174 Fertile Days!

    The next morning, Xander woke up alone on the bed. He pouted his lips feeling sad that his wife did not even wake him up.

    His wife seemed to have left very early, without even noticing his heavy eye bags underneath his eyes. She sure wanted to teach him a lesson by ignoring him the whole night.

    He was sleepless the whole night and if he could remember correctly the aloof sleep finally visited him only after three in the morning, so he was as good as dead when Yera woke up, got ready and left for work, he had actually slept heavily and woke up late.

    He grabbed his mobile phone to check if his angry cat had left him any message or was she too angry to even leave him a message? Xander was relieved to find her name in the unread messages and he quickly read the message his wife left for him.

    [I left early. Breakfast is on the table just reheat it before eating. I will be very busy today so I might not be able to answer calls or messages. You behaved really well last night... applause for your obedient behaviour. For now, it's only one night but darling if you mess up once more, it won't be just a night... Don't skip your meals... I love you... I really do]

    Xander's heart beat almost stopped with that threat of hers. How could his wife threaten him like that? He almost cried out in protest. He would soon be admitted in that hospital, so did she expect him to just watch the game while that Lyndon made a move on his darling. 'No way! Over my dead body!'

    His stomach was grumbling because of hunger but he had lost his appetite recalling the arrogant Lyndon's protective expression toward his wife.

    "So annoying!" he growled as he stood up from the bed to check the meal his beautiful wife had prepared.

    Xander then visited his father that day to spend some time with him.

    "Son... I know I've been bugging you for quite some time now, But how come you are not productive enough? It's been months already and until now I haven't heard any good news from you both." Complained Senior Yang to his son while playing chess in their garden.

    Xander sighed hard if only his father knew how hard he was working to fulfil his request. He himself was frustrated too because until now his wife was still not pregnant.

    His father was about to play his move when his hand paused in the air and he pensively looked at his son. "Hold on... Are you sure you are doing things correctly?" Asked his father with a creased forehead.

    'Dad what do you think of me? Me? Did not know how to do it right?' Xander was baffled by what he heard from his father! He wanted to voice out some hard words and defend himself. Senior Yang understood his expression though he did not say a word.

    "What are you thinking, fool? I'm just referring to her fertile days! You should make sure to do it while your wife is fertile!" Senior Yang bluntly blurted out.

    Xander pursed his lips because he had never thought of that at all, though he did it to her as many times as he could, and whenever he got his chance with Yera because he couldn't help himself to stop from making love to his beautiful wife, and her fertile days had never once crossed his mind during their intimate moments.

    How could he miss such important detail as this? He didn't even know when was Yera's menstrual cycle. Could it be that he missed doing it when his wife was fertile.

    Seeing his son in deep thought, Senior Yang shook his head in disappointment.

    "Checkmate!" Senior Yang exclaimed...

    Xander pouted his lips seeing the look of his father towards him.

    "Make every move properly son. See I won and you lost in this game... Accompany me to the opera tonight." Reminded Senior Yang as the condition once he won.

    Xander always invented some alibis to skip watching operas with him because he always fell asleep whenever he went with his father. Not because the opera was not good, it was because those kinds of shows made him fall asleep, it was like a lullaby to him he guessed.

    "Why don't you bring Yera with you?" Senior yang suggested, hoping his daughter-in-law would enjoy such a show unlike his sleepyhead son.

    Xander's face lit and said, "Hmmm, that's a great idea dad. You should call her now and ask her to come over. Oh wait, she might reject since many elites attend these operas and there is fear of being recognized by someone there.."

    Senior Yang's lps twitched and said, "She can wear a mask like before. Those actresses and actors do the same thing so they won't be recognized. You dummy... We always do that while playing golf. Remember they thought you're dating a celebrity? Let's have her wear a wig also this time."

    Xander's mouth opened while looking at the excited face of his father. "You should call her now because you know how packed her schedule is."

    "Hold on, why am I the one you're instructing to, to give a call to your wife? She's your wife,why don't you do it yourself?" countered Senior Yang.

    "Nah, you do it dad if you really want her to come because if you're the one to call her, I'm sure she won't refuse you anytime." Xander casually replied.

    "Did you two have an argument?" Senior Yang asked with an arched brow. Looking at his son's reaction hearing his question, was enough to know the answer.

    He disappointingly clicked his tongue and commented, "If you continue like that, I might have to wait for a lifetime for my request to be granted."

    "Geez. Why are you so impatient dad? Yera is very busy at this moment and I'm not even sure if it's a good time to have a baby to be honest. She's working like a cow and it might not be good for the baby's health, not to forget the danger she may be in while finding her culprits." Xander commented. It was true that he himself was dying to get his wife pregnant but on the contrary, he was worrying too.

    Senior Yang sighed and in a disheartened voice he said, "Alright I will stop for now and give you a rest son..."

    Xander gulped seeing that downcast look of his father. He had never seen  him so eager for such a simple request. Maybe his father really wished to have a grandchild soon but the circumstances were a bit off.

    "Dad, don't be sad. I'm really trying my very best to make it happen really soon. So please be a bit more patient." he encouraged his father with a broad smile and a wink. "So now help your son and call your daughter-in-law. We just have had a very tiny quarrell so it's better you call her now." Xander added shamelessly.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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