178 The Fear

    Yera looked at her mobile phone and carefully moved to get out from her husband's tight hug. They had a very intense evening and she generously pleased her husband in bed.

    "Hmm, it's still early," Xander sluggishly complained when he felt Yera removing his arms from her waist to get up. Instead he snuggled closer to her and buried his face in the crook of her neck, smelling her scent.

    "Hmm, darling, let go. I have an important surgery scheduled at around four in the morning. Sleep more. I will be home early today I promise. " Yera explained and gave her husband a peck on his lips.

    "Darling, you're working so hard. You should have your body checked regularly." Xander murmured. Yera creased her forehead and said, "Haven't you checked it enough?"

    Xander chuckled and said, "Darling I'm talking about health. I will let you go for now but make sure you'll have enough time to be free later to have a thorough check-up for the two of us. You know how persistent my dad is. He is very worried about your health and wants to make sure that you don't forget about yourself..."

    "Alright, let's do it later. I will call you as soon as I'm available." Yera responded and quickly went out of the bed as soon as Xander let loose his hug at her.


    3:00 Am at Life Hospital

    Two nurses made their rounds at the VIP rooms when the lights on the hallway at wing C suddenly went off.

    "Geez! What's wrong with the lights?" murmured one of the nurses named Carla. Then she heard some weird screeching noise.

    The other nurse named Ria quickly grabbed her mobile phone to turn on the flashlight in it.

    "Do you hear that?" Carla mumbled. She could feel goosebumps all over her body. She was a newly hired nurse and it was the first time she experienced something creepy like this.

    Ria on the other hand looked at her wrist watch and intentionally said, "It's four in the morning on my phone. Maybe there's just a problem with the switch or bulbs? Let's go back..."

    "It's already four? Time passes by quickly. Yeah let's head back to the station. But don't you hear it?" Carla murmured.

    "Hear what?" Ria nonchalantly replied. Then she added, "I heard nothing. Anyway, let's head back and ask an engineer. I think the lights need repairing."

    The lights blinked on and off that made the hallway look more eerie.

    The two continued to walk but Carla saw a woman in white that made her suddenly pause.

    "Excuse me..." Carla asked, thinking it was one of the patients.

    "Hey, who are you calling?" Ria asked with a confused face.

    "Can't you see her? The woman in white?" Carla burst and even pointed her finger towards the woman walking slowly not far from them.

    "Stop that. Don't scare me like that. It's the lights... I see nothing at all. You're probably just hallucinating without sleep yet. It's past four o'clock..." Ria reiterated.

    Carla gulped feeling the abnormalities in the atmosphere. How come she was the only one who could see it? Was it a ghost?

    The woman in white paused and turned her head towards their direction then she glared at Carla. "Is that Dr. Song?!" Carla burst with hesitation. She could clearly see the woman's face. It was Dr Song!

    "Dr, Song? Where?" Ria asked and looked in the direction. Ria even stepped forward but Carla grabbed her.

    Carla was trying hard to calm herself despite the fact that her body was already trembling in fear since she was the only one seeing it.

    "She looks like Dr. Song but she seems like not her. She's a ghost..." Carla nervously mumbled.

    Ria laughed and said, "Stop that Carla. Dr. Song is not there. And the only person who looks like Dr. Song is the deceased Dr. Yera Han. Don't tell me that you are seeing her ghost in front of you and she is haunting you right now? Don't be silly!"

    "Dr. Yera Han?!" muttered Carla in fear. Thinking of the deceased Dr. Yera Han, she was terrified and her body froze with horror because the woman in white was heading towards her. She was walking slowly towards them with her eyes still glaring at Carla.

    "Oh my God Ria! What should we do?" Carla was almost crying with fear. She really hated petrifying things like this! Ria on the other hand, waited a bit more before she grabbed Carla's hand.

    "Let's go back Carla and stop that nonsense." Ria convinced and stepped forward trying to pull Carla to walk with her but Carla did not move an inch and even closed her eyes tightly.

    She was too afraid to open her eyes because she was the only one able to see the woman in white. If Ria was not as to see anyone and going by the logic if Ria was right, it was definitely the ghost of Dr. Yera Han because why would Dr. Song wear a creepy outfit like that one besides Ria could not see her too.

    When Carla opened her eyes again, the woman in white who had the same face as Dr. Song was finally gone. Ria walked and Carla clasped her arms on her tightly.

    As soon as they were back at the nurse station, Carla told everyone what had happened.

    "That's her!!!" Carla blurted out when other employees showed her the photos of the deceased former CEO of Life Hospital, Dr. Yera Han on the internet.

    "Are you sure? Because this is the first time I heard something like this. I mean Dr. Han's ghost haunting the hospital? Why here? She definitely did not die here." commented one of the nurses.

    "Her grandfather died here though. Who knows? She might be harboring some grudge?" commented one of the resident doctors on duty

    "Why only now? I've been in this hospital for years and there has been no case like this in the past at all." commented one of the senior nurses and looked suspiciously at Carla.

    Carla pouted her lips and mumbled, "How I hope I was not the one who saw that freaking woman! Don't you dare imply that I'm only inventing things because I'm not!"

    No one dared to comment anymore seeing the emotions in Carla's face. The fear was obvious on her face and Carla shivered with the thought of whatever she saw when asked about everyone, she even had tears in her eyes.

    As expected the thing about Dr. Yera Han haunting the hospital circulated fast inside Life Hospital. It brought a hype though some treated it as a joke saying it was probably only Dr. Deyna Song but apparently, Dr. Deyna Song was doing her surgery at four in the morning inside the operating room together with other doctors and nurses.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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