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    Yera was showering Xander with kisses, nibbling on both his nipples alternately, copying the way how he teased her nipples a while ago. Then Yera moved further south, planting small kisses on his chest, stomach and abdomen, teasing Xander with her tongue and lips everywhere she went.

    She didn't fight back the desire of marking her husband with a few teeth marks and dug her teeth here and there to please herself and simultaneously pleasuring him with her childish acts.

    Xander bit his lips as he slightly bent his upper body up and rested his back on the pillows on their bed. He stared at his wife lovingly as she removed his boxers.

    He growled in pleasure and threw his head back closing his eyes, as Yera's soft hands caressed his hardness, tugged it as if checking it s thickness and length with her teasing strokes. Xander opened his eyes to look at his beautiful wife and their eyes met like it were connected with magnet.

    "You're so hot and alluring darling," Xander whispered in his hoarse voice not removing his gaze from her that was burning with passion and desire for his wife, who smiled sweetly at him while rubbing and caressing his member with her playful hand.

    Xander gasped when he felt the tip of Yera's tongue swirling at the tip of his member. Soft groans escaped his mouth as the undeniable pleasure took over every cell of his body. His finger toes curled, evoked at the wrecking sensation as Yera's tongue licked his erect member from its bottom to top while her fingers played on his lemons underneath. She was driving him insane with her teasing and skillful tongue.

    'Ohhhh...' he hummed and cursed at the same time. His breathing was ragged...

    Yera was feeling aroused at the same time, hearing the sweet music of pleasurable moans from her husband. She could feel her own self dripping again.

    She began to slowly engulf his member inside her mouth, letting it slide in, making Xander hum continuously as she gently pumped her head up and down, covering as much as her mouth could. Xander was reaching heaven as he moaned Yera's name in his hoarse voice and calling her darlings all over again.

    It did not take long for him to climax, but before he could burst it all out, in just a flash, he moved and had Yera underneath him as he immediately thrust inside her slippery cave. He pushed his member as deep as he could, spreading all his seeds inside Yera who was caught off guard with his sudden actions.

    "I love you," Xander whispered in Yera's ear, stuttering as he caught his breath. "Dad keeps on bugging me for a grandchild so I don't want to waste my precious seeds in your mouth. Might as well make it more productive in producing little Yangs than being just a drink so from now on I won't let you drink it darling..." explained Xander that made Yera blushed.

    'Why does it sound like he was scolding her for swallowing his semen whenever she would give him an oral love?' Yera thought and was about to complain when she got interrupted by Xander's attack on her mouth.

    He was kissing her hard and deep with his tongue abruptly sliding inside her mouth probing deeper. "Hmm," Yera unconsciously moaned when she felt Xander's hips and buttocks moved. He was gently pulling his member out but before he could totally pull it out, he made another deep push inside of her.

    Her arms wrapped on his neck while she had her legs parted more before unconsciously arching her own hips and buttocks up to meet the pace of her husband who was continuously thrusting his hard and long member in and out of her inner core.

    Yera was drowning in pleasures as Xander's thrusting quickened, filling her entire opening and alley with his fullness, giving her unremarkable pleasure all over. He was aggressive and Yera met his hunger, moving her lower body against him.

    The couple were both in a beautiful and ardent rhythm as they united as one, filling their bedroom with cries of pleasures.

    "You're totally mine darling. I love you so much," Xander possessively whispered as he continued to devour her with his deep and hard thrusts, making sure he was penetrating her inside fully.

    "Hmm," Yera moaned endlessly as tears fell from her eyes because of overwhelming emotions, hearing the words 'I love you' from Xander over and over as he took her to the highest peak of passion by speeding up his thrusts..

    Xander stared at his wife whose breasts were bouncing up and down. His hands cupped them and gently squeezed her breasts as he locked his eyes with hers.

    Her stuttering moans were louder as he accelerated inside of her. He was about to reach his second orgasm soon but he controlled ejaculating to wait for his wife first. He could feel her muscle contraction on his member inside and the pleasure was overwhelming.

    When his wife jerked and screamed, "ahhh," Xander followed and released all his seeds inside her, burying it as deep as he could in his wife's womanhood before he dropped his weight on top of his wife and gave her one sweet kiss.

    "Sorry, I tired you out darling..." he timidly whispered.

    Yera chuckled and said, "That's okay... You never tire me out. We can make love forever as long as it's you. I love you."

    Then she added, "But I must contest... Your massage techniques should not be called magic touch... but a pervy touch..."

    Xander grinned and sealed his wife's lips once more before he said, "I'll regularly give you those pervy touches using both my mouth and hands for free... How about that darling?"

    Yera chuckled as her cheeks turned rosy pink. Only her husband could make her blush hard like that and she loved it. Only he could make her turned mushy and she was glad and grateful it was Xander.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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