175 Not Enough

    At Life Hospital

    Yera breathed a long deep sigh. She had been sighing several times already while looking at the screen showing the other side of the room to monitor the surgery done by one of their surgeons, Dion. She was accompanied by other surgeons and interns in the room who  occasionally gulped when she sighed.

    Then they would look at the ongoing procedure, trying to figure out if the doctor in the other room was performing things right or wrong and of anything is making their Chief Doctor dissatisfied.

    Dr. Moore was one of the surgeons in the room who had the courage to ask, "Chief, you've been sighing quite a lot so we are wondering if it is about the ongoing surgery?"

    Yera flinched and shook her head and looked at the screen intently. Dion was performing craniotomy. "Watch carefully how he does it." she muttered.

    Dion was operating to remove the brain tumor of the patient, and he was doing a good job. It was his first time doing independent surgery after assisting her several times and she was proud of how well he had learnt in a very short span of time that they had been working together at Yang Globals.

    She was sighing because of the plan she and Rizie had decided to execute. It actually sounded very absurd but might be very effective according to Rizie. And they would need Dion's help in this matter.

    Rizie said that she would take care of Dion and how to brief him. Rizie even vouched for Dion that they could trust him. Though deep inside Yera's heart she did have that unexplainable feeling or bonding towards Dion. Maybe because Dion looked so much like her father especially when he smiled. And she did trust him too apart from everything else.

    Rizie had suggested that the ghost of Yera should linger inside Life Hospital and haunt everyone. So in short, they would orchestrate a play, she playing the main role as the ghost of course. But it would not be just a simple play because they needed to make things believable to everyone.

    She would prefer to hide the plan from Xander because Xander was too over protective over her and she was sure he would refuse to get her involved in things that might take her safety at risks.

    Right now every day was crucial. She wanted to do any possible thing to capture the culprit as early as possible. If they found out that she was married to Xander, it would be inevitable that she would be kicked out of the Life Hospital. Her shares right now were  not enough to maintain her stability in the Life hospital.

    She had also hid this plan from Ralf because although she knew Ralf would follow her orders but she was also sure that in the end he would still sell her to Xander and follow his instructions.

    She wondered how Dion would react on hearing the whole plan. She could only hope that he would help in this matter because he was well known everywhere as someone who could see paranormal things so people would easily believe his words based on his character and like the kind of person people knew him to be.

    Her thoughts were interrupted by the continuous vibration of her mobile phone in her lab gown pocket. She picked it out from her pocket and quickly excused herself to go outside the viewing room to answer it.

    It was her father-in-law on the other line requesting her to come and accompany him to the opera along with Xander. She looked around and when she confirmed the area was safe she was about to say her concern to be seen but her father-in-law already told her what to do.

    The phone conversation ended with Yera crumpling her face. Who on earth would want to watch an opera with a mask on her face and with a disguise? She herself was not comfortable going out often like that whenever she was with Xander and her father-in-law but she had no choice. Beside everything, she loved to go out with her father-in-law and Xander.

    Yera was out early and told Rizie where she was going. She immediately got ready with her disguise and sighed at her own reflection in the mirror. She wore one of her wig with short raven hair with a blue contact lense, hiding her brown eyes. Then the final touch would be her face mask. Her appearance was stunning enough for her to look like a celebrity with her sexy fitted off shoulder casual dress.

    As soon as she received Ralf's message that everything was cleared with the security and cameras, she immediately went down to the parking lot where Xander's car waited.

    Inside the opera house, Yera smiled. It had been a long time since she had stepped inside to watch a spectacular show. They walked inside the VIP area and she was not surprised to see her Aunt Juliet and Uncle Roy inside, chatting with others and having a drink while the show had not started yet.

    Her father-in-law, Xander and herself were greeted by her aunt Juliet who was good with public relations. She wondered if it was a fake smile on her face or real though.

    Her aunt paused, looking at her directly with a smile and said, "Seems like your son brought a celebrity with him, Senior Yang. Hello dear..."

    Yera gave her a smile that could be seen from her eyes as she slightly nodded. Her aunt stared at her for quite some time before saying, "Hmm, somehow you look familiar. Dear this is the VIP area and I think everyone in here is too old to spread any kind of gossip. This mask must be very uncomfortable to wear for so long. Why not remove it?"

    Aunt Juliet sounded genuine with her smiling eyes and lips as she gave her a wink. It was true that her aunt Juliet was not the type who would do that nor others she saw inside the VIP area since they were all prominent people who would not care about who was dating who. Those people would only care about profits.

    Yera gulped because once she spoke, her aunt Juliet might recognize her voice.

    Aunt Juliet creased her forehead and seemed to be not pleased with her silence. "Oh Madam Go, my girlfriend is afraid to remove the mask because I will end up kissing her throughout the whole night instead of watching the opera," Xander quickly interrupted in a jest.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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