166 Magic Touch

    Xander was very excited to meet his wife after so many days and was very restless thinking about her during his flight. He wondered how his darling would react when she saw him.

    He heard from Rizzie that Yera was working very hard lately and wished to get a body massage, so all his time in the flight was spent on dreaming about how he should help her rest and relax later with his magical touch. He was actually good in therapeutic massage since he had studied it once to give relief to his father.

    Xander slept while he was in the plane on his way back so he would not be exhausted on his arrival. His thoughts kept drifting towards Yera and how she would react and be happy on his surprise arrival.

    He wanted to build a lot of good and happy memories with his wife. Though he was calm, yet he could not help but still feel jealous with that relationship of almost one year that Yera had with Lyndon.

    He but somehow did not trust Lyndon so he could not keep his guard down against him. He knew Yera had no romantic feelings for Lyndon probably even earlier she was devoid of such feelings towards him, but that Lyndon... he obviously still had lingering and deep emotions towards Yera, and this made Xander feel that Lyndon must be having some agenda of wooing Yera, during her stay at Life Hospitals.

    After alighting from the flight, Xander went straight to Yera's condo and settled his luggage inside the bedroom. The sun was setting and would soon be dinner time, so he checked Yera's kitchen to prepare something for dinner.

    Yera on the other hand left the hospital earlier than usual because she really needed a good rest for her drained body.

    She opened her door and her forehead creased seeing Xander's shoes. That instant, she was filled with inexplicable happiness and she immediately ran inside and found him in the kitchen with one of her aprons on him.

    "You're back early..." she whispered before she ran to her husband and hugged him tightly.

    Xander smiled broadly, feeling Yera's warm body against his. "I knew it. You missed me like crazy. Go clean up darling as I prepare our dinner." Xander whispered before he gently pushed Yera and gave her a smack kiss on her lips.

    Yera nodded and quickly walked to her bedroom and had a quick shower. She went out only in her sleepwear shirt.

    "Hmm, it smells good," she commented, smelling the good aroma of the dishes Xander had set on the table. Looking at her dressed in such seductive manner Xander gulped and decided to show some patience and tolerance for the sake of her tired body. He made her sit close to him and pampered her to the extreme, even fed her dinner with his own hands.

    After their wonderful dinner, Xander pulled Yera inside the bedroom. "I'll give you a good massage that will make you feel better and relaxed. Rizie told me how tired you are now-a-days because of continuous surgeries that you are performing everyday. You know I'm actually a good physical therapist."

    "Huh?" Yera hummed a bit confused on how and very attentive her husband was to her. Well, Xander was always like that but for some reason Yera felt that something was going on with him. She sat on the side of her bed and pulled Xander to sit beside her.

    "Hmm, what's wrong? Why do I feel like there's something going on with you?" She asked, following her intuition.

    Xander gulped, his wife could definitely read him well. "Ralf sent me the files they got from Lyndon's mobile phone. And it mostly contains your photos and videos in his gallery."

    Yera noticed the jealousy in her husband's voice though he tried his best to hide it with his beautiful smile. She did not comment and waited for her husband's further reactions. She heard him cough, probably clearing his throat before he added, "Do you wanna see them?"

    For some reason, Yera was in the mood for pranking so she nodded. She wondered how long could her husband hold his jealousy inside.

    "For real?" Xander reconfirmed. His voice filled with disbelief. Why would his darling still bother to see those? It was all in the past. His face couldn't be painted as he picked up his mobile phone.

    "Hmm, do you know what Lyndon's password on his mobile phone is? It's my birthday," Yera whispered as she looked and observed her husband's reaction.

    Yera suddenly got worried, seeing how downcast her husband was as he slowly took his mobile phone. She could no longer take that dispirited aura so she gently touched Xander's face, cupped it between her palms, so that she could look closely at him.

    "Hey, I'm just playing a prank on you. But I can't bear to see these lovely eyes being downcast and these beautiful lips to remain pursed. Please don't get jealous because there's no room at all for any other man in my life except my husband alone. You do know I love you so much, don't you? So, although I'm deeply touched with Lyndon's feelings but that's all to it. I can only give him my sympathy..." Yera explained.

    Xander pursed his lips and mumbled in his low hoarse voice, "Darling, how could you mortify me with a prank like that..."

    Yera smiled and gently touched his lips with her fingers. "I was curious to know how long you can act mature..." she said chuckling before she leaned towards him and gave him a rewarding kiss.

    Xander was catching his breath when Yera released his lips. He wanted to take her right at that moment but he controlled the urge to do so seeing how restless his wife looked at that moment.

    "Hmm, remove your shirt and lay still on the bed.. I will massage your body and help your body relax darling." Xander said as he got the relaxing essential oil on the table.

    Yera did not move, her face looked a bit hesitant. "Darling, I'm really good at this. Geez, once you experience my magical touch I bet you will always ask for more later..."

    Xander guided Yera to position her body right while he helped her remove her sleepwear shirt. Her chest was bare-naked and what remained was only her panty since Yera did not sleep with her bra on.

    Xander gulped really hard... "I'm hesitating not with the massage thing but because of that gulping," Yera mumbled with a teasing smile seeing the undeniable desire and longing in her husband's eyes.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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