177 Tailing

    Yera coughed hearing her husband's jokes. She looked at her aunt who obviously forced a smile out of her prim and proper personality. But Yera knew her aunt did not seem to be pleased even a bit  with Xander's joke. But thankfully that made her aunt Juliet stop giving her too much attention.

    During the opera she could feel a pair of eyes constantly digging into her, when she looked around to confirm her suspicion true enough it seemed that her aunt Juliet was sneaking glances in their area often as their eyes occasionally met.

    "She's curious about you I think. Oh haven't I told you that she tried to set me up on a blind date with her daughter..." Xander whispered in her ear. Yera flinched because Xander bit her earlobe, sending chills running down her body.

    She creased her forehead and said in a raspy voice, "I did hear about it. To be honest, I strongly objected to that idea because you were so well known as a womanizer then that I didn't want her to be wronged. Though I don't have a good relationship with Jam, I did care for her."

    Xander gulped and countered, "I told you..."

    "Shhh darling. Let's talk about it later." Yera interrupted because her husband was distracting her concentration on the show by trying to be flirty. He held and caressed her hand then would write something on her palm with his fingers. If her guess was right, he wrote 'I miss you' and 'I love you'.

    She chuckled silently because her dear husband looked so bored that he would rest his head on her shoulder to nap but she would intentionally shake her shoulder whenever to wake him up.

    "This is not our bedroom and definitely not a place to sleep..." she murmured, scolding her husband for sneaking a sleep.

    The show ended well and the performers gained a standing ovation from the audience. Yera did enjoy the opera too and she had a pleasant conversation about it with her father-in-law.

    "I can see that you might finally get a daughter-in-law after a long line up to select by your son." Yera's uncle commented in a jest as he walked past them. Senior Yang laughed but did not say a word and just exchanged a farewell nod with Yera's uncle Roy. Yera nodded too and gave them a cheerful smile including her eyes.

    "You look somewhat familiar," her uncle Juliet commented. "I doubt it Madam Go because my girlfriend's eyes are very unique and the prettiest among all." Xander commented followed by a loving touch on Yera's cheek. Madame Juliet Go stared at Yera closely but Xander covered her and mumbled, "Darling, let's remove the mask and let me kiss you."

    Senior Yang coughed and said, "Enough with that Xander and let's go home. I'm sure your partner is already tired too so I suggest you yourself drop her off first..."

    That instant Xander said goodbye to Madame Go and her husband then immediately pulled Yera out from the place.

    Inside the car, Xander's mobile phone rang. It was Ralf and he put him on speaker phone. "Sir, a black car is tailing you." reported Ralf.

    Yera looked at the back and only noticed the black car Ralf was referring too.

    "What's your location?" asked Xander in his serious tone. Ralf answered the locations of their men with the same car type and color that was not far from Xander's car.

    "Alright, move in and make sure we must  lose them..." Xander instructed.

    Meanwhile, the men inside the car following Xander got confused seeing many red cars suddenly appearing on the road with the same car type as to what they are following.

    "Fu*ck what's this? Where's the car? They are changing lanes so fast. How about the plate number? Follow the plate number!" complained the man inside the black car as he shouted to their driver. "Make sure you won't lose the damn car or we're dead! We need to know who the woman he is with so we need to find that woman's location!"

    "Boss, it's confusing.... What's with those cars appearing so suddenly and changing lanes quickly. I forgot to check the plate number Boss except that the last number ends in 0." said the man who was driving the black car.

    "Dumb*ass! Then follow the one with 0!!!" shouted the man who was the leader of the group inside the black car.

    The man who was driving noticed that there were two red cars with plate numbers ending in 0. He scratched his head and followed the car in his right instead.

    Meanwhile, Yera looked at the back and said, "I think we already lost them." The black car was already gone. "Ralf, are you sure we're clear?" Xander asked on the other line.

    "Yes Sir, you're clear. They are now following team D. The car will stop at Madame Bri's building as you instructed." said Ralf before Xander ended the connection..

    "Bri's?" Yera burst out with wide eyes directly at Xander.

    "Oh yeah Brione. I forgot to mention that we actually are good friends. She said I can ask her anything especially when I need help like this..." Xander casually explained.

    "What? But how come I did not see you visit her even once after her surgery? And you never mentioned that you two are close..." Yera murmured a bit confused. Brione was a superstar and close to Xander without her knowing? The two of them even could team up anytime they want, like this?

    She heard Xander chuckled and jokingly said, "Are you perhaps jealous? Hmmm, maybe I should keep my relationship with Brione a mystery so you will keep feeling jealous whenever you hear about her."

    "That's not funny at all." Yera mumbled with her blank expression.

    Xander pouted his lips and ended up telling the story behind him and Brione. "So basically we are partners in crime. I'm indebted to her and she's indebted to me... Right now, whoever it was who followed me would think that I'm dating Brione and she is the one I'm with tonight. It's our scapegoat and Brione agreed with me. So she also knew it was you I'm protecting and she owed you her life too..."

    "So don't be jealous..." Xander said while driving. He was grinning widely.

    "I don't get jealous." Yera firmly defended.

    Xander did not respond but continued to  chuckle and Yera heard it so she repeated, "I said I don't get jealous that easily. I'm not that childish..."

    Xander gulped because he felt that Yera put a particular tone in the word 'childish'. "Alright you're not jealous darling." he mumbled with pouted and twitched lips.

    Yera smiled secretly. She loved it whenever her husband would often let things pass and gave way for her on small petty things like this. She would reward him later...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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