171 Celebration

    Dion puffed air on his wavy hair falling down on his forehead, before he entered Life Hospital. The guards still remembered him even the receptionist sitting on the information counter also gave him a welcoming smile.

    Dion winked at her as he passed by. He was known as a very friendly and approachable intern at Life Hospital, very unlike his true self, because he needed to befriend people and behave like an extrovert at that time for the sake of finding out more about Yera and her grandfather's death. How he hoped this time around they would be fruitful in finding the truth.

    "Hey Doc! Welcome back!" Mumbled Nurse Park, coming close to Dion trying to get more intimate with him,  while he was on his way to the Department of Surgery. Dion brightly smiled and commented, "It's nice to see you again. You look pretty as always."

    He heard a forced coughing sound from behind but ignored that familiar sound. Nurse Park flushed and gave him a bashful smile. She again looked at him and winked and said, "You look handsome as ever Doc. I really missed you. I felt really happy when I heard that you are one of the doctors they are considering to appoint in our hospital. Hope you stay for good now."

    Another forced cough... Dion winked at Nurse Park before he rolled his eyes as he turned around. "Doc excuse me, Chief Doctor Song is expecting you in her office first." Rizie said with a poker smile.

    Dion turned his head back to Nurse Park and said, "indeed it would be for good. See you around beautiful." Dion said in a seductive way making Nurse Park blush more and she was obviously squealing inside with his extravagant words and flirting.

    Rizie watched everything with her mouth agape and she felt as if her heart had been squeezed by someone. She was still not able to understand what happened to her. She wanted to fight Dion for his behaviour with other females but how could she actually do that? She was just a good friend to him

    'Huh! Her Dr. Dee was anytime much better than this Ghost talker, he didn't flirt like this hooligan was doing in Life Hospital!'

    Dion then followed Rizie as the two headed to Yera's office. "You sure look so happy and it seems you are very well accepted by everyone here, with their arms wide open  especially females. You are like a popular playboy ..." Rizie commented, because she saw Dion from the first floor the moment he walked inside the hospital. She was actually waiting for him to greet him as soon as he entered the hospital but she was shocked by the way he was greeted by most of the staff that he probably knew during his internship. Since then she was wondering why there was such a stark difference in Dion's behaviour!

    Then she sarcastically jested, "How about your ghost friends here? Do they also warmly welcome you back?"

    Dion grinned as he responded, "Yeah, actually I have one solid fan here who is now trying to pull your hair as we walk together..."

    Rizie's eyes rounded in terror as she shook her head unconsciously while mumbling, "Shoohhh..."

    Dion laughed and walked past her. Rizie was one of a hell funny woman who he was not sure whether to categorize as a mature lady or a childish one because she acted like both sometimes.

    Rizie's face puckered as she glared at Dion's back. "You should be pulling that man's hair instead. He is the one smiling widely left and right... when did he even learn smiling and talking jolly like that?!" She exclaimed. She couldn't believe how flirty Dion was a while ago!

    Her muscles relaxed as she.composed herself as soon as she realized that she was overreacting. Even talking to the ghost that was only a joke from Dion to piss her off.

    Yera only welcomed Dion and the two only casually talked like colleagues and mostly about work. Then Yera walked with him to the Department of Surgery so she could introduce Dion with the others.

    "Chief, we should at least celebrate. Ever since you arrived we did not have a proper gathering too to welcome you in the Department and now a lot more doctors have arrived to join us so I believe this calls for a celebration." Dr. Xiao excitedly suggested.

    "Alright then, let's go out tonight. I'll have my secretary arrange a place near the hospital so it will be easy to come and sneak some time for those who will be on duty tonight," Yera answered smilingly.

    "Yes!" The doctors inside the Department of Surgery answered in chorus.

    And so as soon as the dinner time arrived, everyone excitedly went into the venue. Rizie booked a private room for the group into a KTV bar and restaurant that was just a walking distance from the hospital.

    They used one of the largest VIP rooms that could accommodate their numbers. As the party started the door of the room opened and everyone was shocked to see the person who entered was their CEO Lyndon Chu. People were very surprised to see him in the party joining them because the latter rarely joined gatherings like that.

    Yera was surprised too and looked at Rizie who whispered, "Oh yeah he called just a while ago to check on your schedule and I told him we will have a celebration tonight. Also, I took the initiative to invite him 'cause it felt awkward not to ask him..."

    Yera understood and nodded. She smiled at Lyndon who entered the room and sat straight beside her. Yera could feel that she would soon be the central topic of gossip in the coming days in Life Hospital. Why? Because Lyndon was there and very clearly  taking care of her even serving food on her plate and staring at her every now and then. She would not be surprised if Jam crash landed there any moment soon.

    "You know, for a while I felt like we returned back in time seeing CEO Chu together with Dr. Song... Don't get me wrong but sometimes I feel like she's the reincarnation of Dr. Yera Han..." burst one of the doctors who had worked with Yera before, he was Dr. Qing, one of the seniors, and the one to talk endlessly whenever drunk.

    Everyone looked at Yera with conflicted expressions as they tried to stop Dr. Qing from talking more.

    Yera smiled and said, "Let him be... That's okay. I'm good. Let's all enjoy..."

    Everyone nodded as some doctors sang at the KTV while others continued to drink.

    Yera received a message from Xander asking the time that their celebration would finish. Yera smiled and replied to him that she would come home soon.

    The celebration ended later than expected and everyone reluctantly bid their farewells. Lyndon offered Yera a ride back home but she refused. Lyndon escorted her out of the restaurant while Rizie and Dion were walking behind them.

    As they stepped out they saw a furious Jam tramping towards them. She looked hysterical as she walked straight to Yera. "You bitch! I told you to stay away from him!" Jam burst in her drunken state and was about to slap her.

    But Lyndon covered her with his body, almost hugging her.

    "Take your hands off her!" A familiar voice roared in the midst of the scene.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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