176 I Saw Her

    Meanwhile during dinner, Rizie told Dion about the plan she and Yera had formulated. She saw the hesitation on Dion's face so she said, "Hey, why do you have that 'I'm not sure sure look'?

    Dion shook his head and replied, "Well the idea is not bad at all, and I think it will be effective if we create a hype like that. It's just that the idea of hiding this thing from Xander is something I'm hesitating about. You know how possessively that dude protects my sister. I mean he might not like it when he finds out about it."

    "Precisely! That's the reason why this plan should not reach him. He will be jeopardizing everything without even him knowing. It has been a while now and there's no progress at all with their so-called investigation. We need to try another way Dion..." Rizie justified as she drank her soda.

    Dion sighed. Rizie did not know that Xander would have himself get admitted at Life Hospital soon so eventually Xander would eventually have a gist of their plan. He could not tell this to Rizie since he had promised to keep his mouth shut about it. Besides, Rizie was a blabbermouth who would for sure tell Yera about everything.

    He creased his forehead when he noticed Rizie's face twitched and soured as if she had seen something gross or unpleasant. 'What happened to her?' he mused as he turned his head to look at the door where her eyes were glued.

    It was nurse Park who instantly saw him so Dion unconsciously smiled and waved back at her.

    "Stop waving at her ! Are you calling her to our table?" Rizie burst in disbelief.

    "Yeah, that way our being friends would be less suspicious for everyone right. Let's be more friendly to others also Rizie..." Dion simply answered as he continued to wave at nurse Park and signaling her to sit on their table. The nurse on the other hand, excitedly walked to their direction.

    "You womanizer poker man!" Rizie quickly blabbered before the nurse got near them.

    "Stop being childish. Why are  you overreacting? Don't tell me you're jealous of her fancying me? Don't forget that you're the one who said that we should maintain our relationship purely as friends only so that's what I'm doing as you instructed." Dion said in his serious tone and voice.

    Before Rizie could say her piece, nurse Park was already before them. "Hello Doc!" she said smiling at Dion before turning her gaze at Rizie to give her a nice friendly smile too.

    "Oh, Jane this is Rizie." Dion introduced.

    "Oh yeah, she's Chief Doctor Song's secretary. Nice to meet you. I'm Jane Park, I'm usually assigned to in-patients at the VIP rooms." said Jane smiling.

    Rizie sighed before she faked a smile and accepted Jane's hand for a handshake. Though the woman seemed nice, Rizie felt a bad vibe from her somehow. That was why she did not want to have dinner anywhere near Life hospital but Dion insisted that they go to that restaurant saying that employees of Life hospital should get used to seeing the two of them together.

    "Join us, we're just starting to eat dinner. By the way, please feel comfortable with Rizie like me. The two of us actually became good friends while we were at Yang Globals. You will like her I'm sure." Dion exaggeratedly said, obviously adding more salts on Rizie's mood.

    Rizoe made another poker smile and whispered, "Yeah, he's so right. You know I'm the only one who can understand his creepiness with all those ghosts that he keeps seeing as you can imagine."

    Jane laughed and said, "Oh yeah right I almost forgot that Doc has a third eye. I wonder if he is seeing more here or at Yang Globals."

    Dion pouted his lips and directly looked at Jane's eyes that almost made Rizie's eyes pop out in irritation. 'What a jerk! How dare he flirt like this in front of me?!' she annoyingly complained inside.

    Then she heard Dion speak in his husky and serious voice, "To be honest, I see one ghost lingering around the area but I'm hesitant to say."

    "Huh? Do we know it? I mean how does that ghost look like? Like someone we know?" Jane asked, feeling the chills run down her spine.

    Dion nodded and murmured, "It's Dr. Yera Han."

    Jane's eyebrows knitted then followed was a crisped laugh. She even hit Dion on his shoulders saying, "Doc! Are you kidding me? I mean is that a joke then later you will tell me, 'Got you - it's Dr. Deyna Song, you dumbass!'?

    Rizie's face twisted while she whispered, "That's not even funny. Why are you laughing?"

    Dion gulped, grateful that Jane seemed not to mind Rizie's scornful words.

    Dion deliberately exhaled loudly and said, "I'm not joking Jane. Really, I saw her down the hallway at wing C near the VIP rooms. I mean If I'm not mistaken, her grandfather died there right? Aren't you one of the nurses in charge during that time?"

    Rizie's face suddenly got serious when she noticed Jane's face paled. Obviously, the woman seemed to know something.

    She also played along with Dion and added more to the drama with her words. "Oh so maybe that's why that Yera is haunting that area now? I never saw her but I heard she looked like our Dr. Song a lot. Hmmm, this is exciting. I'm not afraid of ghosts but it's still creepy to know about someone we knew..." Rizie seconded.

    "Oh Jane, tour me around the VIP rooms sometimes. I've never been in that area to be honest." Rizie cheerfully commented this time and even waved at Jane who was seated in front of her to get back her attention.

    "Oh sorry. Yeah of course, tell me when then I'll tour you at our wing..." Jane said and tried her best to smile despite the obvious trembling of her lips.

    Rizie smiled with an arched brow as ideas flooded inside her head. She would surely enjoy the likes of nurse Jane Park go hunted to the core. 'Let's see if you can still smile sweetly,' she mused, full of bitterness.

    Little that Rizie knew that Dion was observing her every move that was making him confused because if he would analyze how Rizie was reacting, there was only one conclusion. Rizie was jealous but he was not sure whether that jealousy was because of tight friendship or more than that?

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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