179 More Than As A Friend

    At Life Hospital

    "Have you heard about the incident that happened  this morning?" Dr. Xiao murmured to Dion. He sighed and simply nodded. Ria was one of his trusted allies inside Life Hospital and she was also a part of their play a while ago. The cctv footage was already checked and cleared by one of his men who was good at hacking. Though the first stage went on smoothly, he was still feeling reluctant.

    They needed to choose the patients and employees carefully, to make Yera  appear in front of them, because even one mistake from their side could spill out everything in front of enemies. Their main targets were Roy Go and his family, Lyndon and the nurse Jane, who were directly involved during the hospitalization of Yera's grandfather. Everyone else were the main suspects of Yera's abduction except for nurse Jane.

    Dion did not say a word and kept his eyes fixed on the ct scan result of one of his patients. Dr. Xiao was still engrossed in the story of the morning incident and elbowed him.

    "I've been in this hospital for years. Well, it's normal to hear incidents such as ghosts in here but it's the first time I heard that the spirit of any deceased owner of this hospital is roaming around here and haunting their own hospital. I wonder if Old Master Han will also haunt the hospital soon. Isn't it funny? I mean we have Dr. Deyna Song, who they said looks exactly like Dr. Yera Han, and now we have the ghost of Yera Han." Dr. Xiao commented.

    "Maybe it's Dr. Song that the nurse saw," Dion nonchalantly said.

    "Hey, you and I were both with Dr. Song at that hour. Nurse Carla said that the incident happened around four in the morning and we were already inside the operating room during that time with Dr. Song." Dr. Xiao insisted.

    Dr. Qing who was also inside the room at the Department of Surgery and was only listening suddenly interrupted, "Dr. Chen, you are famous to have that third eye right? I will only believe in those stories if Dr. Chen saw Dr. Yera Han's ghost himself... Right now, I think that the nurse from the VIP ward is just hallucinating or probably lethargic at that time.."

    "Oh yeah right I almost forgot Dr. Chen here. Anyway, let's go back to work and enough with my curiosity with that ghost story." Dr. Xiao loudly scolded himself.

    Dion shook his head and smirked. "That's right, those things are just a waste of time. But to be honest I already saw her ever since I set foot back inside the hospital. I just did not say anything because Dr. Deyna Song is also here. You know it may creep her out so do keep this from her."

    "You mean the ghost of Dr. Yera Han? You have seen it already?!" burst Dr. Xiao in shock. Dion nodded then he added, "Since someone already saw her so at least the thing about her did not come to me first. Besides I do care for Dr. Song because she took care of me while we were at Yang Global and I know she hates creepy things like that so as much as possible don't mention those ghost stories in front of her."

    "Oh yeah you're right and the worst part of that is she looks exactly like Dr. Yera Han, the ghost. She could be offended right? Who wants to get compared with a ghost?" Dr. Xiao exaggeratedly said with a shivering act like he was electrified at the thought.

    "Precisely." Dion mumbled before leaving the area. He wondered how Xander would react to all this. He would get admitted the next day and the couple would surely get surprised by each other's agenda.

    'What a weird tandem,' Dion mused. His mobile phone vibrated in his lab gown and he sighed seeing the message was from Rizie. Lately Rizie kept bugging her, well that was her usual self but he felt that she was overdoing it from past few days, making him more confused.

    He felt that Rizie was seeking more attention from him for a few days, seeing that he was quite surrounded by a lot of women at Life Hospital very unlike when he was at Yang Globals. He felt Rizie was getting jealous.

    'Does this mean that she likes me more than just a friend?' To be honest, Dion did not want to expect anything at all because what if it was not as to what he expected. Right now Rizie wanted him to accompany her at the cafe for a quick break. Before it was only breakfast or lunch or dinner but now she would always ask for him on her wee hours. And the funny part about it was that  he was also free whenever she would bug him.

    He immediately walked towards the cafe at the ground floor of the hospital and saw Rizie sitting at the corner. She already ordered his drinks by the looks of it. She turned her head towards the door and she smiled broadly as soon as she saw him.

    Dion froze for a second seeing that bright smile on her lovely face. His heart was thumping hard. Rizie looked very pretty whenever she smiled like that, with her long curls falling down her pony tailed curly hair. Rizie hated her bouncy curly hair and wanted to straighten them but he insisted that it looked good on her so she kept it that way. 'I like her more than as a  friend...' he thought silently as he walked towards Rizie.

    He was almost halfway to her when someone grabbed his arm. It was nurse Jane. "Doc! You're here... Let's get coffee and I'll treat you since you always treat me with one before..." Jane greeted and offered and was about to pull Dion to a vacant table.

    "Doc Chen! Here!!!" Rizie shouted from her table with a fake smile. Dion knew that double edge smile with sharp eyes and he gulped. "Oh, I did not notice Rizie..." Jane murmured and smiled back at Rizie then pulled Dion towards Rizie's table.

    "Hi Jane... You too sit here if you want." Rizie suggested still smiling but with an arched brow.

    "Thanks," Jane commented. Jane's arms were still hooked at Dion's and his eyes did not escape Rizie's deadly stare at those arms.

    'Why would she act like that? Is it because she's just too possessive for our friendship? Or is there something more?' Dion mused. Maybe he needed to push Rizie's limits and that way he could find out what really her confusing reactions and actions meant.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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