170 Brunch***


    The sun was already up and its rays were shining brightly, penetrating through the curtains of the window of Yera's room brightening the peaceful room just a little, to make its presence felt, as two bodies cuddled together, entangled in each other's embrace, in deep sleep.

    Xander woke up first and saw the beautiful face of his wife resting on his chest. It felt so serene,  to sleep every night looking at the beautiful face of his wife and waking up each morning to see her gorgeousness once more, wrapped in his strong arms, resting beside him.

    He gently kissed her, after staring at her adoringly for quite some time. Then he quietly moved away from her, took away his arms from under her, very careful not to wake her up, to get up from the bed. He swiftly stepped out of the bed tucked her properly in the comforter and gave her another gentle kiss on her forehead before stepping out of the room.

    He went out and quickly prepared an easy dish for his wife because he knew his wife would be hungry when she wakes up, after the non-stop lovemaking sessions he gave her last night.

    He entered the room with a tray of food and kept it on the bed. Yera was still sleeping. Xander suddenly felt guilty. He failed to give her a thorough body massage last night to help her rest and relax, instead he had devoured her completely, till she begged him to let her sleep for some time.

    It was a good thing that it was Yera's day-off because he was unable to control his desires last night and made love to her the whole night. Yera moved and gently opened her sluggish eyes.

    Her eyes met with the enchanting look of her Greek god like husband standing in front of her with his bare chest and nothing on his body except his boxers. His bangs all down on his forehead making him look a little unruly and more handsome, lovingly staring at her with a broad and bright smile on his face. Yera smiled back, she was blissful at the beautiful sight in the morning.

    Then she realized the sun was already high in the sky and she panicked and quickly sat on the bed bursting, "Oh! What time is it?"

    Xander laughed and held her arm seeing she was about to get up from the bed in a rush. "Darling relax. You don't have work today. Did you forget that it's sunday?" He reminded his wife with a grin.

    "Wait...yes, but I might have a scheduled surgery..." Yera murmured as she tried to recall her appointments because she did often accept surgeries at weekends or holidays upon patient's request.

    "No... You don't have any." Xander firmly responded. Yera creased her forehead and suspiciously looked at her husband. With raised eyebrows she asked, " Are you stalking me darling? How come you know my schedule more than myself?"

    Xander grinned and did not respond since he was guilty as charged, instead he changed the topic by moving the bed tray of meals he prepared for Yera.

    "Eat first darling. Since it's almost noon I have prepared a brunch kind of food." He whispered as he scooped a spoonful of soup and blew to cool it before feeding it to Yera.

    Yera no longer debated with her husband to not feed her because she knew it would be pointless besides she loved it, being earnestly pampered by her lovable husband. She smiled seeing the milk in the glass. It was warm to her liking with sugar added as she liked it.

    "Am I a baby?" She commented giggling. Xander handed her the glass and said, "yes you're my baby darling. This is healthy for babies, so just drink. Having iced coffee too much is not good and you know that. Look at your eyebags... Caffeine will not help you to have a good night's sleep."

    Yera pursed her lips and drank all the milk in the glass in one breath as gestured by Xander. "Look at you... what a baby..." Xander muttered.

    "Huh?" Yera looked at him confused.

    Xander removed the tray and bent towards her. "Smudging the milk all over your lips..." Xander murmured. Yera was about to lick the smudge with her tongue but her husband was very quick in doing the job using his own tongue, he gazed deep in her eyes, licking the milk on her lips that ended up in more than just licking.

    Yera could feel her body starting to tense up with Xander's sensual kissing on her lips. She could feel her stomach turning upside down because of the excitement building up in her body.

    Xander had cleaned her up after their love making sessions before sleeping, letting her wear her nightgown yet without underwear beneath it. Thus, it was too easy for his hand to explore her body, specifically her sensitive spots.

    She gasped when she felt his hands cupping her breast, gently massaging it from the top of her nightgown.

    She could feel her husband's igniting fire for her, due to the days he had been apart from her and missed her to his bones. "Hmm," she moaned when his hand reached her apex. He parted her legs as his fingers started tracing her flower between her thighs. He was checking her sleek folds, caressing it with his fingers, making her wet while his tongue kept probing deeper in her mouth, kissing her passionately.

    His fingers worked wonders playing with her knob then her inner cheeks while he gently slid one finger inside, pulling in and out slowly, making circles in her core inside, touching her sensitive spots in the depths, teasing her making her want for more...

    "Stop that..." she complained as she arched her body to adjust with his fingers, for deeper penetration.

    "Do you want me darling, inside you? I want to hear it out...loud and clear," Xander whispered in her ear while he suddenly thrust two fingers deep inside then quickly pulled it.

    "Yes! I want you badly. Stop teasing me..." Yera pleaded with a stammering voice. The anticipation was killing her. She wanted him deep inside her.

    She could not wait anymore as she abruptly moved and positioned herself on Xander's lap. She could feel his bulge and hardening member inside his boxer shorts. She let his member be released out of that hindrance as she lifted her buttocks up and guided his member's tip on her opening, slowly sliding it inside of her.

    "Ahhhh..." she softly moaned, feeling him fuller inside of her. Xander pulled the spaghetti straps of her nightgown on her shoulders, letting it fall down making her breasts greet him in their full glory. Yera's nipples were so hard, encouraging him to take a bite and so he did.

    Xander sucked her nipples and teased her by gently pulling it and biting it, making Yera moan hard with pleasure as she moved on top of him, back and forth and she even swirled like a smooth dancer, making her swift motions to drive Xander insane.

    The swift movements of his wife continued on his lap, milking him with her arousal as she buried herself deep in his arms, holding on his neck, nibbling on his skin, leaving her teeth marks here and there making him go crazy with her accelerated movements.

    Xander could feel her muscles grip hard on his member inside. He helped her by holding her from her back using his both hands, and meeting her rhythm as she arched with pleasure when he reached deep inside her. Xander caressed her back and bent a little to  feed on her swollen breasts. Yera arched her body a little more and pumped deeper and faster on her husband's member. Her body convulsed reaching her peak in unison with her husband as she felt his warm fluids spurting inside of her.

    She felt Xander hugged her tightly... He was gasping for air as he jokingly said, "Darling you burned up all the calories you got from your brunch immediately..."

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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