Miss Go? I find it really weird that you have to bother yourself and visit me this early." Yera casually uttered as she wore her lab gown and readied herself for her routine  round to check on her in-patients.

    "I'm here to just guard what's mine so I hope you won't mind my being here...cousin. Take my advice and keep yourself distant from my fiance or else you'll feel my claws pinching you." Threatened Jam.

    Yera inhaled and exhaled before responding to her, "I think you should tell that to your fiance yourself. Dig your claws in him. I already have a man in my life who is much better than your fiance, so please keep him well to yourself. Now you take my advice Ms. Go, stop being insecure... Life is short Miss Go, have enough love for yourself."

    Yera did not know what to feel about her cousin, whether to get irritated by her attitude or to pity her on how pathetic Jam looked because of her toxic love for Lyndon.

    Toxic because her love was filled with possessiveness, hatred, vengeance and it was not healthy.

    Jam's face twisted. 'She has a man? Who is that?' She mused and for some reason she felt relief with that revelation of Yera.

    However, she would still not give up. She would personally get a sample of her hair or saliva or blood to get a DNA test done. 'I will expose you very soon...' she inwardly scoffed.

    "We'll see each other often cousin so let's get along well like old times," said Jam as she stood up ready to leave Yera's clinic.

    "Stop calling me cousin because we're not related at all. Why don't you address me as Dr. Yera Han instead? That would be nice actually... I like fame and money so if you will address me like that, people will also believe you and I will get the power of the whole hospital in my hands. Wow! you'll be helping me to gain power right?" Stated Yera without batting an eye because she meant every word. She knew Jam was adopted so her words had a double meaning.

    Yera wanted to push everyone to their limits. She did expect chaos on her first day but surprisingly everything was calm down very soon. Jam's eyes squinted as she scorned, "Thick faced. Let's see how long you can enjoy your position. Enjoy until it lasts..."

    Jam went out of the room furious. Lyndon poached Yera but she would poach another surgeon and make a fuss soon so the bitch would crawl down back to where she came from.

    Yera shook her head. She was too tired to even bother with Jam but next time she would definitely put her to her proper place. She still had not slept at all because she did not want to miss her schedule of taking a round and checking her in-patients.

    During her rounds, she bumped into a man. "I'm sorry," said the man in shades apologetically. "Ohh doc!" He suddenly burst seeing her face.

    Yera looked at the man and her eyes widened. Obviously, the man was trying to hide his identity by wearing a cap, shade and his casual clothes.

    "It's me Gavin. I was actually on my way to your clinic after checking on Brione. She's still sleeping. Please don't tell her you saw me here and that I came to check on her." He whispered.

    Yera was confused but nodded. It was twice already that Gavin would not want to mention his presence to the patient.

    Yera was still speechless. Gavin smiled at her and said, "Keira told me you wanted to take a picture with me to annoy your husband? Have you had breakfast? If not then let's grab some now and let me treat you for saving Brione."

    Yera looked at her watch and estimated that she still had an hour to spare so she nodded and timidly suggested, "Let's have it in the hospital cafe at the ground floor. I can't go out."

    Gavin nodded in understanding and followed Yera who lead the way. Yera was too consumed with her opportunity to get close with her idol that she forgot to ask why would Keira say that the photo was to annoy her husband? Surely her husband would not get annoyed since she even told Xander about her being a fan of news anchor Gavin Wu.

    The two had coffee and Yera finally got a picture with Gavin using his mobile phone. "I'll send it to you Doc." Smiled Gavin and immediately send the photos on his phone to Yera. She wondered why Gavin insisted to use his mobile phone for taking photos when she could use her own mobile phone but she did not bother about this since what was important was that she got to get that long desired selfie with her favourite idol.

    After some time, Yera thanked Gavin for the meal and selfie before she bid her farewell to continue with her work.

    Gavin smiled and looked at Yera's back and then started to tap his mobile phone to send the photos to Keira while he twisted his mouth. If only Keira was not pregnant he would not heed the latter's request to tease her cousin.

    Meanwhile, Keira received the photos and was grinning hard. She chose the best photo she would send to her dear possessive cousin.


    She counted as she looked at the screen of her mobile phone and before she reach to number five, her mobile phone rang.

    Keira was laughing hard as she listened to her cousin's whining. "Haha, you're really funny cuz. I can't believe how much you overreact and show off because of love. Anyway, your reaction already made my day so I'll hang up now. Enjoy your trip... bye." Keira said still laughing.

    On the other hand, Xander's nostrils were still flaring as he stared at the photo of Yera smiling sweetly with Gavin beside her with his arm on his wife's shoulders.

    "Does a selfie needs so much closeness?"

    "I'm clearly more handsome than him." Mumbled Xander as he secretly visited Gavin's social media page on his mobile phone. He looked left and right before making an alternate account for himself and then commented on Gavin's page from that alternate id..

    [The CEO of Yang Globals group is more handsome than him.]

    Then someone replied.

    [That was out of nowhere? Go comment on that CEO's page and not in here you freaking crazy...]

    [That CEO is a womanizer unlike our Gavin]

    Then more replies came to defend that news anchor Gavin Wu.

    Xander's face twitched, obviously that Gavin had a wide fandom. Maybe he should instruct assistant Ron to make his own fan page to see how much fan following he had!

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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