172 My Woman

    Yera's eyes widened as she saw the gloomy and dark face of her husband. Dion and Rizie were caught off guard too and they quickly went to the side of Jam to calm the latter because she was hysterical and was reeking of alcohol.

    "This is not good," Dion muttered to Rizie. The two had never seen Xander's face darkened like that before. He looked around and sighed seeing no one was around yet.

    Yera on the other hand gently pushed Lyndon so she could get out from his embrace but Lyndon did not move an inch, he was firmly holding her as if protecting her fully.

    Yera cursed inside because she could feel the tension rising between the two men and she was getting worried about what her husband would do at that moment. "Let me go CEO Chu, I can't breath" she lied and Lyndon quickly released her but he did not let go of her arm.

    That time, Xander gritted his teeth and grabbed Year's other arm. "Let go of her," Xander instructed firmly, eyes intensely looking at Lyndon.

    Lyndon furrowed and said, 'Why should I?" This was not the first time he had met Xander Yang and he did not like him at all, not from the start. He was such an arrogant person, womaniser!

    Yera tried to pull her arm away from Lyndon but Lyndon's grip was too tight. Xander's facial muscles flinched, he was too close to erupting like an active volcano in fury.

    "This is the last time I will say this, let go of my woman's arm!" Xander exclaimed.

    Lyndon seemed to be caught off guard by those words as his grip at Yera's arm loosened. Yera took the opportunity to pull her arm from him and she pushed Xander to walk away a little from Lyndon.

    She apologized to Lyndon saying, "I'm sorry about this CEO Chu. I will explain things later. CEO Yang looks heavily drunk right now, let me take care of him first."

    "Drunk? Who? Me?" Xander complained in disbelief as Yera quickly pulled him away from the group. "Stop it CEO Yang or else I will be left with no other choice but to tell all this to Senior Yang. What made you to come here and make a fuss like that! Let me help you and drive you back to Yang Globals," Yera loudly scolded.

    Rizie got the grasp of the situation and explained, "Oh don't worry CEO Chu... Dr. Song will be fine. CEO Yang was actually disheartened by the fact that their best surgeon joined Life Hospital and left Yang Globals during its hard times. To be honest, I understand him because many well known and good doctors actually left Yang Globals after the bombing incident."

    Lyndon creased his forehead and muttered, "But... I heard him. He said my woman."

    Rizie laughed out loud and defensively said, "Nah, everyone who wear skirts in Yang global is CEO Yang's woman. Besides, Dr. Song is the apple of his eyes lately..."

    Lyndon seemed not convinced as he stared at Yera holding Xander, and was about to go inside Xander's car. "I can't let her drive him back..." he murmured as he started to rush and was about to follow Yera but Rizie stopped him.

    "Let's not make a scene here Sir..." Rizie mumbled as she pointed at the other doctors who were now going out from the restaurant.

    "Trust me Dr. Song can handle him since they quite know each other well. She knows what to do with the drunk CEO Yang. This is not the first time something like this had happened. I told you Dr. Song is the apple of his eyes..." Rizie tried to convince him but Lyndon still contemplated and walked forward.

    "CEO Chu, I think you should look after your fiance first..." burst Dion on the other side. Lyndon turned at him and saw Jam lying unconscious in his arm. Lyndon cursed and gritted his teeth irritably. He turned his head back at Yera but she was already gone as he saw Xander's car moving away with Yera on the driver's seat.

    He looked back at Jam with a conflicted look. He was feeling frustrated at that time. He drew a long deep breath before walking towards Dion who was holding Jam.

    "Give her to me..." he blankly muttered and carried the unconscious Jam into his car.

    Inside his car Lyndon relaxed his body on the backrest and looked blankly at the front. He was starting to get worried about what he was feeling. He knew Dr. Song was a different person and not Yera but why he could not get her out of his mind. He was not pleased to see her going into another man's car.

    Could it be because she looked like Yera or did he  like Dr. Song as she was? It was too early to tell but the fact was that he wanted to get closer with her. That was the main purpose he used all means and used all his power to get Dr. Deyna Song in his hospital, under his wings, so it would be easier to get near and close to her.

    "You're so mean Lyndon Chu!!! Why are you doing this to me!!! I hate that I love you too much!!!" Jam exclaimed in her stuttering voice, as if she was dreaming, with her eyes still closed. Lyndon looked at her, he saw tears rolling from the sides of her eyes.

    "I told you not to love me Jam. You loved the wrong person. You should learn to love yourself first..." Lyndon murmured with empathy. He felt pity for Jam but he believed he was not the one to be blamed because he had been honest to Jam about his feelings from the very start. No matter what, he just couldn't bring himself to love Jam back the way she loved him.

    And now, she has even started blackmailing him just to have him stay by her side. Lyndon cursed. He did not want to cause any more trouble, as much as possible... One mistake was enough but if Jam continued with her craziness... Lyndon released a loud exhaled of frustration. Things were getting complicated and not going as he had expected because of Jam's intervention.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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