164 The Task

    Xander was still in the Country U, wrapping up all the remaining works, taking meetings after meeting. He just finished another toxic meeting before going back to the hotel where he was staying and slumped himself on the couch.

    He grabbed his mobile phone and checked the files Ralf had sent him.

    "What's with her stiff look?" Xander commented as he watched Yera's videos and photos from years ago that were saved in Lyndon's mobile phone.

    Then he looked at the last video where Lyndon was asking Yera to smile but in the video Yera covered the lens with her palm. Xander's heart skipped a beat hearing the words Yera said to Lyndon in the video, "There see that smile? It cost a lot to be in the video. Very precious for anyone else to see! It's better that I smile in front of you directly,  so don't record it, that way you'll continue to ask for my smiles and I will keep smiling for you like this..."

    He wondered what kind of smile did Yera gave to Lyndon at that time. Was it as bright, beautiful and lively, as her smiles towards him? Xander knew it was already in the past and things were different now. Yera's smiles were only for him and he was confident about it. But the jealousy king of a husband couldn't help but get jealous again!

    He looked at the photos next and smiled while he whispered, "Look how expressionless my darling is here. She's always in serious look. Indeed, she needed me to change this stoic look on her face."

    Xander could not wait until the next day for his flight, to reach back and be with his darling. He called Yera's mobile number but it only kept on ringing.

    He sighed at the thought that Yera was performing another operation. As Rizie told him, Yera had been working really hard lately and her name was often requested personally by the patients who underwent surgery ever since she went on screen to discuss Brione's condition as her surgeon.

    His thoughts were interrupted by the sudden ringing of his mobile phone. It was Ralf.

    "Sir, Lyndon had received a message from Jam. I sent it to you and I think it is something that shouldn't be ignored." Reported Ralf. As soon as the call ended, Xander looked and read the messages Ralf were pertaining to.

    [I see that you're still ignoring me. I guess you think I'll go easy on you huh? Alright if you continue doing this then I have no choice but to pull you down. Do you really think I can't do it? What will happen to you and your family if I spill the beans out? I can see that you're not taking me seriously...]

    The messages were mixed with love quarrel but the words 'spill the beans out' rang something that like Ralf said shouldn't be ignored. Was it really Lyndon as he suspected? But what was pulling the suspicions less was the fact that Lyndon seemed to be sincere about his feelings for Yera Han so was the greed for power so strong for him to have Yera and Old Master Han killed? But how about the Go's? Why not eliminate the Go's? Or was there a possibility of them joining hands and being in this together?

    Xander pursed his lips as he read the only reply Lyndon made.

    [Stop that Jam. You know I'm busy. Tell me what you want and I will give you time for it.]


    At Life Hospital

    Yera was too tired after doing two surgeries in a row.

    "I need a massage!" She mumbled with crumpled face as she walked out from the operation room and stretched her neck unconsciously.

    She removed her surgical mask and gloves and went straight to the trash bins near the sink.

    She heard a woman chuckle from her back. "Share some of your burdens so you won't be exhausted too much. I'm always available to get your back dear, anytime you want." The woman from behind offered in her soft voice.

    Yera turned around to look who was talking, she got curious with her friendly voice.

    The woman looked familiar somehow but she could not point out if she met her somewhere or where had she seen her. 'Do I know her?' She mused and the latter seemed to read the question on her face.

    "Hello, I'm Dr. Liza Moore, and I will be working here from now on. I have heard a lot about you so I hope we get along well." Dr. Moore said with a smirk as she walked towards her and offered her hand for a handshake which Yera accepted.

    Then Dr. Moore opened the faucet to wash her arms and hands to get ready.

    "I have an operation scheduled on my first day itself. I guess Life Hospital will get chaotic for quite some time due to Yang Global's investigation so Life Hospitals group would be poaching more doctors like us I believe." Dr. Moore explained with a smile.

    "I see... See you around then. Welcome at Life Hospital. Let me properly welcome you later then." Yera murmured before walking out with a creased forehead. She gritted her teeth. She was the Chief Doctor and how come things like this did not reach her.

    She walked straight to Lyndon's office instead of heading back to her office to rest her tired body. She wanted to know who decided the matter of poaching more doctors? Especifically surgeons.

    Little did she know that Dr. Moore watched her back with a grimace on her face.

    'I want her out of the hospital. Do you think you'll be able to help me with that? If possible I want her credibility as a Doctor to be destroyed!!!' Dr. Moore recalled the orders she got as she stared at Dr. Deyna Song's back.

    She was generously paid to complete this dirty job. It was not the first time she did things like this. Yes, she was a credible doctor but apart from that she worked in the underworld.

    She shook her head. Too bad, Dr. Song seemed to be a very capable and great Doctor but her client wanted her to reach the hard rock bottom. She heard that Dr. Song was very strict in handling her every operation but it shouldn't be that hard for her to frame her in various cases since it was her forte.

    She had a week to complete the task...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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