162 One Down

    Lyndon went out to go to the restroom and just stood there in front of the mirror, looking and staring at his reflection in the mirror. His eyes were swelled up and his heart aching. He could not bear to look at Dr. Deyna Song for too long, neither could he stop his urge of seeing that so familiar face with distant looks.

    The pain was overwhelming because he could see Yera in her. At some point he felt that Yera was taunting her through Deyna with so much similarities. He was drunk but his mind was still clear.

    He opened the faucet and looked at the man who was busy cleaning other cubicles inside the restroom. Tears rolled down from his eyes and he quickly washed his face, tried to sober himself up from the alcohol. Maybe he was already drunk that was why he was getting too emotional at that moment.

    He pulled a tissue and quickly dried his face. After a few moments of composing himself, he let out a sigh before looking at himself one more time in the mirror. Then he gently patted his face and straightened his back and turned towards the door.

    While he was walking, a waiter suddenly bumped  into him. "Sir, I'm so sorry," the waiter said apologetically who had almost spilled some water on him. It was a good thing that he was able to dodge away quickly.

    "Next time be more careful and pay attention," he irritably mumbled before he continued to walk back to his room.

    He opened the door and his forehead creased when he saw Deyna.

    "What are you doing?"

    Deyna was leaning on his side of the table with tissue papers. She turned her head towards him and gave him an awkward smile while she muttered, "I'm so sorry. I was getting some of your whiskey and clumsily spilled it here. Don't worry I removed it, whiskey did not spill your mobile, I managed to quickly remove it from there."

    Lyndon walked at her first and grabbed the tissues from her hand. "Sitdown and continue eating... I'll handle this." Lyndon countered as he wiped the spill then he checked his mobile phone.

    Yera was still trembling because she was almost caught in the act. She bit her lip as she looked at Lyndon with sympathy. She tried two passwords, Lyndon's birthday and the date they were officially engaged but they were both wrong. She contemplated and tried her birthday, that was the last thing she could think of, and shockingly, that was Lyndon's password.

    'He must have had a hard time,' she mused with conflicted emotions. But she still could not trust Lyndon completely, because he was one of the main suspects. However, she knew in her heart and could feel Lyndon's sincere feelings towards her. She only hoped Lyndon had got nothing to do with whatever happened with her.

    Yera's bluetooth was still in her other hand and she secretly put it back in her purse while Lyndon was busy checking his mobile phone.

    "Do you want whiskey? I'll order more." mumbled Lyndon who looked at her after checking his mobile phone.

    "Hmm, I think it's a sign that I should not try it and just stick with my wine with low alcohol content. Who knows, I could get crazy when drunk and might end up killing you," she jested.

    Xander's jaw muscles clenched as he responded, "You do not know how well you can tolerate alcohol? Never been drunk before?"

    Yera smiled and casually answered, "Yeah I've been drunk and according to those who witnessed me then, I turn out to be very deadly."

    Lyndon and Yera chatted a bit more about work before she received a call that was scripted so she could scoot out from Lyndon.

    "Are you sure you don't need a lift?" Lyndon asked once more while she stood up and readied herself to leave.

    "My cousin is already outside. I'm sorry about this but I really need to go now. Thank you for the dinner." Yera said smiling before turning around to quickly leave the room.

    As soon as Yera was inside her car, she sputtered her nervousness out.

    "It's successful Madame, very well done." commented June and Yera smiled at him from his rearview mirror. Yes they succeeded. She wondered if Xander's plan to bug the Han Ancestral Mansion soon would be successful too. Ralf had planned to disguise his team as one of the service providers for her Aunt and her family who were currently residing inside their ancestral mansion.

    "One down," she mumbled as she relaxed her back on the backrest of her seat in the car. How she missed her husband who somehow had the power to take her weariness away.

    She wondered how her husband was doing, was he missing her like she did? To find out she grabbed her mobile phone and gave Xander a call.

    She smiled as soon as her call was picked up. It was always picked in a single ring and her call would always be answered by her husband himself whenever the mobile phone was in his hands.

    "Miss me darling?" Yera heard her husband's initial greeting whenever she would make a call.

    "How come you often read my thoughts so well even though we are far apart?" Yera commented in chuckle at the other line. She heard Xander laughed as the latter responded, "Hmm.. I can somehow always feel your emotions even though I'm far away from you, and right now I know that my darling is longing for me. I can easily findout about your emotions because I think we are deeply connected and were always destined to be together. Perhaps this could be because I feel the same way... I miss you so much that I always daydream about you."

    Yera flushed on how really great her husband was with his flowery words and that he never failed to make her heart skip a beatand her stomach scrunched with the feeling like butterflies fluttering inside her, because of his consistent words.

    "How was your day?" Xander asked. Yera told him what happened and how everything went well. Xander was only quiet as he listened.

    "It was my idea and I insisted to do this because I want to solve everything fast so I can be with you with ease and peace of mind..." she explained.

    "I understand but I will still want to know about the plans before you execute them darling. Geez, I'm not happy right now..." whispered Xander and did not hide his disappointed voice.

    Yera did not know what to say and only whispered, "I love you."

    Xander, hearing those sincere words suddenly smiled and responded, "Alright I love you too. But you have to make it up to me once I return. You have to dedicate your whole day to me."

    Yera timidly smiled on her own hearing the demand her husband was asking. "Yes I will..." she whispered seductively.

    "I changed my mind. I might not be contented from a whole day. I must actually have your whole life dedicated only for me." Xander teased.

    "But... you already have it darling," Yera bashfully answered.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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