173 Sleeping Soundly

    "What was that?" Yera burst on Xander while driving as soon as they hit the road. Xander was in the passenger's seat as she drove his car.

    "Stop the car on the side and let me drive," Xander instructed, ignoring Yera's question. He was supposed to wait for his wife at her condo but the boredom almost killed him so he went out to pick her up instead. He was about to message her that he would wait for her in the parking area near the restaurant when he saw Yera step out from the restaurant together with Lyndon.

    Xander had really tried his best to control his urge to get out of his car, but when he saw Jam on the sidewalk rushing towards his wife, he immediately rushed out of his car to save his darling. However, on reaching close to her, he was so shocked to witness that bastard hugging his wife.

    He gasped out of irritation as he recalled that horrible scene in his head. He did not mind being the most possessive and childish husband but he couldn't see any other man touching his wife. He was really irritated and annoyed when he saw that and to top it all, the looks Lyndon gave him when he spoke at that time were as if he was a stalker! 'How dare that bastard look at me like he was the husband and I'm a stalker?' he mused, still annoyed.

    Yera did not know what to say anymore. Obviously her husband was annoyed and was trying his best to hide it. He exasperatedly looked at her and  said, "Darling, why are you not pulling the car at the side? Let me drive the car now."

    She looked askance at him, pursed her lips and pulled the car at the side of the road. She quietly stepped out and exchanged seats with Xander. She did understand Xander's feelings about everything, but he acted recklessly making such bold moves like that in front of everyone. She was quietly thinking of various believable alibis to say to Lyndon the next day  to not make him not doubt her and her motives, when her mobile phone beeped.

    It was Rizie saying she managed the situation and told about the alibi she said to Lyndon.

    Xander's eyes on the other hand sneakily glanced at Yera who was typing on her mobile. He wondered who Yera was messaging. 'Is she texting that bastard now?'

    Yera caught him red handed and said, "It's Rizie..." Then she relayed Rizie's message.

    "It all sounds as if I'm a stalker," he mumbled with pursed lips, not pleased at all with the absurd alibi Rizie had given.

    Yera's brows arched and said, "Well a part of it is true. You did stalk me and pursue me..."

    Xander was too guilty to find any words to say. All he could utter was, "I'm sorry darling." He dared not promise her or say a thing to her that he could not commit to, about not repeating the same mistake because he knew if he happened to encounter this situation he would do the same thing all over again!

    He heard Yera released a long deep sigh before saying, "You almost blew up everything tonight. At this point in time, we should not let our emotions take over. You do know you did wrong, right? So don't you dare touch me tonight or you're dead."

    Xander gulped with the expressionless, blank face of his dear darling wife. It had been long since he saw those serious expressions on his wife's beautiful face.

    The couple arrived at Yera's condo unit without talking at all. They were both on the bed at that time to sleep but Yera put a pillow in between and the only words came out of her mouth was for him not to cross the pillow that served as a line. Xander would die of silence and longing.

    Waiting for a night was too torturing for the mere fact that his wife was just two feet away. He was itching to throw the pillow away and pounce on her and lock her in his arms but then he had to control because he did commit a grave mistake back then.


    Yera woke up early and saw her husband sleeping soundly. She smiled seeing the pillow was still in its place. Her possessive husband behaved well.

    She gently removed the pillow, moved closer to him and looked closely at her husband's dashing face. He was breathing heavily.

    She moved closer to him, hugging him tightly. "Just wait a bit more... Somehow I can't proudly show you off to the whole world just how you wanted it to be darling. I am really sorry about this too..." mumbled Yera as she looked intently at her husband who seemed to be in a very deep sleep. She smiled because he didn't move an inch even after she kissed him.

    She looked at the wall clock and it was already five in the morning. She quietly rose from the bed, making sure her husband would not wake up.

    She immediately prepared to go to work... A few more minutes and she was ready to leave. She looked at Xander one last time to give him a kiss and her dear husband was still sleeping soundly. So she thought to send him a message later...

    She was already on her door outside when her mobile phone rang. It was Rizie who wanted to meet her to talk before going to the hospital. Rizie actually offered her a big help and they were into things together without Xander knowing. Her husband was too protective of her so there were certain things she wanted to hide from him.

    Yera's heartbeat thumped hard. Rizie's voice was serious... She briskly walked to head at their meeting place for a casual breakfast to others but was a serious discussion for their plans, plans to unveil the culprit, not yet known by Xander and his team and completely conceived by these two. Yet more accomplices might be needed to execute the plan as they progressed.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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