167 Relaxing Therapy

    Xander gave his wife a seductive wink and said, "Don't worry, I can still control myself."

    Then he encouraged Yera to lie on her stomach on the bed so he could massage her back first.

    "I will use little pressure darling, just relax your body. It will relieve tight muscles, chronic muscle pain, and anxiety."

    Xander began his movements and warmed her muscles up using lighter touch of his fingers.

    "Hmm," Yera moaned in pleasure as she felt Xander's warmth and his gentle strokes on her back. She instantly felt her body relax and closed her eyes.

    "It feels so nice... Ahmm..." Yera continued to release sounds of indulgence that made Xander curse inwardly because he could feel his own buddy was in frustration.

    Why wouldn't it be? Yera's soft skin was shining right in front of his eyes and her lingering soft fragrance oozing from her translucent skin were enough to make him go crazy inside. He had yet to control his urge to take her and give her more relaxation before relaxing his buddy in her!

    He started his massage giving attention to every inch of her back and did wonders on Yera's back while putting lighter pressure along the length of the muscle fibers using the elbow, forearm, knuckles, and thumbs.

    Xander also used some more pressure on certain stiff muscles making her feel completely relaxed and wonder why it took her so long to discover this quality of her husband.

    Xander tried hard to concentrate with the therapeutic massage he was giving her but Yera's continuous moaning were giving him electric shocks, adding more fire to his almost flaming body.

    He now started his game of pleasuring her on another level and took his hands on the sides of her back and rubbed her ribs gently massaging in circles, then he slid his fingers towards her front touching the sides of her breasts, shocking her and making her moan sensually with his erotic touch. As she moaned, he repeated his actions and this time slid his fingers deeper arousing the desires in her heart more and more.

    Igniting the fires of passion in her heart, he moved his hands down and started massaging the sides of her body with little force and kept sliding his fingers in her front every now and then. He suddenly brought his hands on her hips and grabbed the little fat that she had in his hands and started massaging her in circular motions there, sending waves of desire and relaxation at the same time. Yera didn't know how to react as she was completely aroused and she wanted him, but she was also loving his hands on her body, relaxing her tense overworked muscles.

    Xander moved his fingers inside her panty and touched her sensitive spots on her hips pinching her lightly and again massaging her and suddenly slid his fingers again inside, touching the mouth of her wet cave grazing it with his fingers there. He removed himself from there and moved downwards to complete the full body massage that he had promised her.

    He took her beautifully shaped legs and started massaging them one by one while exerting the right amount of pressure and using his fingertips at the same time to make it sensual at the same time. He bent down low on her body, breathing close to her skin and making her flinch with the feel of his breath everytime he did it.

    Oh how he wanted to launch an attack that instant on his wìfe but she was enjoying his magical and sensual touch, and he could also feel her rising arousal based on her body language, humming and moaning whenever he hit a tense spot either through massage or through his sensual touches.

    "You have really studied this?" Yera asked. At first she thought her husband was only kidding but after experiencing Xander's expert strokes she realised that her  husband was absolutely serious.

    'But what he was doing was not only massage alright! He is clearly arousing me shamelessly!' Yera mused.

    "Yeah I did enroll for it because I wanted to please my father. I always saw him trying to release the tension of his muscles in his neck and temples, then sometimes he would ask me to pull his arms or ask me to assist him with his stretching. I asked him  to go and relax in a spa or any therapeutic massage but dad was not comfortable with it somehow. And you know how stubborn and workaholic he was before so I took the initiative to learn this massage to make him relax and be his personal therapist. That was the least I could do for my doting father." Xander narrated.

    Yera smiled and commented, "You're such a good and thoughtful son."

    "Hmm, and a husband too... I finally got lucky in having someone like you." Yera meekly added while her face turned crimson red. She was grateful that she was not facing her husband to hide her embarrassment.

    "Darling, how can you say something like that without looking at me in the eyes." Xander bent down a little more and huskily whispered in her ears. He could not hide the glittering of his eyes from feeling flattered.

    His thoughts were running wild by now and he sat up a little, used his hands to flip her and make her lie with her back on the bed.

    "It's time to massage your front." He whispered, making Yera gasp loudly and getting shocked with the wild look of her strong husband who was showing his complete list in his eyes by now. .

    Yera felt shy with his hot gaze and was about to grab the sheet to hide her body but Xander stopped her. "I want to give you a thorough therapeutic massage," he said with his roguish handsome smile.

    "Xander's relaxing therapy," Xander added with a playful grin.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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