161 Dont You Know That?

    Assistant Ron could not believe that he had to create a fan page for his Boss now. He even had to take the help of professionals because his Boss was a perfectionist, making sure every photo posted on his profile was perfect and had no room for negative comments.

    They even had to reschedule and had to fly back earlier than planned. His thoughts were interrupted by his Boss' voice. "Are we all set? I want to go back as soon as possible." Mumbled Xander. Patient X was all set and his status would be reported to him daily. They called him patient X for confidentiality purposes.

    "Yes Sir, two more days and we will be back." Answered assistant Ron. They were supposed to stay for five days and their trip was not cut short to three days because his Boss' was in a hurry to go back all of a sudden.

    Meanwhile, back at Life Hospitals, Yera received a call from Lyndon. He asked her if she was available to go for dinner with him, so they could also discuss some important matters while dining. Yera knew that it was only an excuse because she could tell that Lyndon had some hidden agenda behind the invitation. Or maybe, their technique to pique his interest was effective, showing him some of Yera's side. That way he would get curious and she would not need to make any efforts to get close to him.

    She readily accepted his invitation because she also needed the opportunity to get his mobile phone bugged. She was the one who decided the venue  for dinner. She wanted a place where she could have her upper hand and she booked the private room there.

    She messaged Lyndon the address and asked him to go there first and wait for her instead of waiting for her at the hospital and going there together with her, because Jam surely had her eyes on her and Yera didn't want any disturbance during the whole time.

    "Why are you still here?" Asked Yera when she saw Rizie was still in the clinic. She was about to get off and passed by her office to get her things.

    Rizie smiled at her and said, "Hmm, you know I'm a dedicated secretary. I promise not to leave the hospital while my Boss works so hard."

    Yera laughed and jested, "Hey, I will not pay you extra for overtime. Go home... Shooh!"

    Rizie laughed out loud and responded, "Yeah, I'm leaving now. I'm just waiting for Mr. Ghost. He is so bored that he asked me to have dinner with him while he's jobless."

    Yera's lips curved in a teasing smile as she said, "Last time Mr. Third Eye now Mr. Ghost... Why do I have a feeling that it would soon be Mr. Boyfriend?"

    Rizie's face crumpled as she contorted, "Stopppp... We are best buddies and I want it to remain pure as that. You know who my future boyfriend is. It's none other than Dr. Dee, only my Rui Dee!"

    Yera grinned and added, "Push with your lips, pull with your heart... I heard that phrase somewhere. Anyway, I'll go first." She winked at Rizie and left from there.

    Rizie remained with knitted brows as she stared at the door that just closed where Yera quickly ran through. "Hmmp, that's pure nonsense! We are just friends... Geez." She whined while she readied her things.


    Yera chose a private restaurant owned by Keira's close friend to make sure it was a safe place where Xander's security could be installed and keep an  upper hand on any situation as well as monitor all the places. The restaurant was for customers who liked privacy. It was a nice traditional style cuisine where one could grill and cook their own choice of meat and seafood.

    Lyndon was already inside the room when Yera arrived. He was starting to grill some meat. "You're here. This place seems nice and homely. I started preparing the food so you can eat as soon as you arrive." Greeted Lyndon smiling, he was obviously enjoying the evening. Lyndon was a foodie so Yera intentionally brought him here, also her intention was to spend  a longer time together to get a chance of bugging his phone.

    "I like this place too so I thought you will like it here. I'm glad you did," Yera replied and sat on the chair in front of Lyndon. She looked at the table and saw Lyndon's mobile phone. She murmured a silent prayer of thanks.

    As expected, Lyndon was a gentleman as always. He took care of Yera like before though Yera insisted for him not to bother. He placed food for her and put everything on her plate.

    "Hmm, eating this with drinks will be nice," Yera intentionally suggested to which Lyndon quickly agreed and ordered alcohol for them. The waitress served them different drinks since Lyndon ordered whiskey for himself while Yera had wine. Of course it was not wine but simple grape juice in her glass.

    Everyone was on standby, monitoring the two, waiting for Lyndon to excuse himself to go to the restroom so Yera could install the bug in his mobile phone.

    "Tell me... What are your hobbies Dr. Deyna Song?" Lyndon asked. Yera drank her fake wine and simply answered, "Hmm, I don't have any at all in particular I think."

    "Do you like parties?" Lyndon asked next and a look at  his face and you could tell that the alcohol was slowly showing its effect on him.

    Yera looked at him directly, like how Yera Han would look at Lyndon as she said with a signature smirk, "I hate parties."

    Then she added, "I hate the crowd. Don't you know that?"

    Lyndon's face paled as his mouth opened in terror.

    Yera gave him a poker smile and clarified, "Haven't I clearly mentioned that on my profile and I presume you had checked it well."

    Lyndon let out a sigh of relief hearing her clarification. He looked out of himself and disoriented when he stood up to excuse himself to go out to the restroom. As soon as Lyndon was out, Yera grabbed his phone.

    She wore her bluetooth so that  she could hear the team who was monitoring Lyndon's movement outside.

    She quickly moved. "Turn it back on as soon as you install it. Don't forget to put it back the way he left it," reminded Ralf on the other line.

    Yera turned it on but it asked for a password. Yera cursed because Lyndon would be suspicious if he found his mobile phone suddenly like that.

    "He's out!" Yera heard on her bluetooth. It was one of their men who was inside the restroom to monitor Lyndon. "He's moving towards the room. You have thirty seconds!" Reported the other man.

    Yera input a code but it was wrong. She closed her eyes and quickly recalled the password Lyndon could possibly have.

    "He's now at the door!" She heard on another line. Yera's eyes widened as she heard the click on the door from behind.

    "What are you doing?" Yera heard Lyndon's voice.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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