165 Piece Of Advice

    At Yang Hospital

    On Yera's way to Lyndon's office, she unluckily bumped into Jam. Yera rolled her eyes seeing the crumpled face of Jam.

    "Does your man know that you ate dinner alone with your CEO?" Jam scorned as Yera expected.

    Yera walked past her to ignore her but Jam grabbed her arm. "I'm really tired and have no time to waste Jam. Let me go." Yera hissed and abruptly pulled her arm from Jam's gripped.

    "And where are you headed to?" Jam hissed.

    Yera sighed and simply answered, "I need to discuss something with the CEO. Poaching more surgeons did not reach out to me."

    "I made that call as COO so why not discuss it with me first?" Implied Jam with arched eyebrows.

    Then she continued, "I warned you to stay away from my fiance! You bitch!" Jam fussed that made Yera's ears burst.

    "Tell that to your fiance yourself." Yera mumbled.

    Then she turned around and gave Jam a sharp look and said, "Why don't you change your face and copy mine? Maybe that way you won't have a problem with your fiance. Miss Go didn't you know how to draw the line of determination from desperation? Just a piece of advice, what is really yours would eventually be yours and what is not, no matter how hard you try, will never be... I'm sorry to say this but you actually look pathetic right now."

    Thankfully someone walked in the same hallway right at that moment that helped Yera to escape from Jam, who had to stop her whining because she couldn't ruin her image in front of the whole staff. Her cousin was really pitiful being so absorbed in a poisonous love that she was harboring for Lyndon.

    Yera immediately walked towards Lyndon's office...

    Meanwhile, Jam wanted to beat the nurse who approached her back and forth for disturbing her during her catfight with Dr. Deyna Song. It was her idea to get more doctors, specifically surgeons. She had instructed their HR Department to get the best surgeons that they could to compete with Dr. Deyna Song. The board praised her brilliant idea and said they would immediately do it since the volume of their patients were doubled compared to before.

    Jam intentionally called an emergency meeting and discussed the matter while Dr. Deyna Song was doing an operation.

    "I guess, my cousin's doppelganger already met her new colleagues." She grinned recalling the irritation on Dr. Song's face. Jam was hoping someone among their new surgeons surpassed that Dr. Deyna Song who thought high and mighty of herself.

    Yera saw Shan at her desk who would still look at her in disbelief whenever she went in front of her.

    "Hello Shan, I see you still love K-pop idols." She commented with a smile that made Shan's face paled.

    "Oh God how did you know I love K-pop. Are you perhaps..." before Shan could finish the words Yera smiled and nozzled her lips on Shan's table where there were various magazines Shan just bought.

    "Oh," Shan gasped. Dr. Yera Han hated it whenever she would flaunt her K-pop magazines at work. Yera laughed inwardly at the thought that Shan must have been so happy after she was gone because she used to always kill Shan's happiness and load her with too much work instead.

    Lyndon seemed to be lenient with her. "Is the CEO inside? Can I talk to him now?" She asked and Shan called Lyndon's office to check.

    "Please go inside Dr. Song," Shan said as she opened the door for her. "Ice coffee Doc?" Shan whispered.

    Yera smiled and thought to prank Shan by saying, "Yes please and you know I love caramel mocha much right?" She winked and entered Lyndon's office.

    "Ma'am..." Shan muttered, stood frozen at her spot as the door closed.


    "Are you ready?" Rizie asked Dion. They were having dinner together.

    Dion simply nodded. He would report at Life Hospital the next day. He waved his hand when he saw Yera at the entrance of the restaurant.

    Yera sat and Dion noticed her weary face. "You look so tired!" He exclaimed and looked at Rizie frowning.

    "You did not take care of her well..." he scolded Rizie. Yera laughed and said, "Hey why are you scolding Rizie? Don't you know that no one can stop me when it comes to saving lives..."

    Rizie pouted her lips and looked at Dion. "Since you will report tomorrow then why don't you take most of her surgeries."

    Yera creasef her forehead and asked, "You joined Life Hospital too?" Lyndon gave her the profiles for new doctors but she hadn't checked them out yet. She left them in her office and headed directly in the restaurant to grab dinner with Rizie and Dion

    Dion nodded and said, "I'll be helping you out there. It's better than staying at my condo the whole day. The boredom will kill me."

    Rizie pursed her lips because she thought Dion would finally tell the truth to Yera.

    "Actually, Dion had something else to tell you too," Rizie started, making way for Dion to get his courage.

    Yera blinked and looked at Dion who looked pale as she asked, "what is it?"

    Rizie stared at Dion, waiting for him to start saying the words. But even after a long pause Dion seemed to be having a hard time opening his mouth. So Rizie sighed and was about to say, "Dion is your..."

    Instead of saying the words Rizie ended up hiccuping...

    "Are you alright?" Yera asked Rizie who only nodded several times. She felt her hands cold. Rizie gulped. Dion was holding her hand hard under the table where they were seated beside each other while Yera was in front of them. Dion did not let her hand off and gently squeezed it, indicating for her to stop talking.

    "I want to tell you that I will follow you wherever you work because I can see luck being beside you. I feel like I will rise to fame too by watching Dr. Deyna Song's back. I'll be your greatest sidekick." Mumbled Dion smiling.

    Yera laughed and the orders finally arrived. Everyone was hungry so Yera and Dion focused on the meals on the table.except for Rizie. 'What's wrong with me?' She.thought as she held her chest. Her heart was.still thumping hard. It was not the first time she held Dion's hand. Oh, but it was the first time that Dion had grabbed her hand on his own accord, since it was always her who did it, grabbing his arms and hands.

    'What's the difference? Why did I feel something awkward and weird with him grabbing my hand?'

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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