168 Better Than The Body Massage*


    Yera flinched as Xander started to massage her shoulders. He was straddling her, and while his hands moved on her shoulders his lower body moved on her sensitive areas, making her go mad with longing for him.

    It was relaxing but sensual. She started to burn and a small cry escaped her mouth when his fingers ran through her chest. Yera gulped as the tingling sensation she was feeling from the moment Xander touched her enveloped almost all the nerves in her body making her whimper and flinch in need for something gathering inside her every nerve.

    She unconsciously bit her lower lip when she felt Xander's hands on her breasts. Her breathing started to become rough. She reddened hard when she realized how Xander was intensely staring at her as he continued to tease her breasts. Her nipples were so hard, indicating she was too aroused at that moment.

    What she wanted at that moment from  her husband was to take her both nipples in his mouth and send her to the peaks of pleasure that she longed for, while he was away. She was yearning for it and it was all clearly written on her face that seemed to be understood by her husband because she saw him bending down on her chest and heard his hoarse and deep voice.

    "I am tired and feel a little hungry, I want to feed darling..." she heard him mumbled. Yera subconsciously arched her body, giving him full access, encouraging her husband to heed his own plead.

    She gasped when she finally felt the tip of his tongue teasing and gently licking one of her hard nipples while his fingers kept on playing with the other one.

    She missed those teasing lips from her husband and her own body was not hiding her own cravings as it arched for more. She felt Xander's hand continued to caress her body as it moved further down to her waist, thighs, hips while his body followed.

    Yera bit her lips when she felt him bent down and his head was between her thighs.

    "Hmm, is that still part of the massage?" she whispered, not aware she voiced out what was supposed to be a silent question only.

    Xander raised his eyebrows hearing what she said and smirked before replying, "Now I will massage your insides darling. This massage technique is reserved only and only for you in this lifetime of mine."

    Xander's breath was warm as her inner thighs could feel it. She was still wearing her panties but she bet he could see it was already wet, it had been while he was doing his massage. 'How embarrassing!' she mused shyly, blushing hard with her own pervertness.

    She gasped as she felt Xander's lips and tongue kissing and licking the inner sides of her thighs. "Darling, I will do better than the body massage. I missed you. I missed your scent. Did you miss me too, my touch, my feel... see you're already dripping with your desire for me..." Xander proudly whispered and Yera felt him gently remove her panties.

    He bent down and placed himself in between her parted legs. He put her legs on his shoulders as he pulled her closer to him, sniffing her and savoring her scent.

    Yera was at a loss when her dear husband started with his performance, invading her womanhood with his mouth. She moaned hard when she felt his aggressive tongue licking her clit, making her shiver with so much pleasure with its swirling followed by his sucking.

    She could feel her heart thumping as his tongue assaulted her insides, slurping her own juices by licking her slender folds. Yera's head shook left and right while her left hand grasped the sheet hard while the right was on Xander's hair.

    It felt so good that she moaned loudly, without reservation at all, letting her husband know how he made her ridiculously crazy with his sucking, licking and thrusting.

    His tongue was thrusting in and out deep inside her core, she could feel her body jerking as she was about to reach her climax. She was too close to the stars and the skies that she was contracting inside. Her hips were moving without her knowing.

    "Ahhhh!" she screamed out loud, grabbing Xander's hair hard and this time with both her hands as her body shuddered and arched on her orgasm.

    Xander licked it all not sparing any fluids as his wife reached her pinnacle and released her juice. Her body was still shaking as his tongue licked the sleek of her core.

    "Darling, was this massage better than the body massage?" Xander vulgarly teased his wife who was still panting and totally speechless and only answered him by bashfully biting her lower lip.

    Yera was deep red with embarrassment and it turned Xander on more.

    Xander could feel his own hardness and wetness just by doing oral on his wife. He cursed because he swore he was near to climax himself with just a little movement or tugging of his buddy he may cum.

    Yera moved and pulled her husband up. Her eyes were still clouded with mist. She kissed him deeply, not minding her own taste on his lips.

    Xander still wore his clothes, a shirt and a boxer. Yera rolled on top of him as she continued to kiss him. "I missed you too," she whispered in between her kissing. She gently pulled herself from the kiss and tugged her hands on his shirt to remove it.

    She could feel his hardness as she gently brushed her apex on it with his boxers still on.

    She heard her husband groan. Xander was shaking too with anticipation. It had been days for him, being a celibate man for days seemed hard after Yera arrived in his life to think how he managed to do so for years it felt like sainthood to him now!

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