163 Friend Zone

    Yera's words kept on bugging Rizzie's mind while she sat in front of Dion, that made her sneakily stare at Dion every once in a while during dinner. 'Nah, what's with Yera? Gosh it won't happen!' she kept musing and brushing such thoughts out of her head.

    Then she would sigh unconsciously. 'Why am I even getting affected with her teasing. Geez...' Rizie complained inwardly.

    "You don't like the food?" Dion asked in knitted brows because he noticed Rizie was spacing out the whole time like she had some kind of problem. "Are you alright?" he asked next when Rizie did not respond.

    "Hello!!!" He reiterated with his hand waving before Rizie's face, waking her up from daydreaming perhaps? He wondered what was running in her mind because she seemed to be in a deep thought with a confused expression on her face.

    "Rizzzz..." he called her once more and this time he snapped his fingers.

    "Huh?" Rizie who finally noticed him mumbled.

    "Are you alright? You seem so out of yourself." He snapped. "Look at your food, isn't it good? You have only had three or four bites." He added with concern. He was getting worried because this was not like Rizie at all. She was always lively and loud, in fact so loud often, that he felt like covering his ears when she started.

    Rizie stared at him directly without blinking an eye then she frowned as she opened her mouth and talked straightforwardly, "We are friends right?"

    Confused with the sudden question Dion subconsciously nodded.

    Rizie narrowed her eyes then continued, "We should remain friends and no one should fall for each other okay? I don't want our friendship to get destroyed like others because of romantic involvement with each other. I want our relationship to remain as it is."

    'Fu*ck! Is this what they refer to as friend zoning?' Dion mused cursing. He did not expect something would suddenly occur like this. He did not even know how he should react to those statements of Rizie.

    His eyes stared at Rizie's for some time. Rizie was intently waiting for his response while Dion gulped hard. He could feel himself choking inside though he did not swallow a thing except for his own saliva.

    'What's this?!' He hissed to himself when he felt something sharp ripping through his chest.

    "Hey, Mr. Ghost. Why are you silent? Don't tell me you want to be romantically involved with me?" Rizie burst in disbelief with her eyes wide open.

    'Dion pick up your pride man!' Dion's inner self shouted at him so he defensively stated, "Of course not! Am I crazy? You're a nagger and your blabber mouth is a total turn off. You are the total opposite of my type!"

    Well it was true. Rizie was the total opposite of his idea of an ideal woman because he preferred a prim and proper type of lady, very much opposite of Rizie.

    Rizie looked a bit shocked with Dion's direct counter but then she gave him an immediate assuring smile. "Hmm, that's good then. Our relationship as a friend right now is more than good enough. Okay let's leave all this and  continue eating!" Rizie cheerfully said and started digging back in her food.

    She felt something off but as usual she brushed off the feeling away.

    Dion lost his appetite but tried his best to act normal.

    Rizie just marked a friend zone on him. He felt very sad but he would not let her see it. He remained calm and acted as if it was not a big deal but deep inside he had this nauseous feeling where he hadn't started anything yet and how come he was turned down this quickly.

    'What should I do?' He asked quietly. He never felt this kind of emotion before and in all honesty he did not know how to handle such things. All he knew was that he felt pain inside, was it his pride? He was not sure either...

    He looked at Rizie and mused with a sigh, 'what a savage woman... so cruel...'


    At Yang's Security's Headquarter

    Ralf had received a good scolding from his Boss last night but surprisingly it was not as bad  as he had expected. He was grateful that Madame Yera backed him up. What was important now was monitoring Lyndon's mobile phone as the installation of the bug was successful.

    He wondered how things  would have turned out if Madame Yera did not get Lyndon's password right that time. They did have a plan B, which was to actually have water spilled on Lyndon's mobile phone and then in pretence of saving it Yera accidentally threw it on the ground from the table..

    "What is that? Trace all these unknown numbers saved on his mobile phone..." Ralf instructed his subordinate as he was personally checking  the contents inside Lyndon's mobile phone. His man had even managed to open the media files and he gulped seeing Lyndon's media files were full  of his memories together with their Madame Yera.

    "He had kept all those files intact after so many years... That's really touching," commented his man who was opening the files.

    "Boss will surely get fired up seeing this." Ralf mumbled. Last night, the Boss strictly instructed him to send everything they would find on Lyndon's mobile phone to him.

    "He asked for it anyway so let's just send," responded his man, feeling really moved with how Lyndon kept everything in his mobile phone including stolen shots he probably took while he was with their Madame Yera.

    "How about Madame Yera? Shall we send this to her too?" asked the man as he started to transfer the files.

    "She didn't ask for it so just send it to the Boss first. Madame Yera's concern is to inform her if there's anything suspicious at all." Ralf merely answered. He did not want another scolding from the Boss, so it would be best that his Boss would decide to bring this up to Madame Yera or not but personally he thought this was unnecessary since it was all in the past.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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